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Why Fred Thompson is Possible

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 31, 2007

I have watched this earliest of Presidential Election Cycles with interest, and with growing dismay as the Media has focused almost exclusively on the “Big Three: GOP candidates, none of whom can claim they are conservative without eliciting a belly laugh from me.

Arizona Senator John McCain may have been a conservative at one time, before I started paying attention to politics, but he is not now. My biggest beef with him is the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform. That criminal piece of legislation has Congress restricting the First Amendment, and so far, the Supreme Court has provided an amen chorus. My second biggest beef with him are his incessant attempts at collaborating with Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” a piece of legislation that seeks to “legalize” illegal behavior, and would, if passed, cause vastly more harm to this country than McCain-Feingold.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has never been a conservative. Some of his views may coincide with conservatism, and other views have undergone the playdough oven treatment to dress them up for the Primary.

My biggest beef with Rudy is his support for Abortion. The Playdough Oven Treatment has transformed this into, “I support a woman’s Right to Choose; but I will appoint Justices that will limit that Right to Choose.” The Cognitive Dissonance on that one issue is enough to threaten a rip in the space-time continuum.

His position on the Second Amendment is similar. He supports the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; but not in a “Big City” like New York City, where the rules of normal space-time do not apply. As someone who has possessed, and used, firearms in a major city, I can assure you that group of armed citizens can, and will, do a better job of policing their neighborhood than the police ever will.

Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is not a conservative. Many in his faith are, he is not, unless he has experienced a genuine change of heart.

My biggest beef with him is his support of the Mandatory Universal Health Insurance signed into law by him while Governor.

I am one of the “43 million” uninsured Americans. I am uninsured by choice. I do not play lotteries, nor subscribe to the reverse lottery of Health Insurance that only pays if you lose, and then pays someone else from a common pool. No.
I have used money that would have gone toward premiums, and have invested that money, along with money for my retirement since 1986. When big expenses come, I trade some of my investment for money, then pay for my own care.

That one issue is enough to remove the governor from my short list.

There is one conservative running for the GOP nod, and that is California Representative Duncan Hunter. If he were given the same coverage as the Three Princesses of the GOP, there would be no contest, and no need for Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson to be “drafted.”

I am told he is charismatic, and “of the Reagan Mold.” He also has played a character on Law & Order. I am probably one of twelve people in America who has never seen a complete episode of that show. I dislike lawyers, and “courtroom dramas” even more. I also believe that people who watch Court TV of their own free will should be shot as a service to humankind.

The Media have overplayed the candidates that are not palatable to the rank and file of the Republican Party. A candidate like Fred Thompson cannot be ignored by the media, and the charisma factor is necessary to make up for the biased media coverage. The Media played along, and vastly underestimated the man who became the 40th President of the United States, and may fall for it again.

My personal Preference is for Duncan Hunter, with a big possible for Newt Gingrich, who has been playing coy with getting in the race. If Fred gets in the pool with the others, Newt will have zero chance. I’ll have to support Duncan Hunter in the hopes that a strong showing will get him the Veep slot beside a Presidential Fred Thompson. I guess I should order those Thompson/Duncan bumper stickers now.

Like it or not, I’ll have to start covering the 2008 Race as more than something of a diversion.


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More Fake Photos From Pro-Terrorist News Media

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 30, 2007

I knew I should have started keeping track of all the times the Pro-Terrorist News Media runs fake and staged photos that support their agenda for anti-Zionism.

My Pet Jawa has the goods on the latest round Faux-toshopping for Terrorists.

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A View to a Kill: The Left Supports the Thug-In-Chief Hugo Chavez

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 29, 2007

Or, How I Quit Living in Fear of Freedom of Speech, and Learned to Love Neo-Stalinism

I hope the events unfolding in Venezuela has been an awakening for people on how the Hard-Core Lefties think, and the cognitive dissonance they bathe in will lead to the horrors of tyranny every single time it is tried!

