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STS-123 Live Coverage

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 16, 2008

I have live coverage of the current shuttle mission (STS-123) on West Carolina Report that will operate at a lower bandwidth than the NASA/Yahoo! coverage. The coverage is courtesy Spacevidcast.

If there are no live events, the feed will consist of replays of the most recent activities, especially helpful since most of the activity in this mission appears to be happening at night.

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More Improvements for West Carolina Report

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 29, 2008

I have almost finished the next round of improvements for my headline news site, West Carolina Report, and have updated it with fresh headlines, and a series of widgets that will deliver fresh content from RSS Feeds.

I have been typically delivering content based on a mix of geographic location (for the WNC and NC pages) and theme (for the National and World War IV pages). Now, I will be adding a fifth page, Science & Technology, to cover scientific and technological news over the weekend.

Eventually, I hope to be able to have all 13 sections active and constantly being updated by me and other team members to deliver a comprehensive coverage of news and politics in the coming months. The learning curve has been steep.

So, be sure to check out what I’ve been up to over there.

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West Carolina Report for Feb 16th

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 16, 2008

I have updated the four daily news pages at West Carolina Report with links, and will be able to get back to a regular daily update schedule now that my DSL is installed. I can actually watch video clips now instead of posting them in the blind from home, relying on the descriptions to be accurate.

I will also be able to listen to John Batchelor live every Sunday night on WABC from 7 to 10pm, and follow him to KFI for the 10pm to 1am conclusion…yippee!!!

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2008 Primary Updates

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 7, 2008

I have updated my National page at West Carolina Report, and will start on the others when I get to the office this morning, I overslept, and didn’t get up until 4.30 this morning. Michael Reagan was on a roll last night, and I couldn’t stop listening.

To sum up the info over there, Hillary has written her campaign a $5 million check, the Democrat Party Elites prepare to broker the convention, and tell Joe Lieberman that he is no lobger a super delegate. (Can you say…the fix is in?)

And the Liberal and Moderate Republicans basically tell the Conservative Republicans to shut up.

McCain receives an endorsement from a pro-choice (pro-murder) Republican group, and Illegals march on the left coast for their right to have driver’s licenses…don’t believe me? I have the video over there.

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West Carolina Report for Feb 6th, Home State Tallies For Super Tuesday

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2008

I have updated my headline news site, West Carolina Report, for today. On the national page I have many links to results and analysis of yesterday’s votes, along with videos of all the candidates who won a state.

I am always interested in how each candidate does in their home state, and all but Ron Paul had their home state yesterday:

The Democrats:

Hillary Clinton is a special case. She was born and raised in Illionios, spent the middle part of her life in Arkansas, and moved to New York just in time to run for Senator to prepare for her Presidential bid. So, I’ll count New York as her putative home, but list the results from the other states for fun:

The first number is percentage voting for, the second percentage voting for someone else.

  • New York 57% to 41%
  • Arkansas 69% to 27%
  • Illinios 33% to 63%

Obama (Illinios) 61% to 35 %

The Republicans

McCain (Arizona) 47% to 50%

Romney (Massachusetts) 51% to 49%

Huckabee (Arkansas) 60% to 38%

Be aware that the Democrats are in a two-way race, while the Republicans are in a four-way race. Take from the figures what you will.

My take on the GOP Race is that the top two candidates have high negatives, with HUckabee playing kingmaker. I also find it odd that the Ron Paul Supporters in West Virginia went to Huckabee in an effort that helped McCain (the most pro-war candidate) widen his lead over Romney, and perhaps helped Huckabee gain points for Veep. Huckabee is the least libertarian of the GOP field.

Politics make for strange bedfellows indeed!

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West Carolona Report for Jan 28th; Venus and Jupiter Near Each Other In Morning Sky

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 28, 2008

I’ve updated the news headlines at West Carolina Report for today, and apologize for not being able to update them over the weekend…a retard took out a power pole down the road, and the phone line got corrupted enough with cross talk to ruin the internet connection.

Maybe the lines will get upgraded enough to allow for DSL instead of the pokey 42K I currently suffer under.

Anyhow, enjoy this photo I took this morning of Jupiter and Venus as they approach each other in the morning sky, reaching just half a degree of each other on February 1st, about the size of the full moon in the sky. If I remember, I’ll post photos of that as well, as well as the moon when it joins them a few mornings later.

Photo Details
Exposure Time: 8 seconds
F-Number: F/3.2
Focal Length: 6mm
Camera: Kodak Easyshare Z710

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Britain Cracking Down On The Counterjihad?

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 23, 2008

DRACONIAN ACTION against counter-jihadist bloggers in Britainistan is probably imminent. One has to consider why there is limited or no publicity about Islamic gang-rapes, SJS incidents and other forms of ‘street jihad’ in the national MSM.

