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Any Way You Like It (Unless You Are A Christian) in Asheville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 31, 2008

This is the second installment in a new series devoted to pointing out the principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness that has laid claim to Asheville, NC…and operate from it as a stronghold.

Asheville is famous for being a center of satanic New Age activity. The folks at the Buncombe County Tourism Authority want to present Asheville in a positive light, with the newly minted motto, Any Way You Like It, complete with advertising campaign.

Last weekend, Asheville celebrated it’s 30th Bele Chere, and people came from all over to the festival, including people wanting to preach the Word of God in a Lost City full of Lost People.

So far, nine videos of the street preaching have been uploaded to you tube, and I took the liberty of making a play list out of them and embedding them here for your edification, especially if you are thinking of moving to, or visiting Asheville, with small children:

Note the abuse the people heap upon the preachers. Even the local blogging superstar partook in the activity of mocking those preaching the word of God.

The preachers have a ministry called Pinpoint Evangelism, and if you are interested in supporting financially, here is a checklist to go through before giving to them.

Whether or not you are able to give them financial support, you can support them and their mission in prayer in your role as a Prayer Warrior.

And pray for Asheville, and the people who live there, that they might become convicted of their sin, and turn to God for salvation.

This post is dedicated to those who heed The Great Commission, and go forth to preach on the streets of America.

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Transformus 2008

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 23, 2008

I posted an article on the Neo-Pagan Religious Festival called Transformus on WNC Citizens Blog yesterday, including a photo of last year’s temple burn, and videos a participant posted to you tube.

The festival is based on the Burning Man that takes place every year in the Nevada desert.

Asheville is really living up to their new motto (Any Way You Like It) designed to bring in the tourists, and this Neo-Pagan Festival seems to fit the bill.

I wonder how many of the Pagans who cast spells to protest their Magnolia in front of City Hall went to this festival? They are currently camped out on Stewart Coleman’s property in front of Asheville’s City Hall.

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The Carolina Stompers Are Back!!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

The heroes of every right-thinking conservative in western North Carolina are back, and they have a new commercial airing in the Durham area:

Carolina Stompers

I especially love their tribute to my favorite Senator, Jesse Helms.

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Technical Review Committee Approves Parkside Project In Asheville

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 7, 2008

An embedded Thunder Pig Reporter has just phoned me to say that the Parkside Project met with unanimous approval from the TRC in Asheville.

I will have more details as they become available.

This is a victory for reasonable and law-abiding citizens everywhere, and a defeat for the unreasonable sort of people who oppose capitalism!

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This photo album is owned by Tim Peck.

**update** 3.23 PM

I forgot that there was going to be live coverage in the comments section of Scrutiny Hooligans, and will direct you there for a blow-by-blow account from the Hooligans in the room.

**update** 3.44 PM

I couldn’t find any of my videos where I cut down trees, so I’ll let this guy give tips on how to cut down a tree:

I’ll volunteer my services to cut down the Magnolia Tree for Coleman, if he will accept it.

Oh, and make sure these people are not nearby when the deed is done:

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The Left Wants A "Comforter-in-Chief"

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

Cue the sad violin music:

Can someone call the White House and see if the president is interested in coming to Iowa, Illinois or Missouri and comforting Americans in need?

The above quote is from Where Is The Outrage, the blog of a local lefty and radio host. He, and his fellow travelers are whining for a Nanny State, where the President would be the person to tuck us in at night, and wipe the tears from our eyes when he skin our knees.

Give me a break! If the President did show up…they’d complain about the cost of the trip and the disruption of the rescue and relief efforts (which would be true). He’ll show up later, when the critical phase of the rescue and relief efforts are well underway.

**update** 12.51pm

I just got a news alert that Bush is touring the area as I type this. Okay…will the angry, hurting lefty note this with an apology? I didn’t think so either.

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Naked Hippies On Bikes (Aiee! My Eyes!!!)

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 28, 2008

According to Around Asheville, there may be some naked bike riders in Asheville on June 14th, so try to stay way from the downtown area that day if you don’t want your eyes to melt. The Yahoo! Group cited has only two takers so far, but one of them is very enthusiastic…and knowing Asheville’s population, it could takeoff.

So, keep your eyes on the road, and you can monitor their progress via their Yahoo! Group called (wait for it) Asheville Naked Bike Ride.

As for me, I plan on staying away from downtown Asheville on that day, and I’ll pray for rain so some of the hippies can have a shower of sorts.

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Thunder Road Screening

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 21, 2008

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Thunder Road, some of which was shot in this area, and in honor of that (and a response to AshVegas), here is the complete movie:

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The Soviet-Style Master Plan for Asheville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 15, 2008

Asheville—Anyway You Like It, As Long As We Planned It.

Read more about it at WNC Citizens Blog.

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YMI Cultural Center Gubernatorial Debate Clip

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 2, 2008

The last of the Gubernatorial debates took place last night at the YMI Cultural Center in Asheville, NC and Richard Bernier of URTV‘s Sound Off Buncombe was there to capture the action. Here is a short preview clip of the program he expects to have ready sometime this weekend:

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The Action Club Aprill 2008 Meeting Videos

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 19, 2008

At the April 2008 Action Club meeting, some candidates spoke before the group, and Richard Bernier, co-host of Sound Off Buncombe (airs on URTV), was there to record them.

I will add the videos as they are uploaded into playlists to WNC Citizens Blog, and linking to them from here.

The list so far:

Mike Fryar

Don Yelton

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