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Senator Elizabeth Dole Responds To Lefty Attacks On Her Husband

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 20, 2008

Over the last few months, a few people in North Carolina have asked about the petty attacks my opponent has leveled against me during this campaign. The thing they mention most often has been the consistent focus on my husband Bob.

As you all know, my dear husband is not only the former Senator and Republican Leader from the state of Kansas, but also a cancer survivor and WWII hero. To say that I am proud of my husband’s many accomplishments and service to his country would be an incredible understatement.

Since Bob’s service in the Senate he’s worked with President Clinton on funding for scholarships for the families of 9/11 victims and raised money for historically black Bennett College in Greensboro. He’s teamed with George McGovern to feed the hungry throughout the world, spearheaded the effort to raise money for the WWII Memorial on the Mall in Washington and served with Donna Shalala on the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors. He has truly touched the lives of the many thousands of Veterans with whom he visits in hospitals throughout the country.

This week an article titled “Hagan hits Dole for husband’s background” said “U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan is mocking her opponent’s background, telling incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole to go back to her husband’s state.”

The article also described local campaign parties where Hagan supporters will decorate ruby red slippers in a reference to “The Wizard of Oz” and Bob’s home state of Kansas.

But the attack against Bob that has troubled me the most came from her press release of April 25th. It attacked me for giving a floor speech commemorating my husband’s service. The Hagan campaign release claimed I was “interrupting consideration of the transportation bill to make a floor speech commemorating her husband’s first floor speech 39 years before.”

The Senate was in a period of “morning business” which allows Senators to speak about various issues and topics. My speech commemorating Bob’s service and the service of all veterans was on the anniversary of Bob’s injuries sustained on the battlefield during WWII. Bob spent 39 months in hospitals undergoing eight surgeries and rehabilitation, but lost the use of his right arm.

There was an important reason to commemorate Bob’s so called maiden speech, because it highlights the struggle of a group that Bob joined that fateful day, April 14, 1945, called Americans with Disabilities. The fact that he chose to talk about it is important. It was an opportunity for all of those in the U.S. Senate to think about disabilities and how they affect all Americans, not just people who undergo the kind of daily struggle that Bob faces. A day that a candidate for the Senate would want to mute a voice highlighting the struggle of these Americans is a sad one. As your Senator, I plan to take every opportunity to do what Bob did, which is to make certain that voice is heard.

An early encounter with my late mother best describes my husband and his experience. One morning he left his bedroom and went down to the kitchen in Salisbury where my mother was fixing breakfast. He had a towel draped over his shoulder.

“Mrs. Hanford,” he said, “I think you should see my problem.”Bob, that’s not as problem, it’s a badge of honor,” mother replied.

I believe the voters of North Carolina will be better served if my opponent spent her time and resources on the challenges we face as a state and nation – rather than launching personal attacks at a man who has served this nation so honorably.


Source: Dole Blog


Well, that sort of thing is to be expected from the hate-filled lefties. They want Liddy’s seat, and they don’t care how they do it.

Fortunately for us, Senator Dole is a fighter and she will keep her seat in order to continue fighting for us in the US Senate.

I had the privilege of meeting her earlier this year in Asheville, and watching her in action. I am confident that the people of North Carolina will send her back to Washington for six more years.

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Buncombe GOP Lincoln-Reagan Day Video Courtesy Sound Off Buncombe

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 7, 2008

Sound Off Buncombe‘s Richard Bernier has released his version of the Buncombe GOP Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner, including the Senator Dole Speech from Feb 23rd. It will air on URTV soon…so get a sneak peek here!

I am thankful that we have Richard to capture some of these moments for the people who are unable to attend these events. And, hopefully, soon we will have more people available to cover these events so we don’t have to work Richard to death!

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Buncombe GOP Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner Opening Video

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 29, 2008

Here is the opening video, and I’ve re-posted the Senator Dole speech below, so that you may watch both if you desire.

I should have the rest of the videos up sometime this weekend. I apologize for the delay.

Buncombe GOP

Senator Dole

Friends of Elizabeth Dole

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(VIDEO) Senator Dole’s Keynote at Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 24, 2008

Here is the video I took of Senator Dole’s keynote speech last night. I forgot all about her ‘Dole Stroll’, or I would chosen a different place to park my tripod. She worked me to death following her! (Sorry about the jerky movements and the noise…my tripod doesn’t have a fluid head).

Compare the speech to the coverage at the AC-T, and the ugly Topix comments by the born haters from the left, or lefty bloggers.

From now on, print reporters and spin doctors will have to be cognizant that the event they report upon might just end up available to the general public in its entirety.

