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Henderson County GOP No Longer Co-ordinating With Mumpower

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 22, 2008

The Hendersonville Times-News is reporting that the Henderson County GOP is distancing themselves from congressional candidate Carl Mumpower:

Danos provided no other details for the decision, though he had said that party officials were increasingly frustrated in recent weeks with Mumpower’s positions, including his support for impeaching President Bush over border security, his opposition to the domestic surveillance bill and his threat to suspend his campaign if mountain counties did not endorse his “Principles First” campaign.


For the most part, I believe Mumpower is hitting the nail on the head.

What I think is hard on regional Republicans is that Mumpower is an involved candidate. Congressman Taylor was not involved in his campaigns, and was a very hard person to get in contact with (I never was able to speak to him in person during the 2006 Campaign, and spoke to Heath Shuler several times, even though I am a Republican).

Republicans in the NC-11 District have forgotten what it is like to have a candidate that is not controlled by handlers and gate keepers.

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Pat McCrory Speaks At Mars Hill

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 20, 2008

Pat McCrory was in Madison County, and Richard Bernier was there to capture it.

Richard is the co-host of Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV.
URTV is channel 20 on Charter Cable in Buncombe and Madison Counties.

Pat McCrory Campaign Website

Madison County GOP Website (in development)

Buncombe County GOP

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Mumpower Campaign Suspension Ends Macon County GOP Unanimously Supports party Principles

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 18, 2008

See WNC Citizens Blog for the story.

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Six NC-11 Counties Support "Principles First Campaign"

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 17, 2008

I wrote about it on WNC Citizens Blog.

I am really surprised at how everyone has misinterpreted this move by Mumpower, and misunderestimated him. Just ask his former opponents in the GOP Primary. I know I did.

In my opinion, the core of his support comes from people seeing him portrayed on WLOS as the sole adult on City Council (not on purpose, to be sure) all these years. Take this video I posted of Mumpower making Mayor Bellamy (and The Fab Four) look like idiots on the matter of partisan elections in Asheville. He was vindicated by the voters of Asheville, when they rejected the measure.

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Mumpower Interviewed On The Morning Report By Jerri Jameson

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 14, 2008

The host of WWNC’s The Morning Report, Jerri Jameson, interviewed Dr. Carl Mumpower regarding his latest press release. I was able to record the interview and put together a slide show to accompany the audio.


Mumpower Challenges District Party Leaders To Stand On Principles,
Puts Campaign On Hold

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Mumpower Challenges District Party Leaders To Stand On Principles, Puts Campaign On Hold

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 14, 2008

**update** 10.06 AM Mumpower was interviewed on WWNC-AM this morning, and I recorded the interview.

Here are two Press Releases from the Mumpower e-Express:

July 12, 2008

From: Carl Mumpower, 11th District GOP Congressional Candidate
To: Mr. Steve Duncan, 11th District Chair
Subject: Principles First Campaign

Dear Mr. Duncan:

As you know, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has defined the 11th District to be a “frontline race”. I am looking forward to an accelerating campaign that finds us earning versus purchasing a seat in Congress. To that end, it is my belief that as Republicans, we must reestablish a foundation of trust and authenticity with the conservative and independent voters of Western North Carolina. There is a keen and widespread belief, that at a local, state, and especially national level, the GOP has betrayed promises made to the American people. I believe that reestablishing our credibility with the voters is and should be Job One and would offer the following observations-

* When you have no party operating from principles, then the party with the least principles will win.
* That is why the Democrats are successfully using an appeal to people’s selfish interests as a ticket to power.
* Unless we Republicans return to being Republicans, America’s drift toward big government socialism will continue.
* The Republican Party has a defined platform of principles that have been sacrificed to power and other priorities.
* There are many in the 11th District who wish to ‘unite and ignite’ our party around the core principles of being careful with other people’s money, keeping people big and government small, and protecting the sanctity of America.
* It is our responsibility to uphold and ground our own party – not a Democrat party kidnapped by extremists and special interests.
* Job Two, successfully challenging Heath Shuler, requires the foundation of Job One. Without that foundation, I will be just another puppet for a corrupt party – like our current congressman.

