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535 Neros Fiddle While Rome Burns

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 25, 2008

WASHINGTON – House Republicans on Thursday scuttled a bill that Democrats hoped would help lower gasoline prices by forcing the Energy Department to release 70 million barrels of oil — about a three-day supply — from the national stockpile.

Democrats vowed that the action would have produced immediate relief at the pump, as was the case with similar releases in 1991, 2000 and 2005. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve now holds about 700 million barrels.

Despite winning a clear 268-157 majority, the measure still lost. Democratic leaders had brought the proposal up for debate under rules requiring a two-thirds vote to pass.

But passing the bill by just a majority would have meant allowing Republicans to force a vote on new offshore drilling leases.

“They’re hiding from a vote,” said GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio. “They’re scared to death to allow us to … force their members to vote on drilling.”

Source: Raleigh News & Observer
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How Local Congress Critters Voted on the measure:

NC-05 Virginia Foxx….Nay
NC-10 Patrick McHenry…Nay
NC-11 Heath Shuler…Yea


This election is very important, and the Senate and US House Races are now more important than ever. Due to their boneheadedness, the GOP will be playing defense this year as they attempt to prevent the Democrats from obtaining a supermajority of 60 seats in the Senate (which is likely to happen), and increasing their lead in the House.

One way out of this “prevent defense” is for McCain to choose an acceptable conservative running mate with credibility in economic matters, and I believe that to be Mitt Romney. This wish to pry Bobby Jindal away from his state before he can fix it is stupid. Jindal has decades ahead of him before he need to consider running for President.

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Shuler, Foxx, and McHenry Vote To Pass FISA

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 21, 2008

Democratic Congressman Heath Shuler (NC-11) joined with Republicans Virginia Foxx (NC-05) and Patrick McHenry (NC-10) to pass HR 6304, better known as FISA, in a 293 to 129 vote.

This bill will provide much needed immunity from prosecution to Telecomms who have cooperated in good faith with the Federal Government in monitoring the communications of terrorists.

I salute Congressman Shuler and the Democratic Leadership who voted to support President George W. Bush and the Republicans in the effort to protect our nation from future attacks.

Congressman Shuler has proven himself as a Democrat much like Senator Joe Lieberman, only more conservative.

**update** 2.52pm June 22, 2008

Shuler’s Office has a Press Release on the FISA Vote, and it follows:

Rep. Shuler Statement on House Passed FISA Legislation

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Heath Shuler released the following statement today after the
House passed, H.R. 6034, The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act of 2008.

“The FISA legislation passed by the House today strikes the important balance between protecting our
nation from new and evolving terrorist threats, while also safeguarding our civil liberties. I am glad that
after working for nearly a year on this legislation, Democrats and Republicans came together to achieve a
positive, long term solution.

“This legislation improves the civil liberties protections in the original FISA by specifying that individual
warrants are required to conduct surveillance on Americans residing inside or outside of the United
States, and outlaws the practice of reverse-targeting. It also affirms that FISA is the only means available
to the U.S. government to conduct surveillance.

“The bill we passed today does not provide retroactive blanket immunity for warrantless wiretapping.
Instead, it requires any telecommunications company that provided information to the Department of
Justice following the attacks of September 11th
to prove in Federal court that this information was
demanded by Federal agencies and that the Department of Justice provided written assurance that its
actions were legal.

“Courts will not have the discretion to provide any immunity for government officials who have violated
the law. This requirement will ensure that the truth will finally come out in open court, and that any
government official who broke the law will be held fully accountable.”


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Senator Elizabeth Dole Responds To Lefty Attacks On Her Husband

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 20, 2008

Over the last few months, a few people in North Carolina have asked about the petty attacks my opponent has leveled against me during this campaign. The thing they mention most often has been the consistent focus on my husband Bob.

As you all know, my dear husband is not only the former Senator and Republican Leader from the state of Kansas, but also a cancer survivor and WWII hero. To say that I am proud of my husband’s many accomplishments and service to his country would be an incredible understatement.

