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German Military Not Allowed To Use Lethal Force ?!?

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2008

German Special Forces had an important Taliban commander in their sights in Afghanistan. But he escaped — because the Germans were not authorized to use lethal force.

The Taliban commander is regarded as a brutal extremist with excellent connections to terror cells across the border in Pakistan. Security officials consider him to be one of the most dangerous players in the region, which is under German command as part of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan. The military accuses him of laying roadside bombs and of sheltering suicide attackers prior to their bloody missions.

Germany’s KSK special forces have been charged with capturing the terrorist, in cooperation with the Afghan secret service organization NDS and the Afghan army. The German elite soldiers were able to uncover the Taliban commander’s location. They spent weeks studying his behavior and habits: when he left his house and with whom, how many men he had around him and what weapons they carried, the color of his turban and what vehicles he drove.

At the end of March, they decided to act to seize the commander…

Source: The Gathering Storm

Not allowed to use lethal force??? I guess that needs to be writ as the epitaph of Wewstern Civilization. Not mine, of course. Stupid must be contagious lately.

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Another Product of Western Civilization

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 4, 2008

Amazing SIX-Year-Old Singer – video powered by Metacafe

What other civilization could have produced this?
(Leave “The Religion of Peace” off the list of potential answers).
Still not as good as this performance, which I doubt can be topped:

If this performance does not evoke tears, you are missing a part of your soul.

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The Israel Project

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2008

Israel is a nation of free people living in a sea of nations living under tyranny.

Israel embodies democracy, rule of law, anti-racism, religious freedom, rights for women, gays and Arab and Muslim minorities – Israel is one of the most gender integrated regimes in the world, and has had a female prime minister, a female chief justice, a female foreign minister and leading female military officers.

Israel seeks peaceful coexistence while Arabs and Iranians seeks to eliminate Israel, as evidenced by their violent actions including terrorism, voting patterns, replies to polls, political rhetoric, media messages, school textbooks, mosque sermons, wall graffiti, and much else.
The debate regarding the solution to the conflict with the Arab Palestinians is an exercise in futility as long they do not end their civil war, choose democracy over tyranny and terror and stop seeking Israel’s destruction and Islamic global supremacy. Israel is not the root cause of many problems in the Middle East but is a front line in the Islamo-fascist war against all non-Muslims.

Now comes a project for friends of Israel to help that nation combat biased reporting in the Legacy Media. That project is called Israel@60. From the website:

The Israel Project (TIP) is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.

Our team of trusted Middle East experts and former reporters provides journalists with fact sheets, backgrounders and sources. TIP regularly hosts press briefings featuring leading Israeli spokespeople and analysts that give journalists an opportunity to get information and answers to their questions face-to-face. By providing journalists with the facts, context and visuals they need, TIP causes hundreds of millions of people around the world to see a more positive public face of Israel. This helps protect Israel, reduce anti-Semitism and increase pride in Israel.

The Israel Project has launched a contest to celebrate Israel’s 60th Birthday, and you are invited to participate:

As popular Internet social networks and other Web sites provide dangerous new outlets to glorify murder, ‘martyrdom’ and Iran-backed terrorist agendas, The Israel Project (TIP) is fighting back with an online contest that showcases Israel’s constant commitments to freedom, democratic values and peace.

As part of its new “Israel@60” contest TIP invites all filmmakers, writers and other artists worldwide with a passion for showing the real Israel, to submit entries commemorating Israel’s founding in May 1948.

TIP will award a total of $20,000 to the winning submissions in each of the following formats:

* Television Advertisement (30 Seconds)
* Video (30 seconds – 7 minutes
* Printable Flyer (8 ½ x 11 inches)

Winning entries in the TV and video categories will be posted on, allowing viewers worldwide to see and hear Israel’s 60-year struggle to serve as a model for democratic values and a safe haven for minorities persecuted by its neighbors in the Middle East.

TIP’s newly refurbished Web site provides information in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian. Contest entries will be accepted in all of those languages and must be submitted March 31 – June 30. They must be factually accurate and focus on any topic in The Israel Project’s Israel@60 press kit.

