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Report Says Bush Backs Israeli Plan To Strike Iran, Part LXIV

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2008

I think I have heard this report at least 100 times since the summer of 2003:

President George W Bush has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official.Despite the opposition of his own generals and widespread scepticism that America is ready to risk the military, political and economic consequences of an airborne strike on Iran, the president has given an “amber light” to an Israeli plan to attack Iran’s main nuclear sites with long-range bombing sorties, the official told The Sunday Times.“Amber means get on with your preparations, stand by for immediate attack and tell us when you’re ready,” the official said. But the Israelis have also been told that they can expect no help from American forces and will not be able to use US military bases in Iraq for logistical support.Nor is it certain that Bush’s amber light would ever turn to green without irrefutable evidence of lethal Iranian hostility. Tehran’s test launches of medium-range ballistic missiles last week were seen in Washington as provocative and poorly judged, but both the Pentagon and the CIA concluded that they did not represent an immediate threat of attack against Israeli or US targets.

Source: Times Online
I should hope he backs a plan to strike Iran!!!
I support a strike on Iran, and am confident that we and/or Israel will strike when the time is right, and in a way which will minimize our casualties and civilian casualties in Iran. Iran, however, will not. They will seek to kill as many innocent people as possible in a reverse human shield scenario ala the Scud Attacks on Israel in Desert Storm.

Having worked in the field in the past, I believe that part of what is taking us so long in striking Iran is the rolling up of Iranian supported terror cells in the USA like we did in 1990-91 prior to striking Iraq. Someday, these stories will be told. The Democrats, Progressives, and other anti-war types will be exposed for being completely clueless about the threat posed by these groups. My only regret is that it will be decades before they will be declassified.
What will be hard is locating the “leaderless resistance” type of cells formed by Muslim volunteers that operate completely offline from the internet and do not use telephones or mail, only person to person contact.
I expect that the first 24 hours after the strike, the anti-American war protesters will go nuts…and there will be a very short-lived hiccup in the supply chain in America.
I would advise everyone to keep your larder stocked and keep your fuel tanks topped off, and only if you can store fuel safely…a week’s worth of fuel for your automobiles and other needs if you have power generators. Although I only expect a 24 to 72 Hour disruption (if at all), I live by the credo of preparation overkill as taught to me by my mother and father.
If you are interested in being prepared, I can suggest the following Websites:
Survival Blog (also on my right-hand sidebar)

It never hurts to be prepared. And with Hurricane season upon us, being prepared may help you coast through the supply chain hiccup and brief uptick in fuel prices.

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Chavez Mobilizes Military, Closes Embassy With Colombia

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 2, 2008

Speaking on his weekly television show, President Chavez also said Venezuela’s embassy in Colombia would close.

MHugo Chavez ordered tank battalions to the Colombian border and mobilized warplanes on Sunday after Colombian troops struck inside Ecuador in an attack on the FARC terrorists that for years have been launching attacks against government troops and then hide inside the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian borders.

He also ordered the shutting of Venezuela’s embassy in Colombia and the withdrawal of all diplomatic staff in the dispute, warning Colombia’s actions could spark a war in South America. “Mr. Defense Minister, move me 10 battalions to the frontier with Colombia immediately, tank battalions,” Chavez said on his weekly TV show. “The air force should mobilize. We do not want war.”

Chavez also said he would send Russian-made fighter jets into U.S. ally Colombia if its troops struck in Venezuela.

Colombia’s military said on Saturday troops had killed Raul Reyes, a leader of Marxist FARC rebels, during an attack on a jungle camp in Ecuador in a severe blow to Latin America’s oldest guerrilla insurgency. The operation included air strikes and fighting with rebels across the frontier.

Reyes had been accused of drug trafficking and of being involved in at least 57 murders. The United States had offered 5 million dollars for his capture.

On Sunday, Chavez began his TV program wit a minute of silence in honor of the dead narco-terrorist who he considered a “great revolutionary.”

Source: Yahoo! News

Upset at the death of FARC terrorist Raul Reyes at the hands of the Colombian army, Hugo Chávez accused the Colombian president of being a “criminal” and promised to “liberate” the neighboring country.

“The Colombian government has become the Israel of Latin America,” an agitated Chavez said, mentioning another country that he has criticized for its military strikes. “We aren’t going to permit Colombia to become the Israel of these lands.”
Chavez accused Colombian president Alvaro Uribe of being a puppet of Washington and acting on behalf of the U.S. government, saying “Dracula’s fangs are covered in blood.” “Some day Colombia will be freed from the hand of the (U.S.) empire,” Chavez said. “We have to liberate Colombia,” he added.

Source: USA Today

After Saturday’s operation 1.8km (one mile) into Ecuadorean territory, Colombia’s defence minister described the death of Reyes as the “biggest blow so far” to Farc.

But Mr Chavez described the strike as “a cowardly murder, all of it coldly calculated”.

He said Colombia “invaded Ecuador, flagrantly violated Ecuador’s sovereignty”.

