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HuffPo Tries To Soften The Blow For Edwards By Asking "Could Infidelity Save Your Marriage?"

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 28, 2008

And then, for the first time in 10 years, I silenced it. As Alex placed his hands on my hips, I knew with absolute clarity that I was about to have an affair. I knew it was a decision that could unravel even the strongest of unions. I never could have guessed that it would save mine.

I had felt this kind of passion only once before, when I first encountered the man who would be my husband. I was wandering my college campus, terrified, when a gorgeous man walked confidently up the hill. He saw me, and asked if he could help me find my way. “Well, yes,” I wanted to respond. “How about for forever? Does forever work for you?”

Source: HuffPo (read the transparent article with barf bag handy)

This is indeed sickening at how these lefties will excuse any crime committed by their heroes. I still remember how the Legacy Media published several stories with the same bent when Clinton got caught, and how they would wax eloquent on the beauty of telling lies, and how Great Men had a different set of needs than the rest of us poor peasants.
I think it is very funny that John Edwards (who they held up as a hero who stood by his woman during a life-threatening bout with breast cancer) was sleeping with another woman while his wife was fighting for her life, even fathering a bastard child. Yes, I know the “Politically Correct” term is love child. I just can’t help seeing Elizabeth Edwards fighting for her life while John Edwards was catting around just like Bill Clinton.
It is a hypocrsiy as delicious as the hypocrisy of “Green Guru” Al Gore with a Carbon Footprint the size of a mid-sized town!
**update** 7.05 AM
When I was checkingout the headlines on Yahoo! News, there was an article with the title Expert advice on surviving the aftermath of an affair. Am i reading too much into this?

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Media: Sexual Impropriety Is Okay For Democrats Why They Refuse To Cover Edwards Love Child

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 24, 2008

Yesterday, I ran a story from the National Enquirer (courtesy The Drudge Report) about John Edwards spending the night with his mistress, and the Legacy Media did not.

Jack Shafer at Slate has a story on the non-story:

When the original Enquirer story about the affair with Rielle Hunter came out, Edwards categorically denied the relationship, stating: “The story is false. It’s completely untrue, ridiculous.” As he rejected the Enquirer‘s charges, Edwards was making his wife and their marriage a central component of his campaign. If Edwards had had no affair, he wasn’t a hypocrite, not then and not now.

But if Edwards had an affair and lied about it, shouldn’t he suffer scrutiny akin to that of Craig? At least three-dozen daily newspapers in the United States published the Craig news the day after the Roll Call scoop, according to Nexis, but this morning not a single U.S. daily mentioned the Enquirer piece.

Source: Slate


I can guarantee you if John Edwards had been a Republican, every person on the planet would know about it, and would know the name of his illegitimate child.

The Legacy Media is very biased about what they report, and act as Gate Keepers to protect their fellow travelers. This is why newspapers are hurting, and part of the reason the network news are losing viewers. People are catching on, and seeking the news themselves on the Internet…at least the younger ones.

**update** 4.41 AM

Thanks to Jon Ham at Right Angles for linking to me!

Also, John in Carolina has a good piece on the Raleigh News & Observer ignoring this story.

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Democrat Party Leader Involved In Satanic Rituals

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

DURHAM – Allegations that a local Democratic official and her husband were involved in satanic rituals that included shackling people to beds, caging them and depriving them of food and water have horrified county party leaders.

Joy Johnson, 30, a third vice chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice chairwoman of the Young Democrats, was charged Friday with two counts of aiding and abetting.

Her husband, Joseph Scott Craig, 25, was charged with second-degree rape, second-degree kidnapping and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon for an incident in January and another in May.

The two made an appearance in court Monday morning after spending the weekend in the Durham County jail.

Mark McCullough, an assistant district attorney, urged Judge Nancy Gordon to increase Johnson’s bail to $500,000 from the $270,000 set by a magistrate. “Part of the allegations are that satanic worship is part of this case,” McCullough said.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer


At least it fits…most of the local Pagans are allied with the Democrats. Don’t believe me? Just check out the local Magnolia Tree worship-fest:

And the vigil that is ongoing every afternoon.

