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Congressional Candidate Dr. Carl Mumpower: Taking A Stand On Principle

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

This is a video of Dr. Carl Mumpower, who is challenging Congressman Heath Shuler for the US House Seat representing the North Carolina 11th Congressional District, speaking and taking questions at the monthly meeting of Citizens For Change in Buncombe County.

He goes over some of his principles, and discusses recent activity and controversy in his campaign, and takes a few questions from attendees.

What makes this video different is that it is the work of longtime conservative activist, Kathy Rhodarmer. She will be another set of of eyes and ears on the ground for the people of North Carolina, and Buncombe County. Another Citizen Journalist is being born!

I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future, and collaborating with her, and others in Buncombe County on event coverage.

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2008 International Conference on Climate Change

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

Earlier this week,hundreds attended a Conference on Climate Change in New York. [Opening Statement] What was unusual about this event is the participants do not subscribe to the lefty view that the earth is warming, and humans have caused it, and it will lead to disaster for humanity if we can’t stop emitting Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

Snow in Los Angeles
Here are a few accounts of the event:

For the last two days, March 2-4, I and about five hundred other people attended the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, including some of the world’s leading authorities on climatology, meteorology, economics, energy, and other fields of knowledge.

It was an extraordinary event, held in New York and sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank that has been among those leading the effort to educate and inform the public about the mountain of lies that have led them to believe that the Earth is experiencing a huge increase in heat, a “global warming”, that is allegedly the direct result of human activities, primarily from the use of energy that includes coal, natural gas, and oil.

The conference message is simplicity itself: There is no “consensus” on global warming. The science is not “settled.” Indeed, this conference marks a highpoint in the effort to rescue the planet from people who regard their fellow human beings as a cancer afflicting the Earth.

This hoax, generated out of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, actually included some IPCC members who have labored long and hard to dispute the IPCC reports on the basis of real science, not the spurious claims based largely on flawed and even deliberately false computer models.

Source: Alan Caruba, via Longstreet.

Unanswered Questions

Advocacy groups and most environment reporters claim “the scientific debate is over” and only a “fringe” of scientists or policy experts do not believe global warming is a crisis. But framing the debate in terms of “believing” in global warming is incorrect. Claims that global warming is man-made and will be a crisis are complex arguments that depend on how many other questions are answered. For example:

* What does the Earth’s climate history tell us about the possible causes of the Modern Warming?

* How reliable are data showing the size and distribution of the Modern Warming?

* How much of the Modern Warming is natural and how much is man-made?

Until the debate over global warming was politicized in the 1990s, the scientific “consensus” was that the Modern Warming is moderate and natural. Books and recent literature reviews suggest this is still the consensus, even though it contradicts the alarmists’ views.

Other questions concern the reliability of predictions of future warming:

* How reliable are computer models that attempt to replicate the complex processes of the Earth’s climate?

* How reliable are forecasts of climate 10 years or 100 years in the future?

* How accurate are forecasts of human emissions 10 years or 100 years from now?

If most scientists don’t believe forecasts of future climate are reliable, the entire case for immediate action to “stop global warming” collapses like a house of cards. Yet survey data clearly show most scientists do not believe computer models are able to accurately predict future climate conditions.

Still more unanswered questions concern the consequences of moderate warming, whether adaptation rather than emissions mitigation is the best response to climate change, and whether it is even possible to reduce human emissions enough to affect the climate.

Obviously these are not small or trivial questions. Depending on the answers to even a few of these questions, the entire scientific or economic case for taking action to “stop global warming” collapses.

Source: Heartland Institute [Download Program PDF]

This video is from a member of Americans for Prosperity, and provides a good over view of the conference.

And, the sun is eerily quiet…perhaps foreboding cooler times ahead?

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Highlights of the Carolina Stompers Membership Meeting

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 2, 2008

Here are the highlights from the Carolina Stompers Meeting held last Saturday, where they informed about 50 people about the progress of their investigation of the corruption of public officials in Buncombe and Madison Counties, as well as state officials.
The day after the meeting, agents from one of the targeted agencies, Alcohol Law Enforcement, raided a card game on the property of Chad Nesbitt’s grandfather.

Chad should be releasing more videos soon, including those he showed us last Saturday. I will hold off releasing my full coverage until that time.

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Bill Clinton Lashes Out Against Pro-Lifers in Steubenville, Ohio

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 18, 2008

STEUBENVILLE – Agitated after being greeted by over a hundred pro-life students at a rally in Steubenville tonight, Clinton lost his temper yet again after losing his cool at an Obama supporter in Canton, Ohio. This time, Clinton lashed out during his speech at the pro-life students:

“I gave you the answer. We disagree with you,” Clinton said. “You wanna criminalize women and their doctors and we disagree… I reduced abortion… Tell the truth, tell the truth… If you were really pro-life, if you were really pro-life, you would want to put every doctor and every mother as an accessory to murder in prison. And you won’t say you wanna do that because you know that because you know that you wouldn’t have a lick of political support. Now, the issue is who … the issue is, you can’t name me anybody presently in politics that did more to introduce policies that reduce the number of real abortions instead of the hot air putting out to tear people up and make votes by dividing America. “This is not your rally. I heard you. That’s another thing you need is a president, somebody who will stick up for individual rights and not be pushed around, and she won’t.”

