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(Special Event) Thundercast

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 3, 2008

7.43 pm The live event is over, and I would like to thank the staff at WCU for their assistance, Don Yelton for the use of a laptop, and the commenters who assisted me chase down audio problems, and the tech guy from County NC News for helping me troubleshoot the troublesome camera driver installation.

This was a learning experience, and it is my hope that the next event will be bigger and better, and that the gremlins will find someone else to bother on that day!

Video of Matt in the raw.

The second video of the series.

The third video, an interview with Cnancellor John Bardo.

2.28pm I will be live blogging the event here as well. If you have been watching the video, you will see that Matt is already here and setting up. He even asked me where the “facilities were” and I haven’t been made. Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Especially if I can’t figure out how to get the online comments going. Now you know why I try to keep my face unknown. I can walk right up to people, and they have no idea who I am. I guess my training from my former employer is still holding. [TP]

I am planning a special event live for Thursday at 3pm for at least one hour, possibly three. This will be a guerrilla webcast, and will be available on a network of blogs and websites from the East to the West in North Carolina.

The event will be live streaming video with audio, much like my webcast of the Gubernatorial Debate from Blue Ridge Community College. and embedded in this post, which will stay on top until 6pm on Thursday. I will also be archiving the video for posting excerpts to youtube, so I will have to drop the connection for a couple of minutes at the bottom of the hour, and you will have to refresh the page to get it to come back up.

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