I’ll have other videos from yesterday’s events up starting tomorrow, starting with the True Conservatives Breakfast hosted by The Carolina Stompers.

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Notes on the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Buncombe County

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 24, 2008

Here is a photo of me (I couldn’t resist) posing beside a BCSD Patrol Car before the reception held before the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner yesterday.
My day yesterday was a full one, with me leaving about 6.45 am for the Carolina Stompers True Conservatives Breakfast, and then from there, I arrived at the Civitas Blueprint for Victory Campaign School just in time for lunch (Yippee! Food!), and took in the afternoon session. I have a video of Spence Campbell (NC-11 Primary Candidate) and Bill Graham (NC Gubernatorial Primary Candidate) from that event. I wished that I had been able to attend the morning session, because the afternoon session was very informative.

Then, I attended the reception with Senator Elizabeth Dole before the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, and the dinner itself.
I was able to get a couple in minutes from John Armor (NC-11 Primary Candidate), and most of the proceedings. I missed most of the first speech because I was still eating, but I did capture the presentation of a special gift to the speaker afterward.
The event was over, at around 9.30pm last night, and I didn’t get home until 10.30, so I called it a day. I took over 3GB of photos and video on my SD Cards, and am sorting through them now.

Since Senator Elizabeth Dole was the main attraction, I’ll be putting her speech up first. She caught me unawares with the ‘Dole Stroll’ so some of the camera angles are bad, and I am contemplating ways to tackle that challenge. I still remember the 1996 GOP Convention, when she strolled into the audience to give her speech, and she seems to me as youthful and vibrant as she was then.

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U.S. Senator Dole Meets Secretly with Gates County Commissioners

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 31, 2008

GATES COUNTY NC NEWS — While campaigning in northeastern North Carolina this weekend, North Carolina’s U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole made two unexpected stops in Gates County. A predominantly rural Democrat county, which is listed as one of two North Carolina counties considered for location of our U.S. Navy’s new Outlying Landing Field (OLF).

Although Senator Dole was on the campaign trail, this did not deter her from taking time attended a secret meeting of Gates County Board of Commissioners of Saturday 26, 2008. The meeting held at 2:15 P.M., and was neither advertised nor open to the public. In attendance of the secret meeting held Saturday was Senator Dole and four of the five Gates County Commissioners, and the County’s Manager:

J.S. Pierce, Chairman
David R. Brown, Vice Chairman
Kenneth Jernigan, Commissioner
Wade Howell Askew, Commissioner

Source: County NC News

Be sure to visit the website to read more about this developing story…

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The SCHIP Veto

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 5, 2007

Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

Ronald Reagan

That is one reason why the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) (THOMAS) has been vetoed by President George W. Bush.

That, and that no one should be considered a child at 25 years old, and this gross expansion of the SCHIP Program would have us paying for the health care of the children of illegal aliens.

How Your Local Elected Critters Voted:

House Members

NC-05 Virginia Foxx (R) Against Passage
NC-10 Patrick McHenry (R) Against Passage
NC-11 Heath Shuler (D) For Passage

NC Senators
Richard Burr (R) Against
Elizabeth Dole (R) Against

The President stated it best on why he vetoed the bill:

This bill would shift SCHIP away from its original purpose and turn it into a program that would cover children from some families of four earning almost $83,000 a year. In addition, under this bill, government coverage would displace private health insurance for many children. If this bill were enacted, one out of every three children moving onto government coverage would be moving from private coverage. The bill also does not fully fund all its new spending, obscuring the true cost of the bill’s expansion of SCHIP, and it raises taxes on working Americans.

Because the Congress has chosen to send me a bill that moves our health care system in the wrong direction, I must veto it. I hope we can now work together to produce a good bill that puts poorer children first, that moves adults out of a program meant for children, and that does not abandon the bipartisan tradition that marked the enactment of SCHIP. Our goal should be to move children who have no health insurance to private coverage, not to move children who already have private health insurance to government coverage.

Source: White House

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Senators Dole, Burr, and The Daily Planet

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2007

I’d like to thank both of North Carolina’s US Senators for voting against cloture on the latest Amnesty attempt by those who would destroy America.

Who’ would have thunk that Dole would be more sensitive to her constituents than Burr, who has been touted as more conservative than Dole.

This is a victory that belongs to the conservative grassroots movement, and is but one of many to come. 2008 is looking better all the time.

The Asheville Daily Planet has published an article about the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration, and did a much better, and accurate job of reporting than the AC-T.
If The Daily Planet ever became a daily, I believe they would give the Waste of Times a run for their money inside the city limits of Asheville.

To recap my own coverage of the Rally, see below:

[part one]
[part two]
[part three]

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