Thunderpig’s Mirror

News Roundup for June 9th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

General News

|You decide 2008|: GOP Facing Significant Hurdles

|Race 4 2008|: The Era of Disappointment

|Right Angles|: Charter Schools Challenge Status Quo in New Orleans

|Sister Toldjah|: Bush “lied”?

|NC Voice|: N.C. bill considers new, tighter worker verification

|A Newt One|: UHOH!!! Beware Of The Moonbat Frenzy! Bush Didn’t Lie!!

|Political Punch|: The Huckabee Maneuver

|American Thinker|: Congress Fiddled With Warming While Earth Cooled

|Under The Dome|: GOP: N.C. not competitive

|Adam Holland|: Holocaust survivors facing war-crimes trials in Lithuania

|My Pet Jawa|: Global AIDS Is A Myth

Barack Obama

|Under The Dome|: Sebelius coming back to N.C.

|Lonstreet|: Is America Ready for its First Socialist President?

|American Thinker|: Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism

|Jihad Watch|: Jemaah Islamiyah on Obama’s community blogs

|Infidel Bloggers Alliance|: Israel Matzav and American Thinker find the TIP of the iceberg

|Red State|: More on Jim Johnson: Obama bundler, lobbyist, and shady mortgage executive

|Gateway Pundit|: Obama Threatens to Prosecute Iraq “War Criminals”

|Little Green Fakers|: At the Official Obama Site: 57 Flavors of Crazy

World War IV

|The Gathering Storm|: Storm Track Intimidation: Mother of Honor Killing Victim Executed for Leaving Husband

|Homeland Security National Terror Alert|: 13 Dead After Double Bombing In Algeria

|Jihad Watch|: Philippe Karsenty and the Al-Dura hoax

|Michelle Malkin|: The First Lady in Afghanistan…and the unabated hatred of the Left

|IsraPundit|: Islam’s War against Free Speech

|ADN Kronos|: Iraq: Car bomb kills at least four in Baghdad

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