If publicity and the press is controlled, which it is, local people in areas which are regularly affected will tend not to realise that there are many similar incidents across the country.

They will feel that the one they do know about, the local incident, is unusual and and consequently, they will not make too much fuss.

They may also think that their feelings about all the Muslim problems and spin-offs affecting them are not shared by many others across the country. They therefore do not react particularly strongly.

Suddenly though, through the blogosphere, they are now realising that they are not unique in their opinions and that many others feel exactly as they do.

Source: Infidel Bloggers Alliance

On a related note, London has emerged as the biggest center of Islamic Finance in the west, so that might help you understand how enormous the problem has grown.

On one of the recent radio shows covering this, I suggested that American Tourists start paying attention to this problem, and reporting on it as well. Perhaps British citizens could start e-mailing details on these events to their friends in America, and we could start blogging about it ourselves if the Brits manage to shut them all down.

The Lefty-Islamist Alliance will almost always resort to seeking ways to shut people up. I hold that they must do this because they have no alternate message that can hold water against the truth.

The people in Britain are akin to a frog in a pot of warm water that is slowly being warmed up, heading toward the boiling point. The time to act is now, and now is the time to start squawking.

A recent event online has taught me that lesson well, and has radicalized me into quicker action, instead of the slow progress I have have been making on the path I envisioned in 2005.

They say that fortune favors the bold.
Well, I am about to be bold…

…the conservative revolution in western North Carolina is about to see some major moves…

…stay tuned…

**update** 12.28pm

1389 left these links in the comments where he has been blogging about censorship: Check them out!
Blog Censorship

Cartoon Censorship

Litigation Jihad

Censorship, in general

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West Carolina Report and Ten Myths About Nuclear Power

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 21, 2008

Not that they have anything to do with one another, I just didn’t want to do a post for each topic.

West Carolina Report

First, I have updated the first four pages of West Carolina Report with news headlines that link to the news of the day. Of course, the widgets on those pages are always up-to-date, thanks to the miracle of RSS Feeds. I will have my state and local widgets ready soon. I also have upgraded the hosting because I exceeded my bandwidth allocation for last month. I’ve got 600GB now…and I’m not likely to exceed that anytime soon (unless one of the big boys link to me again!) and it also affords me more hard disk space that will allow me to make the next phase of improvements I have been planning.

Ten Myths About Nuclear Power

  1. Uranium is running out
  2. Nuclear is not a low-carbon option
  3. Nuclear power is expensive
  4. Reactors produce too much waste
  5. Decommissioning is too expensive
  6. Building reactors takes too long
  7. Leukemia rates are higher near reactors
  8. Reactors lead to weapons proliferation
  9. Wind and wave power are more sustainable
  10. Reactors are a terrorist target

Source: Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog

Be sure to click over to read Amy’s post, and follow her links and arm yourself to combat the Lies From The Left on nuclear power. I’m still disappointed that Duke Power didn’t go through with the nuke plant in Macon County. That would have been cool, and a great boost to the local economy, not to mention giving the local greenie weenies a heart attack!

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As Another Snow Approaches, Dreams of Spring

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 19, 2008

The current forecast calls for a snowstorm to skirt us in western North Carolina, and hit South Carolina, where the first conservative state has it’s primary…hopefully, this will keep the moderates at home.

Anyhow, I have updated my war page, and national page on West Carolina Report, and have this photo from Thursday to share. The exposure was 4 seconds long since I took it while it was still relatively dark. Notice the snow was already turning to slush under the merciless assault from a cruel light rain that lasted until about 10 or so that morning.

My internet connection gave out, so I couldn’t post it then, and forgot yesterday. I’ve already got spring fever, and am planning my garden with fevered anticipation. I have been too busy for the past ten years to have one, and I can’t stand it any longer…this year, I’m back in the garden! Even if I have to just work part-time to have the time to play in the dirt, and raise something good to look upon, and something good to eat.

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West Carolina Report for Jan 15th Updated with video

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

I’ve updated West Carolina Report for today.

And yesterday, Rush Limbaugh conducted the best opening monologue I have ever heard him give…and that is saying something!!!
The background music is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” and I associate it with one of my favorite movies of all time, “Dr Strangelove.” It was only when I was in High School that I found out the movie was supposed to be anti-war. Go figure, I thought it was pro-war, and I still thoroughly enjoy it!

Enjoy the video version, which I understand has the added value of Rush on the dittocam:

part one

part two

Source: Greatest Rush Monologue Ever? The Democrat Party Uncivil War

I also have a stereo version I may upload later today that I recorded yesterday while the show was in progress.

A thoughtful reader notified me that the videos weren’t working, so I tested them, and they are working for me, but I will use the opportunity to create a playlist so the two videos will play one after the other. Feel free to embed them on your own website, as I believe all should be able to observe greatness in action!

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