Since Bob’s service in the Senate he’s worked with President Clinton on funding for scholarships for the families of 9/11 victims and raised money for historically black Bennett College in Greensboro. He’s teamed with George McGovern to feed the hungry throughout the world, spearheaded the effort to raise money for the WWII Memorial on the Mall in Washington and served with Donna Shalala on the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors. He has truly touched the lives of the many thousands of Veterans with whom he visits in hospitals throughout the country.

This week an article titled “Hagan hits Dole for husband’s background” said “U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan is mocking her opponent’s background, telling incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole to go back to her husband’s state.”

The article also described local campaign parties where Hagan supporters will decorate ruby red slippers in a reference to “The Wizard of Oz” and Bob’s home state of Kansas.

But the attack against Bob that has troubled me the most came from her press release of April 25th. It attacked me for giving a floor speech commemorating my husband’s service. The Hagan campaign release claimed I was “interrupting consideration of the transportation bill to make a floor speech commemorating her husband’s first floor speech 39 years before.”

The Senate was in a period of “morning business” which allows Senators to speak about various issues and topics. My speech commemorating Bob’s service and the service of all veterans was on the anniversary of Bob’s injuries sustained on the battlefield during WWII. Bob spent 39 months in hospitals undergoing eight surgeries and rehabilitation, but lost the use of his right arm.

There was an important reason to commemorate Bob’s so called maiden speech, because it highlights the struggle of a group that Bob joined that fateful day, April 14, 1945, called Americans with Disabilities. The fact that he chose to talk about it is important. It was an opportunity for all of those in the U.S. Senate to think about disabilities and how they affect all Americans, not just people who undergo the kind of daily struggle that Bob faces. A day that a candidate for the Senate would want to mute a voice highlighting the struggle of these Americans is a sad one. As your Senator, I plan to take every opportunity to do what Bob did, which is to make certain that voice is heard.

An early encounter with my late mother best describes my husband and his experience. One morning he left his bedroom and went down to the kitchen in Salisbury where my mother was fixing breakfast. He had a towel draped over his shoulder.

“Mrs. Hanford,” he said, “I think you should see my problem.”Bob, that’s not as problem, it’s a badge of honor,” mother replied.

I believe the voters of North Carolina will be better served if my opponent spent her time and resources on the challenges we face as a state and nation – rather than launching personal attacks at a man who has served this nation so honorably.


Source: Dole Blog


Well, that sort of thing is to be expected from the hate-filled lefties. They want Liddy’s seat, and they don’t care how they do it.

Fortunately for us, Senator Dole is a fighter and she will keep her seat in order to continue fighting for us in the US Senate.

I had the privilege of meeting her earlier this year in Asheville, and watching her in action. I am confident that the people of North Carolina will send her back to Washington for six more years.

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A Deal on FISA Reached

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

Red State is reporting that a compromise has been reached on Telecom Immunity:

If the companies can show a federal district court judge “substantial evidence” they received a written request from the attorney general or head of an intelligence agency stating the president authorized the surveillance and determined it to be lawful, the cases against them will be dismissed.

Source: Red State

Won’t lefties be upset when they discovered they all had permission. At least the Democratic Leadership figured out a way to reach a compromise that their nutroots won’t see coming!!!

Of course, the Idiot Ron Paul Supporters will still squeal about imaginary lost liberties.

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Gingrich on Solutions to High Fuel Prices

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 13, 2008

This (high fuel prices, and the Democratic support of same) should be the thing the this entire election season revolves around.

We should dump half of our Strategic Reserve on the World market. The Democrats should agree to this, because they supported the idea in 2005, and more recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for us to stop adding to the Strategic Reserve, so she understands the effect that putting more oil on the market will lower prices. Wonder why she won’t let us put millions of barrels of oil on the market every day? What does she have against $2 a gallon gasoline?

Compare the Democratic and Republican plans:

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Patrick McHenry at the 2008 NCGOP Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 11, 2008

I posted video of the indomitable Congressman Patrick McHenry on WNC Citizens Blog.

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Mitch McConnell Forces Reading of 500 Page Bill

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It is about time the GOP started playing hard ball with Harry “Surrender in Iraq” Reid!!!