Hugo Chavez, who has been given dictatorial powers “only during the current emergency“, and an extended term in office, has assumed the worship of the American Communists once only occupied by El Presidente Fidel Castro. And, like him, he will continue to find ways to remain in power far beyond his current term expires. Sort of like Darth Vader for earthlings without the twisted false messiah ending in Episode VI of Star Wars.

The Kids at Daily KKKos support and rationalize the gutting of Free Speech in Venezuela, and I promise you, they wish they could do the same thing here in America to Fox News (a breeding ground for the hated RINOS), Conservative Talk, and the Conservative Blogosphere via “Net Neutrality.’

An excerpt from a Buzzle article:

Radio Caracas Television – the country’s “oldest and most popular” private channel – hosted an emotional farewell to viewers and depicted its imminent demise as a political watershed. “This marks a turn toward totalitarianism,” said its director, Marcel Granier.

The government ridiculed the notion and said it was exercising its legal right not to renew the concession of a channel which had “polluted” the airwaves with anti-democratic coup-mongering as well as sleazy soap operas.

“anti-democratic coup mongering as well as sleazy soap operas,” by those standards, three quarters (or more) of American Television, and virtually all of Hollywood should be at risk of being taken off the air! Most especially on the sleaze. The left have been coup-mongering, and the Democratic Duo of Pelosi & Reid backed off once they realized Americans will not stand for it. (80 million gun owners would soon correct that mistake!)

Here are some more articles on the brave souls fighting against tyranny in Venezuela, much like the Contras we helped two decades ago in Central America:

Washington Post



The president says the new channel that took RCTV’s place at midnight on Sunday (0400 GMT Monday) will better reflect the socialist revolution he has pledged to lead.

Never forget that socialism cannot survive when there is competition from other ideologies, and must sink to using violence to remove them. That is part of what the Fairness Doctrine is intended to set into play, to force successful conservative programs to loose part of their air-time to the socialists until a way can be found to remove them from the air.

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Now That is a Monster Pig !!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 26, 2007

I was checking out Drudge, and found this story about a 1,000 plus pound wild boar killed in Alabama by an 11-year old boy. An excerpt from the article:

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Hogzilla is being made into a horror movie. But the sequel may be even bigger: Meet Monster Pig. An 11-year-old Alabama boy used a pistol to kill a wild hog his father says weighed a staggering 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail. Think hams as big as car tires.

Source: Breit Bart

Meet Monster Pig

A website has been put up to commemorate the kill, and in a move to warm the very cockles of my capitalist heart, make a little money from the accomplishment! I haven’t seen the site yet, because it has lots of photos, and ten minutes later, it is still loading…I am on dial up that wavers in speed from 28K to 45K depending on how many people in my neighborhood are online.

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Gunfight at Ghost Town In The Sky

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 25, 2007

I went to the re-opening of Ghost Town In The Sky today, and enjoyed myself. I took over 300 pictures, and several videos. I have posted the video of the gunfight here, and will be posting the photos here and on my photoblog as I get around to it.

I will definitely be going back when the Cliff Hnager Roller Coaster opens later this summer, and will have to figure a way to secure my camera and glasses…don’t wanna see them flying down a 1,000 foot cliff!

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5 Dead in Crash, Driver Unlicensed and Possibly an Illegal Alien

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 25, 2007

A horrible head-on collision yesterday morning in Mitchell County, North Carolina killed five people.

An S-10, driven by Roberto Sixtos, about 20 yrs old, of Mexico and Marion, NC crossed the centerline and corrected back into his lane, where he struck the Land Rover driven by 58 yr-old Jimmie Dotts, of Mitchell County,, who had swerved into the other lane to avoid the S-10. All five were dead by the time a NC Highway Patrol Trooper arrived five minutes later. [Link to AC-T Photo Gallery]

Sixtos did not have a Drivers License, and it is currently unknown if he were in this country legally or not.

Here are some links to online coverage of this developing story:

Asheville Citizen-Times

Snapshot of page at JKN

Topix Page for comments on story

AP Wire Version from FOX Carolina

Mitchell News-Journal Breaking

The story this morning from AC-T with Topix discussion.