Mr Chavez addressed his defence minister, asking him to “move 10 battalions to the border with Colombia for me, immediately” – a deployment likely to involve several thousand soldiers.

Source: BBC News
Hat Tip: Babalu Blog
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**update** 5.46pm Silo Breaker

**update** 6.14pm New York Slimes is reporting Ecuador want some of the action, and are sending troops to their border as well.

Is this merely posturing by Chavez because a fellow thug has been sent to his maker to answer for his crimes, or an attempt to raise the price of oil a little more? Would that Chavez could meet a similar fate.

Web Resources if there is a conflict:

Military Guides



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Democrats Conduct War Against The President

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 17, 2007

It has always been my understanding that politics is warfare, mostly conducted without major loss of life. I have also understood that lefties have the objective to win, no matter the cost to our nation. This separates them from most on the right…the unwillingness to put political ideology before patriotism, when (and if) they are willing to fight.

In a previous post, I was so mad at the Democrat Leadership, I held back from declaring them to be enemies of America, although their actions spoke louder than my words ever could.

This morning I found a curious post at Dreaming 5GW:

Over eight decades after the Ottoman slaughter of some one and one half million Armenians the US Congress has seen fit to introduce a bill that will define said Ottoman endeavor in a most accurate fashion applying the label genocide. Why the sudden interest in a near century old atrocity? According to Nancy Pelosi:

“because many of the survivors are very old.”

One could toss that explanation into the category of political subterfuge. What’s most interesting here is not the very obvious recognition of Armenian genocide but the timing of this sudden
geo-political epiphany. Turkey has long struggled with the Kurdish/Marxist separatist group, the
PKK and in recent months began amassing military power along the Turkish/Iraqi border in
preparation for possible crossborder operations designed to repress or destroy the PKK network that exists (in much the same fashion of the Taliban in western Pakistan) within Kurdish Iraq. The interesting bit is this piece of legislation comes about (in a very publicized fashion) at the same time that the
Turkish parliament is hashing out whether or not such military operations will take place.

The Democrats seem to be running what might well be defined as a very nascent 5GW operation against what will be the political 800 pound gorilla should they ascend to Executive power: The inheritance of the Iraq war.

Read the rest at Dreaming 5GW, including the thoughtful commentary, to which I can only add that when the concept of Revolutionary Defeatism is taken into account; the picture becomes much clearer of the intent of the modern Democrat Party, especially the Progressives.

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Russia Claims New Bomb Rivals Nukes and Environmentally Friendly, Too!

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 12, 2007

Well, isn’t that just nice, a green bomb:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia has tested the world’s most powerful vacuum bomb, which unleashes a destructive shockwave with the power of a nuclear blast, the military said on Tuesday, dubbing it the “father of all bombs”.


Such devices generally detonate in two stages. First a small blast disperses a main load of explosive material into a cloud, which then either spontaneously ignites in air or is set off by a second charge.

This explosion generates a pressure wave that reaches much further than that from a conventional explosive. The consumption of gases in the blast also generates a partial vacuum that can compound damage and injuries caused by the explosion itself.

“The main destruction is inflicted by an ultrasonic shockwave and an incredibly high temperature,” the reports said. “All that is alive merely evaporates.”


Sounds like a Type of Fuel-Air Explosive to me.

Rukshin said: “At the same time, I want to stress that the action of this weapon does not contaminate the environment, in contrast to a nuclear one.”


This ought to tell you that our enemies still view the Left as udeful idiots who will aid them in their goals.


The Tu-160 supersonic bomber that dropped the bomb, widely known under its NATO nickname of “Blackjack”, is the heaviest combat aircraft ever built.

Putin, who has overseen the roll-out of new tactical and anti-aircraft missiles and combat aircraft, has ordered “Blackjacks” and the Tu-95 “Bear” bombers to patrol around the world.

The report said the new bomb was much stronger than the U.S.-built Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb — MOAB, also known under its name “Mother of All Bombs”. “So, Russian designers called the new weapon ‘Father of All Bombs’,” it said.

Showing the orange-painted U.S. prototype, the report said the Russian bomb was four times more powerful — 44 metric tons of TNT equivalent — and the temperature at the epicenter of its blast was two times higher.

Source: Reuters

44 metric tonnes translates into 48.4 tons, or 96,800 lbs for us Americans, and those Brits who haven’t yet cowed tot he rising EU Empire.

The claim to rival a nuke is just hyperbolic beating on their chest, as the smallest of Atomic Demolition Munitions had a TNT equivalent of several hundred tons to a few kiltons.

I still think that Neutron Bombs are a better alternative, unless you’re smoking out people and things buried deep underground.

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Video: Remembering D-Day

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 6, 2007

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Flash Traffic: The Invasion of Europe Has Begun

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 6, 2007

audio hosting by Twango

Part One

audio hosting by Twango
Part Two

A 7am News Report from June 6, 1944 ripped from XM Radio Channel 4 which is running an all-day Special Report, in real time of the reports from Fortress Europe, as they become available.

I thank God we had such men, and still do.

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