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The Faith Of My Fathers

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 2, 2008

Here is the story of John McCain’s imprisonment by the Noerth Viet Nemese, but I will let Conservative Voice USA provide the introduction, and paint the picture in broad strokes he made on the 35th Anniversary of his release from the Hanoi Hilton:

The video is in ten parts, and should advance automatically:

Say what you will about John McCain’s policies. You cannot deny that he is a hero.

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Salman Rushdie Knighted By Queen Elizabeth II

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 25, 2008

Sir Salman RushdieMuslims around the world condemned the award when it was announced last year in the Monarch’s Birthday Honours list.

Sir Salman, 61, who has written a number of acclaimed books, went into hiding in 1989 after the publication of his book The Satanic Verses.
The novel sparked widespread protests by Muslims and Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against him.


Well done, Sir Salman Rushdie, and well done to the Queen for sticking it in the eye of Islamists all over the world!

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Wednesday Hero: Captain Jamie Riddle

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 18, 2008

Capt. Jamie Riddle(Left) and an Iraqi Flight Instructor School student walk to the flightline before a recent mission at Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq. The Iraqi air force recently established the school for Iraqi pilots. Captain Riddle is an instructor pilot with the 52nd Flying Training Squadron

These brave men and women sacrifice so much
in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday.
For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We’re In A Time When There Are No Heroes
Just Don’t Know Where To Look

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Paying Tribute to the US Calvary

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 15, 2008

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Unpayable Debt

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 10, 2008

Heroes Lead From the Front

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His Cup Runneth Over

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2008

Read about the journey of an American pilot shot down by the Japanese during WW II while on a photo-recon mission.

Hat Tip: Small Wars Council
For more on the story:
Fred Hargesheimer’s Foundation

Slide Show (with some Hargesheimer material)
His plane, now on a list of Pacific wrecks
A story about his return to the island.

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Honor Major Andrew Olmsted: Give To The Children of Captain Thomas Casey

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 20, 2008

Andrew Olmsted was killed in Iraq, and his family have responded to those who wish to honor him by instructing us to donate to a fund set up for the four children of Captain Thomas Casey, who died while trying to save Andrew.

Capt. Thomas Casey Children’s fund
P.O. Box 1306
Chester, CA 96020

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Video: "Tear Down This Wall"

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 13, 2007

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s challenge that marked the climax of the Cold War, or World War Three. We beat them so badly, they changed their name!

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Brave Horatio

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 18, 2007

Professor Liviu Librescu recognized that Evil was coming to his classroom. He had seen evil before, when many of his family were swallowed by the Holocaust. He survived, and went on to have a family of his own and pursue a successful career in aeronautical engineering.

This time, when evil came, he stood at the door and instructed his students to flee. Then evil took him. He fell. He gave them the time to flee as the bullets pierced his body. He purchased, with his life, the lives and futures of his students.

He will be laid to rest in Israel on Thursday.

Places you may read more about Professor Liviu Librescu:

Gates of Vienna

Red State

Update: 7.45am

I just heard on the Quinn and Rose Show a suggestion by Jim Quinn that I believe an excellent one. [I listen on XM 165, you can listen online by googling WPGB or looking on my left sidebar for the listen live link.]

He proposes to memorialize Professor Librescu by bronzing the door he held his body against, and placing it on a pedestal in front of the Engineering Building on the Virginia Tech Campus, and a life-size bronze statuteof the professor buying his students the time to escape with his life. Then, they should rename the building in his honor.

Amen, Quinn, Amen.

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