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Daily KKKos Photoshopped Image of Michelle Obama Being Tortured By KKK

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 21, 2008

Newsbusters has posted a photoshopped image that was found by Charles “The RINO” Johnson of LGF, where legions of Charles worshippers post.

Anyhow, here is the image, to be preserved as just another piece of evidence of the vile hatred spewed forth by the progressive nutroots community in America:

Source: Newsbusters
Related: LGF Screen Capture of the Daily KKKos post.


This is typical hate-mongering by the lefty, progressive nutroots. Expect more of the same from them this year…and expect them to create more “artwork” like this to make up for the lack of the real thing coming from conservatives.

Charles and his legion of lizards do yeoman’s work ferreting out info like this on the America-hating lefties. It is too bad that they join with the America-hating lefties when it comes to fighting what is fast becoming Eurabia.

For more information on how Charles Johnson is helping the jihad, I refer you to someone who has done yeoman’s work on documenting this failing of Charles Johnson, 1389 Blog. It is shameful what they have done, and their treatment of the matchless Gates of Vienna. The Baron and the lovely Dymphna may be forgiving types, I am not.

Another enabler of the anti-American lefties is Pajamas Media. Roger Simon, the CEO, in particular. Read more from these series of posts.

In response, when I link to their stories, and those of their members (where I am aware of it). I try to work in references to their misconduct, and their acts that have aided the furtherance of jihad, to which end I have added new labels, Enablers of the Left, and Enablers of Jihad.

What Charles, his lizards, and the Pajamas Media fail to recognize is that Western Civilization is indeed in dire circumstance, perhaps even in extremis…they would rather stick their heads in the sand, and play along with the false dichotomy of the Hegelian Dialectic (post on this coming soon). They assume that the truth lies somewhere between two extremes, this is The Fallacy of the Misplaced Middle. Truth does not compromise.

It is no wonder that the GOP Brand has become weak and diluted, with people such as these in the fold. One wonders if they would be able to make a hard decision about using nuclear weaponry in this 4th World War(or at least refrain from criticizing our decision to do so when it happens), a decision that may be closer than we think.

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