Clinton’s heated response came after being questioned on his support of abortion-on-demand. Video has been captured of the outburst and will be posted on YouTube. The outburst is also being reported by MSNBC.

Source: Race 4 2008

Video will be posted here when it becomes available.

Gateway Pundit has the story on the tussle with an Obama Supporter.

Here is the video:

Updated link to Race 4 2008.

I hope this shows some of the people who were misguided by Bill Clinton’s fake triangulation tactics during the 1990’s to fake out out the social conservatives to vote for him. Just like any other lefty…he is full of hate, and we should never forget that his wife is of the same philosophy as him, although less skilled. She may have to resort to outright theft in order to secure the nomination.

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Battle of the Bulge Redux: The Romney Push

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 2, 2008

First, Tammy Bruce endorses Romney:

Steve Forbes endorses McCain, and Robert Kagan sallies forth for McCain.

Foes of illegal immigration in Arizona say McCain is not a true conservative and conservative radio hosts rail against McCain and the early primary states. A new commercial calls McCain ‘Surprisingly Liberal,’ and the Los Angeles Times, in a move that may help Romney, endorses McCain. McCain has been getting a lot of liberal newspaper endorsements lately, implying that the fix is in.

Conservative hero Rick Santorum is endorsing Romney, and Michael Reagan says, “John McCain hates me.” And Andrew McCarthy joins the Romney Campaign.

McCain continues making false accusations about Romney being wobbly on Iraq, and Redstate has a Super Tuesday Preview, and the New Media Journal notes that McCain has changed his story on the Bush tax cuts, saying he was for them before he was against them, and would now make them permanent.

David Limbaugh calls McCain the anti-conservative and Dan Riehl agrees with Ann Coulter about voting against McCain, and Tapscott reminds us that McCain almost became a Democrat, but Jeffords beat him to the punch. Let that sink in for a moment, the man was so mad about being rejected by the party for President, he almost became a Democrat. What an eogmaniac! No wonder Kerry considered him for his Veep. If that doesn’t convince my Republican readers to be wary of this man, there is nothing more I can say that will change their mind.

That’s okay. I’ll be spending this weekend (and Monday) making calls for Romney to the Super Tuesday states, helping the last conservative standing reach a few more voters.

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Ban Islam Petition

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

Now here is something interesting:

To: International citizens






The Undersigned

Source: Ban Islam Petition

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WCU Voter Registration by Ron Paul Supporters

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 30, 2008

WCU was invaded by Ron Paul Supporters, and I was there to record the event, in video and photos.

And finally, I made a music video, capturing the essence of the event:

Thank Me!

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Americans Standing Up: Call to Arms for DC Troop Rally 15 March

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 30, 2007

All of us remember St. Patrick’s Day, 2007. It was blustery, cold, bitter and just about perfect. The time has come to revisit that emotion.

Those who would disparage our brave men and women in uniform are planning to congregate in our nation’s Capital once again this coming March. On March 15, 2008, Gathering of Eagles, in coordination with Move America Forward, Freedom’s Watch, The Band of Mothers, Vets for Freedom, DC Protest Warrior, Eagles Up, Free Republic, New England Warrior and rank and file patriotic Americans, will come together to Support Our Troops and their in-theater commander, General David Petraeus.

Under the banner AMERICANS STANDING UP, we will gather to face down the associated groups who are against everything we hold dear. We will stand united, wave Old Glory, and remind them that they speak neither for us nor for most Americans. We encourage you all to join us in Washington, DC . It is time to once again take back the streets and remind all those people
in their living rooms that there are people who think like them. It is time to once again remind the nation that our brave volunteers in uniform have earned our support. The Surge is working. The tide has turned. I promised some time ago to do everything in my power to BUY THE TROOPS SOME TIME TO WIN. I will stand and support them, come what may, and I look forward to seeing you, my brothers and sisters, again.

Keep fighting the good fight, because not only would our men and women in uniform do it for us: They Already Are Doing It! Consider this your warning order. As plans develop, we will post everything you need to know. Ruck up, troops. Once again, it’s time.

Source: Gathering of Eagles

This time, I think I might be able to swing going, and provide some coverage of the event. If you are interested in joining our group going to DC from western North Carolina, drop me a note because seating will be limited, unless there is a demand for a second bus.

I will have more details as they develop.

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VIDEO–Anti-Abortion Protesters Arrested at AB-Tech

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 5, 2007

Part One

Asheville Citizen Times

Topix Thread

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NC Dems Dinner Named After White Supremacist

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 29, 2007

Bob Parks has the story, and here is a portion of his remarks:

Can any of us imagine the hell that would be unleashed if the Republican Party in 2007 held an annual fund-raising dinner named after a white supremacist?

Well, I guess it’s okay if Democrats do it….

Source: Black And Right


Sauce for the Goose…

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