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UF Student Andrew Myers Got What He Deserved

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 19, 2007

I don’t normally comment on pop poop culture. 99% of it is junk, something to be wiped off your shoe at the earliest opportunity.

The tasering of UF Student Andrew Myers is available on many online videos, and these two are the best I’ve seen:

This video was shot by Claire Jessup with Andrew’s own video camera, and has been edited to remove scenes of him resisting arrest.

Another video:

This guy also has described himself as:”a born heckler.”

Now, you have to know this about me: I am huge Marlins fan, and a born heckler. My purpose in life is to badger, jeer, and cajole professional athletes. I have angered two other All-Star baseball players, Bobby Abreu and Odalis Perez, on separate occasions. I have booed singers that mess up the national anthem. Heck, I’ll even heckle other hecklers if I don’t care for their stuff. What happened during this particular game was destined to be, the paths of Griffey and I on a collision course.

Andrew’s Bio

Andrew’s Website

Google Cache

Snapshot of Cache

The next video:

From the video description:

I couldnt get to my camera in time to record his entrance, but this guy basically comes running in with 4 or 5 cops in tow and says he has been running around trying to get in to ask a question and the cops are going to arrest him for it. they almost do it then but Sen. Kerry says he will answer it. he then answers a previous question someone else asked (i cut that part out because it isnt important to this video) then the guy asks his questions and when he is done all hell breaks lose. to the cop haters: i have no doubt the cops were going exactly by the book, the problem isnt them, its the book!

So, by this description, the guy has already been misbehaving, and has attracted the attention of the police. This guy is a trouble maker.

Anyhow, the youtuber fozzymandias has videos of the Andrew Myer protest, if you want to watch.
The videos of the protest reveal an ignorant attempt by UF Students to make something out of nothing, much like the Kuhn case in Asheville recently. At least there weren’t enough idiots in Asheville to stage a major demonstration…they just spent a lot of time whining to each other.

**Update** Another set of UF protest videos [Pt1] [Pt2] [Pt3]
from a different angle.

**Video Update**

A dose of Common Sense

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