To find out more, please contact the Israel Project.
Full Contest Rules.

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Local Lefties Celebrate 4,000 Americans Dead Attempt to Create a New Blood Libel

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 25, 2008

Lefties across America are celebrating the latest round number of the American death toll in Operation Iraqi Freedom with renewed calls for us to cut and run, so that they might snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

I’ll start with the local lefty site, Scrutiny Hooligans, which just posted a HuffPo pic with photos of some of the dead making up a photo-mosaic of the President and John McCain.
The attempt there is to use the blood shed by our troops to make a political point, and create a modern blood libel to demonize the President, and the GOP nominee to take his place, much like their philosophical brethren in the Arab world.

And, of course the usual lefty suspects will join in the chorus to “God Damnn America.”

Another local lefty, Errington Thompson, also joins in the macabre celebration. He substituted for his fellow lefty, Matt Mitan yesterday on the radio. [podcast link] Be patient, it may take up to a week or two before the audio gets posted. I have the first hour recorded, but the BS got so high I bailed after the first hour.

And on MoonbatNC, I mean BlueNC, we get this crap:

This week, as we enter the 6th year of this war, the U.S. death toll rises to a startling 4,000. I think about the mortars and car bombs that are bombarding the Green Zone in Baghdad, the men and women serving our country in uniform and in the U.S. embassy answering to harrowing cries of, “duck and cover”. I am reminded of the great need we have to create a responsible, reasonable way to bring our men and women home. My resolve for the need to heighten our diplomatic efforts is strengthened when I read stories of gunmen opening fire on passengers waiting for busses killing 7 people and wounding 16 others including women and children. My resolve is strengthened when I hear reports of police finding the bullet-riddled bodies of 12 people- six in Baghdad, four in Mosul and two in Kut, scenes of clashes between government troops and Shiite militiamen.

Here is what local lefty Tim Peck said on his blog.

I’ll take the opportunity to respond here to him, since he allows no comments on his blog. (Probably wise given how so utterly wrong he is).

When a proud and capable American citizen enlists in the United States Armed Forces, it is to preserve his nation and its values against foreign threats.

Here is the oath taken by enlisted personnel:

I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God.)

So, you see, Tim does not understand the purpose of military service outside his own narrow view, and the idea of service to a higher cause is perhaps foreign to him. He will never understand being a Marine. Perhaps he’ll never understand how a German could volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces. Perhaps he’ll never understand how a 61 yr-old could join up. As an Objectivist, he can see nothing beyond that which affects his own nose.

When, instead, he is sent to a foreign country to preserve and extend an expansive and perpetual empire of aggression and interventionism, his unsought death should be viewed not as some kind of bizarre sacrificial offering but as a grotesque and horrible purchase in a fool’s bargain.

Yes, you read him right. According to him, we are expanding an empire in Iraq. I sure have appreciated the fruits of empire, all that oil and resources we have stolen from Iraq. I guess he considers all those who re-up as even greater fools, and those who struggle to return to Iraq, despite serious wounds, as the greatest fools of all. Methinks the only fool here is the anti-American war protesting supporter of Ron Paul known as Tim Peck.

But wait, there’s more:

4,000 dead is nothing to a gargantuan, bloodthirsty nation bent on policing the world, crushing self-determination, and forcing its own myopic will down the throats of unwilling multitudes.

Tim Peck has absolutely no clue of what he speaks. He calls America, the freest nation in the history of mankind a “gargantuan, bloodthirsty nation bent on policing the world, crushing self-determination, and forcing its own myopic will down the throats of unwilling multitudes.

That statement alone tells you why Ron Paul could not garner anything approaching 15% of popular support in the GOP primaries. The sheer, unadulterated hatred of America is palpable, and people wisely stayed away.
He says we have “crushed self-determination”. That is a bald-faced lie.
Before we invaded Iraq, and liberated her people, there was a one-party rule by the Ba’ath Party. Now, Iraq has an elected government and an interim constitution. Saddam Hussein was the one who crushed the self-determination of the Iraqi people. Left to people like Tim, Saddam Hussein would still be murdering people and burying them en masse. Would he have gone to Iraq to act as a human shield, or condemn those who went?

