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Lady Justice

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 24, 2008

Atop the Old Courthouse in Sylva, NC

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Kirk’s Raiders Attack Our Boys Near Franklin!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 21, 2008

This is one of the photos I took of the dastardly Yankee criminals as they attacked the 25th North Carolina Infantry in FrogTown near Franklin, NC on Saturday. I will have a full video and photo report of the battle later this morning.

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Cool Nights, Refreshing Mornings

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 17, 2008

This has been a cool summer for the most part. The nights have been cool in the valley, and the mornings have been refreshingly cooler.

This morning, I was reminded of a fall morning when I stepped out at 4 o’clock to listen to the birds cheerfully greet the dawn. It was one of those moments that I wanted to last forever, wishing that I could somehow save it for later recall.

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Foggy Sun

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

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The Yellow Daisy Diner

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 9, 2008

Nothing could “Bee” finer than a diner in Caroliner.

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Green Eyed Bumble Bee

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 8, 2008

I’ve never seen a Bumble Bee with green eyes before. Even though this fellow didn’t seem interested in stinging, it still looked mad to me with those eerie green eyes.

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Sylva Fireworks Preview

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 5, 2008

I’m beat. I spent all day in the sun (minus sunscreen), and have been up since 4 am…so this is the only photo I’m posting here tonight of the fireworks in Sylva.

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Island in the Fog

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

Looking west into Macon County at sunrise.

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Crossed Swords

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2008

Crossed Swords
Taken at Franklin’s A Taste of Scotland festival on Saturday.

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ISS and STS-124 Flyover Exposure

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

Here is one of the exposures I took of the International Space Station and the space shuttle Discovery as they orbited over my house this evening.

The ISS keeps getting brighter and brighter as more modules keep getting added to the station. I was hoping I would catch a flare off one of the solar panels, but alas, not tonight. I hope to have more of these in the future, and possibly even snippets of video.
ISS 2008 0608
The squiggly line at the beginning was me taking a step back from the tripod, and the camera captured the ground vibration.

Tomorrow night, the station will pass in front of Mars, Saturn, and the Moon. I hope to be able to capture that if it is not cloudy.

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