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Brave Horatio

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 18, 2007

Professor Liviu Librescu recognized that Evil was coming to his classroom. He had seen evil before, when many of his family were swallowed by the Holocaust. He survived, and went on to have a family of his own and pursue a successful career in aeronautical engineering.

This time, when evil came, he stood at the door and instructed his students to flee. Then evil took him. He fell. He gave them the time to flee as the bullets pierced his body. He purchased, with his life, the lives and futures of his students.

He will be laid to rest in Israel on Thursday.

Places you may read more about Professor Liviu Librescu:

Gates of Vienna

Red State

Update: 7.45am

I just heard on the Quinn and Rose Show a suggestion by Jim Quinn that I believe an excellent one. [I listen on XM 165, you can listen online by googling WPGB or looking on my left sidebar for the listen live link.]

He proposes to memorialize Professor Librescu by bronzing the door he held his body against, and placing it on a pedestal in front of the Engineering Building on the Virginia Tech Campus, and a life-size bronze statuteof the professor buying his students the time to escape with his life. Then, they should rename the building in his honor.

Amen, Quinn, Amen.

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WCU to Observe Moment of Silence

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2007

Western Carolina University will observe a Moment of Silence in front of the Bell Tower on Wednesday, April 18th, at 5.30 pm.
Anyone is welcome to attend the event, which is organized by the SGA and Student Affairs.

The event may be visible from this webcam.

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