Read a full report on Iraqi politics. Now, Iraq is even stepping up to become an ally.The only thing crushed is Tim’s lie.

2005 Iraqi Election coverage from CNN:

U.S. State Department spokesman Noel Clay said 5,171 polling centers — 98.8 percent of the 5,232 that were expected to open — actually did so.

Vote counting started in polling centers and is expected to continue into Monday, when the International Election Commission of Iraq is planning to take all ballots to its headquarters in Baghdad for recounting.

The IECI has promised to announce official results within 10 days.

Clay said the elections “were very transparent” and that representatives of nongovernmental organizations, political organizations and parties observed the process.

Insurgents had vowed to wash the streets with “voters’ blood,” and more than a dozen attacks killed at least 28 people and wounded 71 others.

Tim may believe some crackpot conspiracy theory that we somehow rigged the elections in Iraq…or he may not pay attention to the news. Tim has traversed the political spectrum from a patriotic supporter of this war in Iraq to an opponent, and he now locks arms with the traitors in the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. His is a sad journey indeed.

To die in an unjust war not only is not a sacrifice — as our high commander so blithely claims, with his crocodile tears — it is an eternal and unremitting shame that no shallow politician, present or future, will redeem with such a disgusting rhetorical flourish.

4,000. God Damn America.

No, Tim.

I say God Bless President George W. Bush.
I say God Bless the Families of our Brave Defenders of Liberty.
I say God Bless the Members of the US Military.
I say God Bless the Children of Iraq.
I say God Bless America.

Take her away, Kate!

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English Civil War Re-enactment at Northamptonshire

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

This is a two-part video, and will advance automatically:

Maybe I’ll get to video one of the local SCV re-enactments this summer, of our own civil war.

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Britain Cracking Down On The Counterjihad?

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 23, 2008

DRACONIAN ACTION against counter-jihadist bloggers in Britainistan is probably imminent. One has to consider why there is limited or no publicity about Islamic gang-rapes, SJS incidents and other forms of ‘street jihad’ in the national MSM.

If publicity and the press is controlled, which it is, local people in areas which are regularly affected will tend not to realise that there are many similar incidents across the country.

They will feel that the one they do know about, the local incident, is unusual and and consequently, they will not make too much fuss.

They may also think that their feelings about all the Muslim problems and spin-offs affecting them are not shared by many others across the country. They therefore do not react particularly strongly.

Suddenly though, through the blogosphere, they are now realising that they are not unique in their opinions and that many others feel exactly as they do.

Source: Infidel Bloggers Alliance

On a related note, London has emerged as the biggest center of Islamic Finance in the west, so that might help you understand how enormous the problem has grown.

On one of the recent radio shows covering this, I suggested that American Tourists start paying attention to this problem, and reporting on it as well. Perhaps British citizens could start e-mailing details on these events to their friends in America, and we could start blogging about it ourselves if the Brits manage to shut them all down.

The Lefty-Islamist Alliance will almost always resort to seeking ways to shut people up. I hold that they must do this because they have no alternate message that can hold water against the truth.

The people in Britain are akin to a frog in a pot of warm water that is slowly being warmed up, heading toward the boiling point. The time to act is now, and now is the time to start squawking.

A recent event online has taught me that lesson well, and has radicalized me into quicker action, instead of the slow progress I have have been making on the path I envisioned in 2005.

They say that fortune favors the bold.
Well, I am about to be bold…

…the conservative revolution in western North Carolina is about to see some major moves…

…stay tuned…

**update** 12.28pm

1389 left these links in the comments where he has been blogging about censorship: Check them out!
Blog Censorship

Cartoon Censorship

Litigation Jihad

Censorship, in general

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Ron Paul Supporters and Anti-American War Protesters Booed at Rose Bowl Parade

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 2, 2008

Dozens of anti-war protesters led by “Peace Mom” Cindy Sheehan staked out spots across from television cameras, hoisting signs reading “Impeachment is Patriotic.”

