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A New North Carolina

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 30, 2008

The SSN-777 will be commissioned Saturday, and her name is North Carolina.

Here is a series of three videos about her:

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The Pacific Decadal Oscillation Has Switched To Cold

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 30, 2008

Brrrr!….sounds like more cool weather headed this way!

A cool-water anomaly known as La Niña occupied the tropical Pacific Ocean throughout 2007 and early 2008. In April 2008, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced that while the La Niña was weakening, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation—a larger-scale, slower-cycling ocean pattern—had shifted to its cool phase.

This image shows the sea surface temperature anomaly in the Pacific Ocean from April 14–21, 2008. The anomaly compares the recent temperatures measured by the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite with an average of data collected by the NOAA Pathfinder satellites from 1985–1997. Places where the Pacific was cooler than normal are blue, places where temperatures were average are white, and places where the ocean was warmer than normal are red.

The cool water anomaly in the center of the image shows the lingering effect of the year-old La Niña. However, the much broader area of cooler-than-average water off the coast of North America from Alaska (top center) to the equator is a classic feature of the cool phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). The cool waters wrap in a horseshoe shape around a core of warmer-than-average water. (In the warm phase, the pattern is reversed).

Source: Watt’s Up With That?
Hat Tip: NC Media Watch
More Info: PDO
Solar Influence: Al Fin
Gateway Pundit: Brrrr!
Research Paper: Is Climate Sensitive to Solar Variability?

Despite what lefties say, the evidence is mounting, and the world is getting colder, which will be a disaster for mankind as growing seasons grow shorter, and as idiot lefties advocate burning food as fuel. And, as Jerry Pournelle points out, England did go from having Deciduous Trees to a 100 foot thick ice sheet in just a hundred years.

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The Final Solution

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 30, 2008

Tomorrow is Yom Hazikaron la Shoah ve-Gvuta, or Yom HaShoah for those of us can’t speak Hebrew. It means Remembrance Day for the Holocaust and Heroism. Schedule.

Tomorrow at 10.00am Israel Time everything will stop for two minutes during which time air raid sirens will sound throughout Israel to remember the 6 million dead Jewish victims of Adolf Hitler.

Six million Jews, among them one-and-a-half million children, were murdered in the Shoah while the world remained silent. The worldwide Holocaust memorial project “Unto Every Person There is a Name”, now in its nineteenth consecutive year, is a unique project designed to perpetuate their memory as individuals and restore their identity and dignity, through the public recitation of their names on Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day. By personalizing the individual tragedies of the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany and its collaborators, this project counters persistent efforts by enemies of the State of Israel and the Jewish people to deny the reality of the Holocaust and cast it as history’s seminal hoax. “Unto Every Person” also defies attempts to universalize this genocide and cast off its principal characteristic as a unique calamity of the Jewish people, while also building appreciation of the Shoah’s tragic impact on the Jewish reality until today.

Source: Yad Vashem

A Letter to the Victims

The Path to the Final Solution

The Siren

It would do us well to remember that there are still people in this world who would try to complete Hitler’s pogrom.

Islamic Mein Kampf (A Flash Presentation)

Storm Front (A White Nationalist Discussion Forum)

White Pride TV EAU-TN(Hate Groups Operating in East Tennessee)

There are even groups locally. I will not link to them. The point of the last few links is that it can happen again, and we must be ever vigilant in the fight against these evil people. We must never allow them to accumulate power in our nation. It is to our discredit that their brethren have been allowed to accumulate power in the Middle East.

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Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton…

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 29, 2008

Don’t look.

Hat Tip: American Digest

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Nation of Islam Provides Security to Obama’s Pastor

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 29, 2008

Speaking before an audience that included Marion Barry, Cornel West, Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam official Jamil Muhammad, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (”God damn America”) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

In front of 30 television cameras, Wright’s audience cheered him on as the minister mocked the media and, at one point, did a little victory dance on the podium. It seemed as if Wright, jokingly offering himself as Obama’s vice president, was actually trying to doom Obama; a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Source: Michelle Malkin
Hat Tip: Hendersonville Post

If Obama survives Hillary, he will (through his very poor choice of associations, his ugly Black Liberation Theology, and his far leftist progressivism) doom the Democrat Party to a defeat that will rival the thrashing it took with McGovern on the ticket. The Democrat Party has an unlikely hero in Hillary Rodham Clinton. Only she can save them from defeat.

Thanks to Operation C.H.A.O.S., she will be just as damaged as Barack Hussein Obama, now, and in 2012. It’s too bad that we are stuck with John Sidney Mccain III. I hope that Democrats and Independents will remember what they got in return for screwing up our primaries this year. Stay out of ours, and we’ll stay out of yours. Payback’s a….

And…Wright is the gift that keeps on giving…

Read more on how Wright says Black people and White people are different. I’ve heard the same speech from the Stormfront crowd.

The whole speech, if you can stand it:

Still think Obama can be President?

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BSG Embed S4x06 "Escape Velocity"

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 29, 2008

The SciFi Channel pulled the old switcheroo on us last week, and did not shoe the full show last, only the fist 20 minutes. I’m glad I missed that…I might have gone off the deep end. