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Argentina Senses Weakness, Renews Claim on Falklands

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 2, 2007

No, this is NOT an April’s Fool Post. I already did one this year, thank you very much.
I just read about it on the BBC Website:

Argentina has renewed its claim over the Falkland Islands on the 25th anniversary of invading them – and losing a subsequent war with Britain.

The Malvinas are Argentine, they always were, they always will be,” said Argentine Vice-President Daniel Scioli, using the Spanish name for the islands.

Mr Scioli was speaking in the southern city of Ushuaia – one of a series of events marking the start of the war.

He urged the UK to resume talks on the sovereignty of the islands.

I was sitting in my truck this afternoon, and heard a story about this being the 25th Anniversary of The Falklands War on XM124 in Franklin. I think it was Winston Churchill III on Sean Hannity, and it was brought up in the discussion that the Royal Navy had been seriously down-sized since Tony Blair took office.
The first thought that came into my head was, “Oh No, I hope the Argetines don’t decide to bite off a chunk right about now.” The Argentinians would probably lose again, but who knows, they might just get lucky.

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