With these concerns in mind, I am formally requesting the following-

* That a majority of counties in the 11th district commit to a renewed dedication to our core principles.
* That each develop a sincere process for challenging local, state, and national Republican elected officials on votes that sidestep or otherwise betray our core guiding principles.
* That these communications be shared with the District Chair, me, and others at each county’s discretion.

Effectively immediately, my direct fight against Heath Shuler will be on the back burner until the Republican Party has achieved a rededicated focus in the 11th District. At that point it will no longer be necessary for me to publically challenge my elected colleagues, as there will be a persisting and credible system in place that will help assure accountability by our Republican elected officials. I can then focus my full attention on holding Congressman Shuler accountable for the mismatch between his words and actions and unprincipled efforts to purchase a seat in Congress. I welcome your help and assistance with each of these goals.

With regards,

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate


Principles of the Republican Party

I’m a Republican Because…

I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.
I BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.
I BELIEVE free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.
I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.
I BELIEVE the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.
I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.
I BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.
I BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.
FINALLY, I believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.


“I will always place principle before party, power, or popularity – and take the heat that comes with that position.”

Carl Mumpower – 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Then the second one:

Mumpower Puts Congressional Campaign On Hold

In a Saturday open letter to 11th District GOP officials, Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower has taken the unusual step of putting his campaign on hold, calling a “Principles First” campaign to be Job One. Stepping away from his fight against Shuler in the interest of the betterment of the Republican Party is courageous, considering that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has called this contest “a frontline race”.

Mumpower says that Job One has always been to unite and ignite his party around their stated principles – most of which center on being careful with other people’s money, keeping people big and government small, and protecting the sanctity of America. “In that there has been no timely action on an earlier call toward principles, it falls on me to press for action,” says Mumpower. “Without that foundation, I will be just another puppet for a corrupt party – like our current Congressman.”

“When no party is operating from principles, then the party with the least principles will win,” notes Mumpower. “The Democrats are successfully appealing to people’s selfish interests as a ticket to power. Unless we Republicans return to being Republicans, America’s drift toward big government socialism will continue. Republican leaders and elected officials have been sidestepping their principles and courage buttons for years. Hopefully, this will be a refresher course on the good things that can happen when one voice refuses to give into the herd running toward a cliff.”

“To this end, I am asking for a majority of counties in the 11th district to commit to our guiding principles and develop their own process for challenging local, state, and national Republican elected officials on votes that ignore those principles,” said Mumpower. “Until we get that commitment in place, campaign efforts with Republican organizations are on hold. WNC will know shortly whether the Republican Party of this District is going to stand for something voters can count on or not.”

“The fight for ‘Principles First’ can begin here and now in the 11th District,” says Mumpower. “We will unite and get back to our roots, or I will fail knowing that I tried. Not until this fight is out of the way will I focus my full attention on holding Congressman Shuler accountable for the mismatch between his promises and actions.”

Carl Mumpower – 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity – always.


Candidate Website


Mumpower is correct. The Republican Party nationwide has shirked from standing on principles, and as a result (deservedly so), lost it’s majority in Congress. Aside from The Hit Men who are removing RINOs from office by convincing them to “take early retirement”, I see little evidence the party leadership has changed.

Locally, some of the party leadership took umbrage at Mumpower’s stand that Bush had not fulfilled his oath of office when it came to Illegal Immigration. I am glad these people have exposed themselves so the party members can work on elected new leaders when the time comes in Polk and Jackson Counties.

While I do not agree with Mumpower on every issue, I am assured that he will follow his principles, and not the dictates of corrupt party interests.

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John McCain Weekly Radio Address July 11

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 12, 2008

I have been unable to find the file embedded any where, so I am making it available here:

John McCain Radio 07 11 2008

Download the File.

The text is below:

Good morning. I’m John McCain, and this week I’ve been on the road in Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I’ve been holding town hall meetings to talk over the subject on most everyone’s minds these days — our slowing economy.

More than 400,000 Americans have lost their jobs since December, and the rate of new job creation has fallen sharply. Americans are worried about the security of their current job, and they’re worried that they, their kids and their neighbors may not find good jobs and new opportunities in the future. It’s a big problem when gasoline, food, and other necessities of life carry the price tag of luxury goods, and that’s what it feels like to millions of Americans.