**update** Gateway Pundit has picked up on the story.

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Blue NC Protests Arrest Because Alleged Perp Is Gay

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 25, 2008

Here is an excerpt from the News & Observer:

Police on Saturday charged two West Raleigh men with a “crime against nature” for having sex early that morning. Each faces up to two years in prison if convicted of the Class I felony.

But that charge is unconstitutional, a state lawmaker says.

And the circumstances of the encounter are murky.

Raleigh police first charged Nelson Keith Sloan, 40, of Grand Manor Court, who called them to his apartment about dawn, saying he had been attacked.

Police later filed the same charge against Ryan Christopher Flynn, 25, of Glen Currin Drive.

They also charged Flynn with simple assault for biting Sloan. And they charged him with communicating threats by telling Sloan he was going to disembowel him and show him his innards.

“This looks like a case of a consensual act that may have gotten out of hand,” said Raleigh police Capt. T.D. Hardy. “The law is still on the books. Our detectives got involved in it last night and decided this was the best thing to do. What the D.A.’s office will do with it, I don’t know.”

Sloan, however, said he was the victim of an assault.

“I didn’t allow anything,” he said Saturday after being reached at home by phone. “They knew it and turned it around and arrested me. I have never been so humiliated in all my life. It’s just awful.”

And not only has a state lawmaker jumped to defend the alleged rapist, so has (wait for it) a progressive group blog known as Blue NC [archive link]:

These arrest would seem to be a significant deviation from the constitutional issues decided in the Lawrence case. The arrests of these men is a disturbing deviation from what has seemed to be settle law. The fact that North Carolina’s statutes still maintain anti-sodomy provisions, even after the Supreme Court’s decision, is troubling enough in itself. However, it is the enforcement of the law that is an even more serious affront to Constitution.

It has been suggested that North Carolina’s anti-sodomy statute has remained on the books in an effort to appease the Christian Right. I’m not sure if this is true, although I do know that many on the Christian Right take issue with the decision in Lawrence v. Texas. Let’s hope that the charges issued in Raleigh are dropped, and no attempt is made to take this issue up again to the higher courts.

Notice the statute is not an ani-sodomy statute, but a statute against sexually explicit conduct…of any kind. Sodomy is included, but only as part of a list of acts. These nutroots types always try to blow everything out of proportion, and attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill, and everything into a Civil Rights Violation.

Note the dismissal of the charge that an assault had taken place. Of course, the person who is charged with an assault is that of a person who has “protected minority status” and can do no wrong. Or, if they do, it is brushed away with an excuse, or ignored.

The Blue NC blogger tries to assert that N.C. G.S. 18B-1005.1 is an anti-sodomy law. Here is the law below for you to see the BS in the Blue NC blogger:

§ 18B‑1005.1. Sexually explicit conduct on licensed premises.

(a) It shall be unlawful for a permittee or his agent or employee to knowingly allow or engage in any of the following kinds of conduct on his licensed premises:

(1) Any conduct or entertainment by any person whose genitals are exposed or who is wearing transparent clothing that reveals the genitals;

(2) Any conduct or entertainment that includes or simulates sexual intercourse, masturbation, sodomy, bestiality, oral copulation, flagellation, or any act that includes or simulates the penetration, however slight, by any object into the genital or anal opening of a person’s body; or

(3) Any conduct or entertainment that includes the fondling of the breasts, buttocks, anus, vulva, or genitals.

(b) Supervision. – It shall be unlawful for a permittee to fail to superintend in person or through a manager the business for which a permit is issued.

(c) Exception. – This section does not apply to persons operating theaters, concert halls, art centers, museums, or similar establishments that are primarily devoted to the arts or theatrical performances, when the performances that are presented are expressing matters of serious literary, artistic, scientific, or political value. (2003‑382, s. 2.)

The “astute” blogger fails to even mention the law is in the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Chapter, 18B, let alone that hetero-acts are also listed in the law. Once a homosexual act is mentioned…all else must be ignored.

I’m guessing that the pro-gay blogger at Blue NC has never spent any time around law enforcement. Often, people will be arrested on charges just to get the person in custody, then…later, the original charge is often dropped, or allowed to be pled away in favor of a lesser charge if the D.A. hasn’t decided on a more specific charge to be added.

