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Lady Justice

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 24, 2008

Atop the Old Courthouse in Sylva, NC

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2008 Sylva Fireworks

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 7, 2008

I recorded the above on Main Street in Sylva, North Carolina on Friday night.

I had a great time at all the events I went to, and will be getting video and photos of the other stuff up today and tomorrow (I hope).

I am editing the dedication of the flag pole at the Veteran’s Memorial Park. There was no sound system at the ceremony, and none of the words are understandable from any of the participants, so I will have to do a voice over…and I hate doing that, and will put it off as long as I can.

My internet service was down all weekend, and my email box is full. So, if you sent me an email, please be patient. I will be answering them in the order I received them.

Also, Senator Jesse Helms has died, and I will have a tribute to him Wednesday or Thursday. Three Presidents (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe) and one Vice-President (Hannibal Hamlin) also died on the 4th of July. Jesse lived a good life, served this nation well, and we could use a few more like him.

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The Lost Geese

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 30, 2008

Geese in the Valley

Geese in a Grey Sky
I saw these geese circle the campus of Western Carolina University on my way to lunch. They flew from the north, paralleling NC107 on the west side of the campus, turning at the Ramsey Center, and flew back north along the east side of the campus.

When I worked in Maggie Valley, I saw the same sort of thing a lot…a formation of geese would fly by and wheel around and go back the way they came, sometimes repeating the path two or three times.

I wonder if they are lost, or just cruising?

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Boys of Summer

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 13, 2008

Warming up at Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva, NC

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More photos of the Luminaries and Lights in Dillsboro

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 8, 2007

I hope no one noticed I misspelled “luminaries” last night. Ooops!

Anyhow, the luminaries is based on the Scandinavian custom of lighting the way for the Christ Child during the Christmas Season, and it has been part of the Dillsboro Christmas Season for over a decade now.

I took 337 photos and videos last night, and whittled down my photos to 82 that I wanted to share, and then found out that photobucket limits the number of photos in a slide show, so I will be putting them on You Tube sometime Monday morning after I get to the office.

So, for now, here is what I could get uploaded while I was at the library this afternoon:

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Dillsboro Luminaires Tonight

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 7, 2007

I am at the lighting of the Luminaires tonight in Dillsboro, and here are some early pix and a video of the train leaving on it’s way to Bryson City. It should be back by 6 pmish.

Scenes from Dillsboro tonight, the video is unedited, and I’ll have an edited version up by Monday.

And this is where I am uploading from!

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Jackson County Commissioners OK Building MOratorium

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2007

SYLVA — Weighing the risk of job losses against a spike in mountainside developments, the Jackson County commissioners voted 4-1 Thursday to impose a controversial five-month moratorium on any new subdivision projects.
Despite the vocal opposition to the moratorium evident at the public hearing and at Thursday’s meeting, Massie said the majority of mail,

e-mail and phone calls that he and other officials had received showed most citizens wanted a halt called.


Chairman Brian McMahan wasn’t so sure. He cast the only negative vote, winning much of the crowd’s applause.

“I don’t think the moratorium is a tool that’s going to help us,” McMahan said. “Is there the potential that someone could lose this job? If that’s the case, I can’t support it.”


With the moratorium of six months as initially proposed, Jackson County stands to lose $72.5 million in taxable revenues and $32 million in direct labor payroll for a loss of 1,605 jobs, according to James Carland, a Western Carolina University professor of entrepreneurship. Carland prepared his report for concerned property owners opposed to the moratorium.

“These are just working people. That doesn’t include professionals,” said Sam Lupas, a Cashiers real estate agent. Carland’s report estimated that brokers, lawyers, appraisers, engineers and others could see 20 percent of their annual earnings evaporate with the moratorium.

Read the entire article at the Asheville Citizen-Times

Just from reading what is in the AC-T article, and not having read the actual resolution, I think this moratorium is paper tiger. I would think the 25-acre threshold on a moratorium would mean that a project could be broken down to fly under the radar. But this is just speculation at this time.

On a personal note, there is a subdivision going up next to the one where I work just outside of Maggie Valley, and there is only one Trackhoe and Bulldozer working, and these guys have cleared about 50 acres by themselves in about a month, so I can see where this would hurt even a small work crew. The subdivision I am working on is on really steep land, so we are having to clear it by hand, because it is too steep for equipment to work.
Most of the roads were built by loggers decades ago, and will only need a little blasting to widen for putting in the house pads this spring and summer.

The steepest slops I ever saw houses put on was in the Highlands area, where I shingled a few houses where the drop off was more than a hundred feet on several occasions, and I eventually stopped because I came close to falling off more than I could handle.

One good thing that will come out of encroachment on Private Property Rights is that it will provide an inroads for conservative activists to “activate” local conservatives and organize citizens to begin taking back their government from these Socialist Policy Decisions. A concerted effort must be made to find more suitable candidates to replace these commissioners when their seats come up for election, and repeal the restrictions that would choke off economic development.

Barring that, I would love to see an Atlas Shrugged scenario take place where the operators of the economic engine just step away nd let everything come to a halt. But, not yet. The battle is still winnable through conventional means.

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