I have a plan to grow this economy, and it starts with getting a handle on the cost of gasoline and regaining America’s energy security. I believe we should immediately suspend the federal gas tax for the remainder of the summer driving season. We also have billions of dollars of oil in the United States, and vast reserves of natural gas as well. So we must commit to producing more of both, to send a message to the market and trigger lower prices for oil and gas.

We will develop more clean energy, and especially zero-emission nuclear energy. We will build at least 45 nuclear plants that will create over 700,000 good jobs to construct and operate them. At the same time, we will develop clean coal technology — which alone will create tens of thousands of jobs in some of America’s most hard-pressed areas.

Under my energy plan — the Lexington Project — we will also accelerate the development of wind and solar power and other renewable technologies. And we will help automakers design and sell cars that don’t depend on gasoline. Production of hybrid, flex-fuel, and electric cars will bring America closer to energy independence. And it will bring jobs to auto plants, parts manufacturers, and the communities that support them.

My opponent has an answer to the Lexington Project, and it’s “no”: No to more drilling, no to more nuclear power, no to more use of coal. For a guy whose “official seal” carried the motto, “Yes, we can,” Senator Obama’s agenda sure has a whole lot of “No, we can’t.”

We need to think as well about small businesses and the jobs they create. Small businesses are the job engine of America, and I will make it easier for them to grow and hire more workers.

My opponent would make it harder by imposing a healthcare mandate that will add a crushing $12,000 to the cost of employing anyone with a family. My plan attacks the real problems of health care — cost, availability and portability.

In an economic downturn, the worst of all ideas is to raise taxes. And Senator Obama will do just that. If you are one of the 23 million small business owners who files as an individual rate payer, watch out — because as your business grows, my opponent proposes to raise your taxes. If you have an investment for your child’s education or own a mutual fund or a stock in a retirement plan, watch out — because Senator Obama intends to nearly double the taxes on capital gains. He will raise estate taxes to 45 percent. I propose to cut them to 15 percent. For those of you with children, I will double the child deduction from $3,500 to $7,000 for every dependent, in every family in America.

To promote job creation, we must also get government’s fiscal house in order. Government has grown by 60 percent in the last eight years, because this Congress and this Administration have failed to meet their responsibilities. When I’m president, I will order a stem to stern review of government, and I will veto every single bill with wasteful spending.

For his part, Senator Obama proposes to create sprawling new federal programs that will increase government spending even more. As for earmark spending, I have never asked for a single earmark in my entire career. In his Senate career, Senator Obama has requested some $930 million for earmark projects. That comes to more than a million dollars in pork for every working day since he became a United States Senator.

In America, the most important measure of the economy is the opportunity — the chance for every man and woman to find a better life, and to make one better still for their children. That is all a part of the promise of our country. And if I am elected president, I will see that promise kept.

We’re passing through a very tough time, my fellow Americans. But we’ve been through worse, and beaten longer odds. And very soon, we’re going to get this economy running again at full strength.

Thanks for listening.

What do you think?

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Right of Center Bloggers Choose Least Favorite Elected Republicans

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 12, 2008

Here are a few I cherry-picked from the list:
14th least favorite Libertarian Ron Paul
7th least favorite   Princess Lindsey Graham
5th least favorite  John Kerry’s 1st Veep Choice John McCain

Tied for least favorite are Chuck “Hussein” Hagel and Arlen “The Sphincter” Specter.
Check out he rest at Right Wing News
There is also a link to the favorites, which include Bush, McCain and Jindal.

It’s funny that McCain made both lists.

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Where Have The Conservative Democrats Gone?

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 3, 2008

When I was in the Democrat Party, I was a Democrat like Zell Miller. My father was a leader in the local party and in a union.

Now, I am a Republican, and my father has admitted to me he hasn’t voted for a Democrat on the state level since 1992 (he still votes Democrat on the county level).

Here is a three video playlist of Zell Miller addressing the Republican National Convention in 2004. It is dedicated to everyone who used to be a Democrat, and had their eyes opened:

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Mumpower Visits the Henderson County Republican Mens Club

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 26, 2008

I have the video of the event at my local and state issues blog, WNC Citizens Blog.

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