After the procession’s last float inched out to start along the parade’s 5 1/2-mile route, a group of more than 100 anti-war protesters marched behind it, including Sheehan. Parade watchers sitting in the grandstand booed and yelled at the protesters.

Source: Gateway Pundit

There are more photos, and links to Flickr accounts in the post.

Say Anything had this to say:

It’s worth noting that Cindy was never much more than a useful idiot for mainstream Democrats (and their mouthpieces in the media). When she was busy harping on President Bush they were quick to paint a picture of her as a grieving mother and citizen who had absolute moral authority on the war and wanted answers from her President. But now that Cindy has turned her criticism on the Democrats themselves, they’ve been quick to turn on her.

And Jamie Wearing Fool had this:

Two groups were protesting at the parade. Dozens of anti-war protesters led by “Peace Mom” Cindy Sheehan staked out spots across from television cameras, hoisting signs reading “Impeachment is Patriotic.” The protesters were booed by parade watchers sitting in the grandstand.

And Michelle Malkin has more coverage.

It warms the very cockles of my heart that people are starting to gives these anti-Americas a well-deserved showing of disrespect.

And, as a last shot aimed at the haters of America and Western Civilization, Redstate has an article updating us on the situation in Iraq, coplete with graphs, one of which I have swiped to entice you ti read the rest at Redsate.

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West Carolina Report for Dec 28th

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 28, 2007

Since I am on a vacation schedule, my daily updates for West Carolina Report have been later in the day, and today is no different.

Some of my neighbors and I have an odd tradition where we watch marathon showings of TV Shows or movie series.

This year, it was the 3rd season of LOST, which we finished waaay ahead of our schedule last night instead of on Monday as planned, so we have boldly gone ahead with our threat of watching 5 seasons of Babylon 5 by Tuesday evening. This is insane!
We managed to get in 6 episodes last night, and will be firing up the computer and TV again in a few minutes. I have all the episodes on a portable hard drive via iTunes, and we are watching them on my TV through a S-Video Cable and a dual monitor set-up (thank you NVIDIA!) with my TV acting as a second monitor.

So, I will only be posting very sporadically between now and then.

Unless the wives intervene, that is.

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Civilization Calls

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 22, 2007

Will You Answer?

Or will you deny?

Are you willing to pay the consequences?

Answer the Call Now.

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Third Annual French Intifada Underway in Paris

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 27, 2007

Barely three hours before Anne-Lorraine was stabbed, ten kilometres away, in Villiers-le-Bel, two joyriding immigrant youths of 15 and 16 years old, drove their stolen motorcycle at maximum speed into a passing police vehicle. They died on the spot.

According to the police the teenagers ignored traffic rules and crashed into the police vehicle. The motorbike they were riding was unregistered and thus not authorized for use on French roads. Neither of the boys were wearing a helmet as required by law. The relatives and friends of the youths, however, blame the two officers in the vehicle for the death of the boys. They claim the officers had left the scene as fast as they could. The public prosecutor has opened an inquiry to probe whether the officers failed to help the teenagers and whether manslaughter charges should be filed. The officers had called rescue services to the scene, but policemen and medics who arrived at the scene where attacked by youths and fled.

Yesterday night, in a second consecutive night of violence, youths attacked police officers and firemen in Villiers-le-Bel and in nearby Sarcelles and Garges-les-Gonesses. In last night’s riots 77 officers got wounded, five of them seriously, including one officer whose shoulder was pierced by a bullet from a shotgun, and 63 cars, a book shop, two schools, a bank and a supermarket were set alight.

Source: Brussels Journal

Related: Atlas Shrugs , Gateway Pundit, BBC.

These kinds of riots will only increase in the west as the no-go zones are increased that bow to a seperate, but equal, practice of Sharia Law in Europe, and eventually, here in the USA, perhaps the only difference being our rioters will be mostly Mexicans with OTM supervisors, from Hizbullah, Hamas, and so forth.

Here are some photos, and link to video:

Video#1, Video #2 from the BBC.

Photos are from various wire services:

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