To give you an idea about just a portion of the cost of illegal immigration, over 2,000 Americans are murdered every year by Illegal Aliens, and that tops the number of American soldiers killed in any two years of combat in Iraq.

If we had secured our borders, then Jimmie Dotts might still be teaching classes today at Enka High School.

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New Blog: Survival Strategies

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 24, 2007

Ever wonder about what you would need to know in case the Schumer hits the fan, and our infrastructure collapses? Remember Katrina? That storm disrupted the infrastructure for a few weeks, but food and other emergency supplies were being trucked in within a week or so. Not many were prepared, and certainly very few in New Orleans were…

A new blog called Survival Strategies, has come to my attention, and I would like for you to go take a look, and maybe start preparing for the inevitable collapse [short or long term] of our infrastructure.

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Supporting Forces of Freedom Abroad

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 24, 2007

There is an interesting post on the Center for Vigilant Freedom/910 Group Blog about the nature of our war with the radical elements of Islam, whom I refer to as Islamic Imperialists, and our general ignorance regarding same.

But our governments often refuse to admit that they are under an Information War siege, and they refuse to keep and defend that solid constitutional terrain they’ve received as a legacy from earlier generations. Demoralized by political correctness, they can’t believe that constitutional laws and Western values are the high ground – both moral and strategic. So, we are left to fight the war of ideas on dangerous terrain of a very different type – what Sun Tzu calls “entangling terrain”:

I suggest you read it.

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R.I.P. America

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2007

In loving memory…

The United States of America

It was good while it lasted. Too bad it’s over.

Every great country must come to an end. In man’s history, the average age of a great civilization is about 200 years. America made it a bit longer, but now it’s time has come as well.

Now I don’t mean to say that overnight the place will suddenly cease to exist. However, the America that was created over 200 years ago is completely gone now. It’s been on a decline for some time, and this really is it. I remember well the celebrations of 1976 (though I was quite young) — and I would be willing to be there will be no celebration in 2076. The country has died.

I do not write this lightly, nor without great thought. I do not write this with joy or sarcasm. I write this, fervently believing that it is true, despite the rejections and declarations of many.

There were brief rays of hope that paused the decline of freedom and liberty. Ronald Reagan, from 1980-1988 worked hard and tirelessly to stop oppression and really gave hope to a lot of people. He renewed faith in America and in it’s people. But that was just an upward blip on the steady decline of the country. Under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, there was another upward tick for just a short time in 1994. This blip was smaller than the 80s, and shorter. But with the passage of global amnesty, the decline is complete. There is no hope for America.

Now I’m not saying I’m hopeless. I’m not feeling personally bad. But there is no hope for America today. America was built on a strong Christian work ethic. America was a great country once. It was built on rugged individualism — people worked hard and knew hard work would be rewarded. America was truly a shining light on a hill — a beacon of freedom around the world. America defeated Communism. America defeated Hitler and Nazi Germany when they wanted to rule the world. America had a real identity, and the whole world knew it. But that is to be no more.

Read the rest at
Ogre’s Politics & Views

My personal realization that we had lost our Republic was the lack of response to the murder of dozens of Americans at Waco [by the citizenry en masse and the other branches of government]. That was when I began digging caches. Our underwhelming response to 9/11 was another alarm. Amnesty for law-breaking Alien Invaders is just another increase in the volume of the alarm.

I still have to go through the motions of fighting this slide to a democratic tyranny for a little while longer…

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BIll Whittle Has An Idea

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2007

Essayist Bill Whittle, the essayist, has put up a two part essay [One] [Two] [More] and “something wonderful” and you really should read it, and if so moved, participate.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon in certain circles within the last year, the formation of communities of like-minded people willing to act in order to effect change in our society. These groups range all the way from local political groups, to national and international movements in the political range, and beyond.

My belief is that people have had enough of the destruction of Western Civilization, and are finally waking up, banding together, and beginning the first steps in a new multi-phasic effort to stop the bleeding from political action to other means.

I’d say we are at about 1760ish right now, maybe even the 1770s. I don’t know if I hear hooves in the distance night just yet.

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