Would “niceweb” prefer that reported crimes by homosexuals be ignored…especially if they were gay sex crimes?

I suppose if the circumstances were that this law had been used to arrest a man that had been accused of the same crime against a woman, the blogger would have still blogged about it? No way, because it does not advance the agenda, nor does it match the template.

Of course, niceweb has only three posts up, and two of them are about gay issues. Connect the dots. This is much adoo about nothing.

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A Funny Observation About Spitzer And The Dow Jones

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

I think it is funny that the day after the breaking of the Spitzer Sex Scandal, the market opened up, and looks to close up for the day.

The numbers at 3.56pm: 12,081.67 +341.52 (+2.91%)

Who said Democrats can’t make the stock market go up?

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DFU Sing-Along for Eliot Spitzer

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

Here are a few updates on the Spitzer Sex Scandal:

Perhaps New York Governor Eliot Spitzer believes he can weather the firestorm over his scandal about his involvement with a high-class prostituion ring. However, he is battling an element that will keep his scandal alive in the public more than the usual political scandal—humor. Spitzer’s breaking scandal is less than a day old and already the media and the blogosphere is filled with many jokes and parody songs about his situation. Even many liberals are laughing at Spitzer since the humor generated by a self-righteous politician involved in a sleazy scandal involving a prostitution ring is just too hard to ignore. David Letterman led off his show with several jokes on this subject:

Do you think it’s too soon to be hitting on Mrs. Eliot Spitzer?

Did you happen to see the press conference? Very dramatic. Eliot Spitzer was there. He had yellow crime scene tape draped around his pants – crazy.

The thinking now is that the governor may step down now to spend less time with his family.

Source: Newsbusters

I found a tin foil hat wearing poster at Crooks and Liars.

And here is a brief round up of some of the chatter:

Gateway Pundit (New York Democratic Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring!)

New York Daily News (Hit The Road, John…)

Outside The Wire (Spitzer Into The Wind)

DUmmie Funnies (Kommies Defend Eliot Spitzer)

Political Mavens (Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Mr. Spitzer)

Suitably Flip (From Troopergate To Shtupergate)

11th Commandment Blog (Super Delegate Gov. Eliot Spitzer)

Hot Air (Will Spitzer resign — or deploy the Clinton/Craig strategy?)

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The Lion of the Left Charged In Child Porn Case

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 15, 2008

It’s Christmas week, three years ago. Ward’s on his home computer using the screen name “Vincentlio.” He begins the chat with “Good afternoon, mistress.” The woman using the name “Sexfairy” answers, “How was your day, slave?” In explicit detail, Ward describes being humiliated sexually. At one point, he asks, “Are you going to make me feel dirty, mistress?” “Sexfairy” answers, “Yes, I am.”

Ward discusses group sex he had at an infamous porn theater in San Mateo. Then, nearly an hour into the conversation, he brings up photographs, “I love trading pictures.” “Sexfairy” answers, “and why haven’t I gotten any pics, slave? Send me some.”

Ward sends several pictures — one of a woman and two children. Ward describes her as a mother in her late thirties, she’s topless. He says the naked boy is 14, that the girl wearing clothes is 12. They’re all touching in a sexual way.

“Sexfairy” writes, “brb,” (be right back). A half hour later, she’s on the phone with police, reporting Bernie Ward for child porn. They tell her to keep chatting with Ward.

“It would be important to the case to gather as much information as possible in support of bringing charges against the person that’s sending these pornographic messages,” says Chief West.

In the days that follow, “Sexfairy” asks Ward for more pictures — he complies. Then, police get a search warrant for Ward’s AOL account. E-mail sent and received by “Vincentlio” had pictures attached.

An investigator writes, “several of the photographs depicted children engaged in or simulating sexual acts with adults or other children.” The ages of the children in the pictures — four to 17 years old…

Source: Gateway Pundit

You know, I haven’t heard about this case until fairly recently. And I am sure I would have heard about it on day one if the guy was a conservative, instead of a progressive. To hear the progressives talk, you’d think lefties were spotless in the realm of sexcrimes.

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