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On Strangling The Counterjihad In The Cradle

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 30, 2007

I found this in my Google Reader this morning, and thought to share it with you regarding the idiotic blow-up between memebers of the Counterjihad, specifically the people at Little Green Footballs:

2:24 PM (11 hours ago)
A statement from Bat Ye’or
from Jihad Watch by Robert

The controversy over the Brussels Counterjihad Conference, and specifically the participation in it of people affiliated with Vlaams Belang and the Sweden Democrats, seems to be dying down. I have made my position clear here — I reject and repudiate all racist and neo-Nazi statements and individuals. And now the renowned historian Bat Ye’or, who also spoke at the Conference, has issued a statement that I agree with wholeheartedly, and believe could and should serve as the last word in this wrangle:

I want to make clear my position. I have said when I was invited and at the beginning of my lecture as well as in the conclusion, that I am not part of any political party, I am a writer, invited as such to give an insight into the current situation. I do not feel that I have to endorse all the ideas of each member of a group to which I do not belong; nor do I expect that they endorse all of mine. I am invited often by various different organizations, and I do not scrutinize each one’s political background to explain my views.

I consider that acquaintances with communists who have not apologized for their crimes and their racist antisemitism are shameful. Socialist parties supported the worst criminal tyrants: Arafat, Hafez al-Assad, Saddam Hussein, Iran, Sudan. They are responsible for the European antisemitic hate-culture and the destruction of Europe. Yet no one thinks that these politicians, their parties, their friends are criminals, and says that they stink. The responsibility of the Churches in those areas is no less. Who is the purist who will leave our debased planet to live alone in perfection? Everyone is drenched in a bloody history, not only Filip Dewinter, who was born in 1962. I think that Chirac is much worse, and think of Gunther Grass…

That said, I think that it is good that things are clarified, that people accept that those who recognise wrong policies and correct them should be respected and trusted, and not continually accused for their past failures.

Source: Jihad Watch
Google: Search Results


What’s Up? A Re-write of history?

I thought the Ye’or Statement was eloquent. If the Counterjihad Movement is to start being “prissy” when internal differences arise, then how are we to confront people who want to destroy our civilization? This is war, people!

After all, we did ally with Stalin to defeat Hitler, and history reveals that Stalin is responsible for more than ten times the deaths caused by Hitler. Sometimes, we have to take our allies where we can find them, and some of them do not have a pure and clean past. We aren’t hunting Unicorns, we are hunting jihadis, their enablers, and collaborators.

Beginnings are very delicate times, and to jump to conclusions without some exhaustive fact-checking will harm us more than it will hurt us. I thought you were an Anti-Idiotarian.

So, Charles Johnson, are the Sweden Democrats now racist?

All I see is evidence of past racism (the source itself leftist), and you had better take this into account…Vlaams Belang is the most reliably anti-jihadi party in Europe, not to mention the most pro-Israel. You have been victim to a Lefty smear Campaign, and damaged our movement by jumping to conclusions. The is, after a lefty organization, and as such will lie, and overstate. I’d have to see independent verification and proof this party is what you claim it once was.

What I find unbelievable is that you have removed the very fine and upstanding blog Gates of Vienna from your blogroll, an act I would expect of an Idiot Supporter of Ron Paul, but not you. But…you sink to the level of Jim Robinson, and have begun banning commenters because they are not subsurvient to you. Shame on you Charles Johnson, for becoming an Idiot Anti-Idiotarian.

I still have you on my blogroll, and you, or any Lizard, are free to come over here without fear of being banned, or their comments deleted based on their opposition to me, or my pet theories.

Should you care to really learn about the other side, you can read this, and then this, and then this.

I’ll leave you with these words (lifted from the CVF Blog):

3. Many paths, no gates: Critics of Vlaams Belang, and of similar political parties with anti-islamisation platforms, state that the ” European anti-Islamization movement is making a mistake by allowing this group to participate.” We see it differently; that the citizens of every country have a right to self-determination, and that many of these groups have been actively working to preserve civil society against Islamisation for years. A two-day limited participation conference, however successful, is not a “European anti-Islamization movement.” Members of the dozens of political parties in each country will take whatever positions they choose to take on anti-Islamization and pretty much anything else. Far from being a single movement, anti-islamisation is a broad and widely diverse cultural and political response to the destruction of democratic human rights and freedoms by both assertive jihadists like the Muslim Brotherhood, and authoritarian multiculturalists like the European Union. Importantly, anti-islamisation includes Muslim reformers- several in Europe – who risk their lives by publicly opposing the imposition of shariah law, Islamic Imperialism and apartheid.

One might as readily say, of an earlier time, “the European enlightenment movement is making a mistake by allowing those followers of Locke (or Voltaire, Spinoza, Kant or any of those other extremists – Paine, Jefferson, Franklin) to participate.” We are not the gatekeepers of any movement; to our knowledge, there is no gate, and there are many movements, not one, working to protect western culture, laws and freedoms. You don’t have to apply to be part of history; it’s an open-admissions institution.


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