Senate Republicans, angry over the pace of confirming President Bush’s judicial nominees, tied up the floor Wednesday to force Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to schedule more confirmation votes.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) objected on the Senate floor to Reid’s efforts to speed debate on climate change by forcing the clerk to read a 500-page substitute amendment. The move comes after weeks of Republican threats to employ parliamentary tactics to force Democrats to confirm at least 16 appellate court nominees by the end of this Congress.

Republicans accuse Reid of breaking a promise to confirm three appeals court judges before Memorial Day. But Reid insists he never made a guarantee, saying he tried to confirm three judges but Republicans effectively stalled one nominee they opposed by burdening her with too many written questions. Democrats say Congress has confirmed a vast majority of Bush’s nominees, and argue that the White House has intentionally floated polarizing nominees to energize the conservative base.

Source: The Hill
Hat Tip: Rush Limbaugh

I wonder how long it will take to read 500 pages?

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Action Alert: Call The Blue Dogs!

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 13, 2008

The following is an action alert from Redstate:

The “Blue Dog” Democrats are the conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives. Twenty-one of the Blue Dogs signed a letter to Nancy Pelosi on January 28th urging her to move the bipartisan FISA legislation forward.

The legislation would allow the government to eavesdrop on phone calls made outside this country to other people outside this country, but whose calls are routed through this country (the majority of international phone calls are routed through the U.S.).

The Blue Dogs said the FISA legislation should include targeted immunity for phone carriers who help the government stop terrorists.

While the Blue Dogs were willing to sign the letter to Nancy Pelosi, they have been unwilling to actually sign a discharge petition, which would bring this matter to the floor of the House without Nancy Pelosi’s consent.

Below are the names and phone numbers of the Blue Dogs who talk a good game, but fail to act. Please call them and urge them to sign the discharge petition on H.R. 5440.

I am putting Congressman Shuler at the top for my local readers:

Heath Shuler 202-225-6401

Bud Cramer 202-225-4801

Marion Berry 202-225-4076
Mike Ross 202-225-3772

Joe Baca 202-225-6161

Allen Boyd 202-225-5235

John Barrow 202-225-2823

Melissa Bean 202-225-3711

Brad Ellsworth 202-225-4636

Leonard Boswell 202-225-3806

Dennis Moore 202-225-2865

Charlie Melancon 202-225-4031

North Carolina
Heath Shuler 202-225-6401

North Dakota
Earl Pomeroy 202-225-2611

Zack Space 202-225-6265

Dan Boren 202-225-2701

Christopher Carney 202-225-3731
Tim Holden 202-225-5546

Jim Cooper 202-225-4311
Lincoln Davis 202-225-6831
John Tanner 202-225-4714

Jim Matheson 202-225-3011

Please also call these nine Republicans who have failed to sign the discharge petition and ask them to sign the discharge petition on H.R. 5440.

Wayne Gilchrest (Maryland) 202-225-5311

Robin Hayes (North Carolina) 202-225-3715

Walter Jones (North Carolina) 202-225-3415

Ralph Regula (Ohio) 202-225-3876

Shelly Moore Capito (West Virginia) 202-225-2711

Timothy Johnson (Illinois) 202-225-2371

Ron Paul (Texas) 202-225-2831

Fred Upton (Michigan) 202-225-3761

All the best,

Erick Erickson

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Ric Flair Honored in Congress?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2008

I kid you not…

Maybe I need a trademark yell.

Ric Flair on Wikipedia

**update** 4.20pm

Here is how it’s done:

Hat Tip: Tom R.

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WWNC Radio Debate Videos for NC-11 GOP Primary

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 16, 2008


The playlist below is all ten videos covering the entire two-hour debate.

Candidate Websites

John Armor

Spence Campbell

Carl Mumpower

And the show website that they candidates appeared on:

Take A Stand

I might just take tomorrow off, and goof around all day, or go look for a job that’s easier than this internet stuff.

**update** 7.01 pm

Go here, if you want to see the videos individually.

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