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Morning News Roundup for June 4th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It’s been far too long since I did one of these, and I’ll do this one by category:

2008 Presidential Race

Barack Obama

[You Decide 2008]: Video: Obama’s full nomination victory speech

[Rezko Watch]: Klein: Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll. Former insider worried by senator’s connection to Louis Farrakhan, members of radical group

[RezkoWatch]: Rezko Watch Hotlist

[Obama Watch]: Obama Roundup

[Election 2008]: Flood of Supers to Obama

[Fox Embeds]: Obama in St. Paul: “Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.”

[McCain Blogs]: Anyone Seen My Policies?

[Political Punch]: Obama is From Mars, Hillary From Venus

[The Caucus]: Controversial Priest Ordered to Take a Leave

[Gateway Pundit]: BREAKING: Devastating Video Discovery– Obama Associate Talks About His Pro-Palestinian Background

[Race 4 2008]: Superdelegate Flood Begins

[The Electoral Map]: Obama to Visit Virginia Coal Country

Hillary Clinton

[Political Radar]: Something’s Different in Camp Clinton

[Real Clear Politics]: Clinton Thanks Supporters in New York

[You Decide 2008]: Hillary’s non-concession speech from New York

[Michelle malkin]: Vote for your favorite Hillary campaign moment

[Red State]: “Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is!”

John McCain

[Fox Embeds]: McCain: Obama offers “wrong change”

[MSNBC]: McCain breaks from Bush, takes on Obama

[Race 4 2008]: McCain Opens the General Election in New Orleans Speech

[Race 4 2008]: Bad Idea…

[The Electoral Map]: Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

From the Blogosphere:

[Maverick News Network]: Condi’s angry over new Jewish housing in Jerusalem

[American Thinker]: How to measure al Qaeda’s defeat

[Gateway Pundit]: Far Left Democrats: Wrong in 1972- Wrong in 1976- Wrong in 1988- Wrong in 2008

[Gateway Pundit]: Historic Primary Ends… Dems Pick Far Left Inexperienced Black Candidate with Islamic-Marxist Roots

[LGF]: Islamic Thinkers at Israel Day in New York

[DOUG Ross @ Journal]: Sowell unspins Obama’s fabrications

[IMAO]: lolterizt! Part 49

[Michelle Malkin]: Let the Nation of Islam patrol Miami? Sure, what could go wrong?

[IsraPundit]: Condi’s peace is a mirage.

[Conservative Beach Girl]: Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don’t count on that!

In other News:

[Homeland Security National Terror Alert]: Security Alert Suspends Tube Service To Heathrow Airport
from Homeland Security National Terror Alert

[Dhimmi Watch]: Free speech under assault: Steyn, Maclean’s on trial in British Columbia

[Gateway Pundit]: Anti-Israel Khomeini Protest in Islamabad

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen from I Media Online on Vimeo.
[Gates of Vienna]: Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament

[The Gathering Storm]: Storm Track Infiltration: After School Jihad

[ADN Kronos]: Iran: Israel will vanish with or without Iran, says hardline president

[Counterterrorism Blog]: Iraqi Insurgents Quarrel Over Recognizing International Law

[Fausta’s Blog]: China, Venezuela and now Brazil soon to be drilling off the coast of Florida while America sits on its own natural resources

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DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee "The Half a Person Compromise"

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 2, 2008

That is even worse than the Three-Fifths Compromise designed to stave off a Civil War.

The DNC RBC has decided that voters in Florida and Michigan are only half a person when it comes to counting their votes.

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Hillary Supporters for McCain, Take One Updated with a Thunder Pig Remix Video!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 1, 2008

The crackup of the Democrats is almost complete, and it was helped along yesterday by the Obama Victory at the DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee yesterday:

This is just a taste of what is to come. Pass me the popcorn.

And so it begins…

DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee commits election fraud

Obama Has Disqualified other candidates before

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Old Glory Radio Live Video Show Update with Hillary Talking Assassination

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2008

Here is the post for Old Glory Live Video Show; and tonight I will be on the show as a guest in the first segment. If you’ve never heard me speak before, now is your chance. The player will continue to cycle through old shows until show time at 9pm Eastern Time tonight.

Don’t forget to click the button to play at 9pm.

Listen to Hillary discuss the possibility of assassination as a reason for staying in the race. Good thing she isn’t a Republican, or the Democrats would be charging her with inciting an assassination attempt. Of course, those of us who lived through the Clinton years would take that as a warning to Barack. After all, how many of the Clinton’s friends and opponents ended up dead under mysterious circumstances? At least she didn’t cackle when she said it, that really would have been spooky.

