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The Perfect Internet Storm

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 8, 2008

What destroyed Hillary Clinton’s campaign?
The obvious answer would be Barack Obama. But the destruction was accomplished through the agency of an Internet storm.
Those who remember the rapidity with which a story produced by 60 Minutes under the baton of Dan Rather was destroyed will know just how powerful an Internet storm can be.

In that instance, four documents were presented by 60 Minutes on September 8, 2004 — less than 2 months before the scheduled Presidential election — alleging that President Bush, who was standing for re-election had “disobeyed orders while in the Guard, and had undue influence exerted on his behalf to improve his record”. It was an accusation that was potentially devastating to Bush. On September 8 a reasonable observer would have made the linear projection that Bush’s re-election was doomed. But complex systems work in non-linear ways.

A confluence of factors explosively combined to generate a memetic storm. Small Internet sites, each insignificant by itself, began to resonate with the word that the 60 Minutes documents were faked. A variety of technical experts, drawn by what was effectively an open-source debugging exercise, found fault after fault with the documents. Within four days not only was the 60 Minutes expose discredited but reversed upon itself. By September 10, CBS News was internally admitting doubts about the 60 Minutes story. By September 11, 2004, the network was beginning to backpedal. Eventually the documents would be shown to be fakes. The scandal would cause the removal of high CBS officials, rip up the 60 Minutes news team which prepared the show and effectively ended the career of anchor Dan Rather.

It was the first public demonstration of an Internet storm.

Source: The Belmont Club


The following won’t make sense until you have read the entire post at Wretchard’s:

Swarm Intelligence! Also, I wonder if there is a possibility a very adept organization could leverage this type of event if they identified the key (b)logs.

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Democrats Conduct War Against The President

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 17, 2007

It has always been my understanding that politics is warfare, mostly conducted without major loss of life. I have also understood that lefties have the objective to win, no matter the cost to our nation. This separates them from most on the right…the unwillingness to put political ideology before patriotism, when (and if) they are willing to fight.

In a previous post, I was so mad at the Democrat Leadership, I held back from declaring them to be enemies of America, although their actions spoke louder than my words ever could.

This morning I found a curious post at Dreaming 5GW:

Over eight decades after the Ottoman slaughter of some one and one half million Armenians the US Congress has seen fit to introduce a bill that will define said Ottoman endeavor in a most accurate fashion applying the label genocide. Why the sudden interest in a near century old atrocity? According to Nancy Pelosi:

“because many of the survivors are very old.”

One could toss that explanation into the category of political subterfuge. What’s most interesting here is not the very obvious recognition of Armenian genocide but the timing of this sudden
geo-political epiphany. Turkey has long struggled with the Kurdish/Marxist separatist group, the
PKK and in recent months began amassing military power along the Turkish/Iraqi border in
preparation for possible crossborder operations designed to repress or destroy the PKK network that exists (in much the same fashion of the Taliban in western Pakistan) within Kurdish Iraq. The interesting bit is this piece of legislation comes about (in a very publicized fashion) at the same time that the
Turkish parliament is hashing out whether or not such military operations will take place.

The Democrats seem to be running what might well be defined as a very nascent 5GW operation against what will be the political 800 pound gorilla should they ascend to Executive power: The inheritance of the Iraq war.

Read the rest at Dreaming 5GW, including the thoughtful commentary, to which I can only add that when the concept of Revolutionary Defeatism is taken into account; the picture becomes much clearer of the intent of the modern Democrat Party, especially the Progressives.

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Another Media Attempt to Harm Our Troops Fails

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 22, 2007

The Left, which includes most of the Media, is so against this war that they are willing to lie in order to support their agenda to get us out of Iraq.
I have documented others’ findings on this matter before, and here is another one exposed: The New Republic, who’s only response to the discovery is a terse statement as follows:


Several conservative blogs have raised questions about the Diarist “Shock Troops,” written by a soldier in Iraq using the pseudonym Scott Thomas. Whenever anybody levels serious accusations against a piece published in our magazine, we take those charges seriously. Indeed, we’re in the process of investigating them. I’ve spoken extensively with the author of the piece and have communicated with other soldiers who witnessed the events described in the diarist. Thus far, these conversations have done nothing to undermine–and much to corroborate–the author’s descriptions. I will let you know more after we complete our investigation.

