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Is NOAA Monkeying With Data?

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 5, 2008

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Data that indicate the level of atmospheric CO2 decreased from January to July for the first time has been changed on the Mon Loa Observatory website to support a continued upward trend of atmospheric CO2…along with previously stored data.

Watts Up With That? has the story.


It must really suck for the Global Warming crowd that a cooling ocean will be sucking even more CO2 out of the atmosphere over the coming years. I’ll bet they haven’t even thought of that. In a few more years…no amount of data-manipulation will be able to hide that from the public.

Expect to see more jiggling of the numbers as it begins to become apparent to all that Human-caused Global Warming has been the largest hoax in the history of mankind pushed upon us all by lefties, and their willing accomplices in the scientific community.

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