Read more about at the following websites:

The Corner “Operation C.H.A.O.S.”

Hillbilly White Trash

You Decide 2008

Fausta’s Blog

Race 4 2008

Michelle Malkin

Sweetness & Light

And these progressive sites are a hoot:

Daily KKKos

MyDD #1



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Rush Limbaugh Announces Congressman Shuler Has Joined Operation C.H.A.O.S.

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

Sources [1] [2] [3] have announced that Congressman Shuler will be endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton for President, and just moments ago, the premier radio host in America, Rush Limbaugh, announced that Congressman Shuler has joined Operation C.H.A.O.S.

Listen yourself!

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Hillary’s Nuke

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2008

You just can’t kill the Hilda Beast:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a secret weapon to build its delegate count, but her top strategists say privately that any attempt to deploy it would require a sharp (and by no means inevitable) shift in the political climate within Democratic circles by the end of this month.

With at least 50 percent of the Democratic Party’s 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee committed to Clinton, her backers could — when the committee meets at the end of this month — try to ram through a decision to seat the disputed 210-member Florida and 156-member Michigan delegations. Such a decision would give Clinton an estimated 55 or more delegates than Obama, according to Clinton campaign operatives. The Obama campaign has declined to give an estimate.

Using the Rules and Bylaws Committee to force the seating of two pro-Hillary delegations would provoke a massive outcry from Obama forces. Such a strategy would, additionally, face at least two other major hurdles, and could only be attempted, according to sources in the Clinton camp, under specific circumstances:

First, this coming Tuesday, Clinton would have to win Indiana and lose North Carolina by a very small margin – or better yet, win the Tar Heel state. She would also have to demonstrate continued strength in the contests before May 31.

Second, and equally important, her argument that she is a better general election candidate than Obama — that he has major weaknesses which have only been recently revealed — would have to rapidly gain traction, not only within the media, where she has experienced some success, but within the broad activist ranks of the Democratic Party.

Under that optimistic scenario, some Clinton operatives believe she could overcome several massive stumbling blocks:

— Clinton loyalists on the Rules Committee would have to be persuaded to put their political futures on the line by defying major party constituencies, especially black leaders backing Barack Obama. Committee members are unlikely to take such a step unless they are convinced that Clinton has a strong chance of winning the nomination.

Former DNC and South Carolina Democratic Party chair Donald Fowler — a Hillary loyalist — would, for example, face an outpouring of anger from South Carolina Democrats if he were to go along with such a strategy.

— A controversial decision to seat the two delegations, as currently constituted, would be appealed by the Obama campaign to the Democratic National Convention’s Credentials Committee.

The full make-up of the Credentials Committee will not be determined until all the primaries are completed, but the pattern of Clinton and Obama victories so far clearly suggests that Obama delegates on that committee will outnumber Clinton delegates. Obama will not, however, have a majority, according to most estimates, and the balance of power will be held by delegates appointed by DNC chair Howard Dean.

For the scenario to work, then, Dean would have to be convinced of Clinton’s superior viability in the general election, and that she has a strong chance of defeating McCain next November.

Source: HuffPo

So, is the fix in? Talk about the place going nutso in Denver!!! I just might get my TV hooked up just so I can watch this play out in live and glorious color
while I enjoy some popcorn.

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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Rasmussen

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 5, 2008

Here is some more polling data for you to chew on before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries tomorrow:

The Democrat Race is tight (within the margin of error):

  1. 46% Barack Obama
  2. 45% Hillary Clinton

Interesting Democrat Demographics

Clinton leads Obama among the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and retirees. Obama leads among government employees and those who work for a private sector company. White working class voters remain a challenge for Obama. Among White voters who earn less than $75,000 a year, Clinton leads Obama 59% to 32%. The lower the income level, the bigger her margins. However, among White voters who earn more than $75,000 annually, Obama leads Clinton by eight percentage points.

And here are two scenarios for the general election:

Option A (most likely)

  1. 47% John McCain
  2. 43% Barack Obama

Option B (not so much)

  1. 47% John McCain
  2. 43% Hillary Clinton

Daily tracking results are collected via nightly telephone surveys and reported on a four-day rolling average basis. The general election sample is currently based upon interviews with 1,600 Likely Voters. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Results are also compiled on a full-week basis and crosstabs for the full-week results are available for Premium Members. See crosstabs for general election match-ups, favorable ratings and Democratic primary.