–Franklin Foer

Matt Sanchez wrote the following:

I was at Camp Falcon earlier this month and didn’t recognize any of what Scott Thomas described. So, I e-mailed the public affairs officer Major Luedeke at Camp Falcon:

Per COL Boylan’s request, I have prepared the following:

1. There was no mass grave found during the construction of any of our coalition outposts in the Rashid District at any time. Such a discovery would have prompted an investigation and close attention paid at levels higher than ours to making sure that the victims were properly interred and attempts would have been made to determine their identities. It is difficult to fathom that a unit’s leadership would condone Soldiers disrespecting the remains of anyone in the fashion described.

2. Due to the threat of IEDs, our combat vehicles are driven professionally and in control at all times. To be driving erratically so as to hit dogs or other things would be to put the entire vehicle’s crew at risk and would be gross dereliction of duty by the noncommissioned officer or officer in charge of the vehicle. Drivers aren’t allowed to simply free-wheel their vehicles however they see fit, and they are *not* allowed to be moved anywhere with out a vehicle commander present to supervise the movement. Therefore- claims of vehicles leaving the roadways to hit animals are highly dubious, given the very real threat of IEDs and normal standards of conduct.

3. As for the alleged woman with severe burn scars, we have nobody matching that description here at FOB Falcon. As Soldiers, we practice the value of Respect: “Treat people as you want to be treated.” If the blogger and his friends can’t live the Army value of respect, I have little doubt that someone around them who does would have made an on-the-spot correction. The Falcon dining facility is not a spacious one. Anyone being rude, loud or raucous calls immediate attention to himself. It is hard to fathom that anyone would be able to get away with such callous behavior without somebody intervening and stopping it from happening.

These type of stories are part of I believe are part of a 5GW-type of campaign being conducted against our troops, against our people, and designed to provide moral support to the anti-American War Protesters here, and the enemy in the Theater.

For a more detailed timeline of how this particular story unfolded and fell apart, visit Gateway Pundit, where Jim has been following developments of this story.

He also links to others who are covering the story.

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Whither Ismail Ax?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 19, 2007

I don’t quite know what to think of the weird inked inscription on Cho’s arm. I have been reading about the speculations on and off, and am still unsure.

Why would the murderer remain silent, and only give vague hints?

Could the young man have been a weapon found, forged, and directed to keep blame off the conspirators? [A 5GW Tactic]

I don’t know.

Read more at Webloggin, where some more thinking, and linking has been done. I am ill, and just don’t have the energy to do original research just now.

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Modern Leftism: No There, There

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 9, 2007

Al Fin says:

A generous commenter might say that the modern left is living off its seed
corn. But the sad truth is that the seed corn was eaten over a decade ago.

I think the cracks are becoming obvious to all, and very soon it will be evident to even lefties [the ones who are genuine thinkers, not the believers] that the Democratic Party has been, and is being hijacked.


Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming exposed as a Lie
Revolutionary Defeatism [
One] [Two]

Undermining the Executive Branch [Pelosi] [Hoyer]

I believe the Democratics [OK, just the moonbats] are actually hoping we lose in Iraq, and are praying for terrorism to follow a retreat to America, this next link is for the minority of thinking Democratics.

Warfare has undergone a shift from what we easily recognize as warfare. In fact, according to how I understand it, I am engaged in warfare just by typing these words. Warfare has moved from the conventional battlefield, and has moved into our living rooms, our blogs, our schools, and even into each individuals mind. Many people have been fooled into thinking they are supporting, or fighting for what is just by a [relatively] new type of warfare.

My understanding of war has always been shaped by Frank Herbert’s Saga of Dune that spanned many thousands of years, with the primary Battlespace always being in the mind, and altering perception of events. If you haven’t read the books, you won’t understand what I’m babbling on about in this post.

You can gain a better perspective by reading a blog post entitled:

Go Deep (OODA and the Rainbow of Generational Warfare), which is perhaps the best place to begin, and follow the copious links in the articles and comments that were posted soon after the article was posted.

Only after you read that, read Dreaming 5GW.
The people who contribute to the ongoing conversation are worth learning from in an attempt to learn more about what is going on around us. A lot of this stuff blows my mind, and I am understanding a little better, but I still fall off the surfboard more than I’d like.

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