Source: Rasmussen Reports


Tomorrow will be a test for the veracity of the polls, and for seeing how much damage the Reverend Wright story has done to Obama. He once led Hillary by 20 points in North Carolina, and may be barely ten points ahead at the close of the polls tomorrow.

I expect the super delegates to be cowered by the shrill voices of the progressive wing of the Democrat party…and allow an untenable candidate to advance to the primary. They will fail in their function. The Hunt Commission‘s work will be ignored, and the Democrats will taste bitter defeat, and will continue to do so as long as the progressives retain control over the Daily Kos, the 527 PACs, and a willing Sugar Daddy named George Soros allows them a voice beyond their numbers.

They will likely win more Senate and House seats if McCain’s coat-tails aren’t made of conservative cloth, and this will obscure the deadly poison the progressives have injected into the Democrat party, especially if Hillary is able to mount a floor fight at the convention. No Democrat has ever won the Presidential Race when the nomination was not won prior to the Party Convention, nor after an April lock on the nomination.

I wonder what kind of conspiracy theory of the ‘stolen election’ variety the Democrats will dream up to explain away three defeats in a row for the White House? Now, THAT will be entertaining!

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Nation of Islam Provides Security to Obama’s Pastor

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 29, 2008

Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (”God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

In front of 30 television cameras, Wright’s audience cheered him on as the minister mocked the media and, at one point, did a little victory dance on the podium. It seemed as if Wright, jokingly offering himself as Obama’s vice president, was actually trying to doom Obama; a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Source: Michelle Malkin
Hat Tip: Hendersonville Post

If Obama survives Hillary, he will (through his very poor choice of associations, his ugly Black Liberation Theology, and his far leftist progressivism) doom the Democrat Party to a defeat that will rival the thrashing it took with McGovern on the ticket. The Democrat Party has an unlikely hero in Hillary Rodham Clinton. Only she can save them from defeat.

Thanks to Operation C.H.A.O.S., she will be just as damaged as Barack Hussein Obama, now, and in 2012. It’s too bad that we are stuck with John Sidney Mccain III. I hope that Democrats and Independents will remember what they got in return for screwing up our primaries this year. Stay out of ours, and we’ll stay out of yours. Payback’s a….

And…Wright is the gift that keeps on giving…

Read more on how Wright says Black people and White people are different. I’ve heard the same speech from the Stormfront crowd.

The whole speech, if you can stand it:

Still think Obama can be President?

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Obama Says "Nukes Are Off The Table"

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 23, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama says he will not use nukes to defend Israel, or under any circumstance. I guess that makes him the modern day Jimmy “Held Hostage” Carter.

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday he would not use nuclear weapons “in any circumstance” to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, drawing criticism from Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Democratic rivals.

I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance,” Obama said, with a pause, “involving civilians.” Then he quickly added, “Let me scratch that. There’s been no discussion of nuclear weapons. That’s not on the table.”

Obama was responding to a question by the Associated Press about whether there was any circumstance where he would be prepared or willing to use nuclear weapons in Afghanistan and Pakistan to defeat terrorism and al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

“There’s been no discussion of using nuclear weapons and that’s not a hypothetical that I’m going to discuss,” Obama said after a Capitol Hill breakfast with constituents.

When asked whether his answer also applied to the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons, he said it did.

Source: SF Gate

And here is what Hillary had to say about the potential use of nukes:

ABC’s Chris Cuomo asked Clinton what she would do if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons, according to the network.

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran,” Clinton said. “In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

Source: WND


I had said earlier that I was going to hang the moniker of ‘MacDaddy’ on Obama…I’m thinking ‘Carter’ might be be a better appellation for the naive little…

No wonder terror groups like Hamas and FARC are rooting for Obama to become President. You know, I was extremely pissed at the Democrats (Daily Kos) and Independents for interfering with the GOP Primaries earlier this year and gave John McCain the extra little push that made him the nominee for the party.

Perhaps Senator John McCain is exactly what this nation needs in these perilous times. He has seen the face of the enemy, suffered under the loving embrace by Socialist Vietnamese torturers while Democrats fought to help their fellow travelers win the war against America.

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Last Night’s Democrat Debate on ABC

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2008

Source: You Decide 2008, where you can find a treasure trove of information about this election season, and video of most of the debates. Add it to your bookmarks.

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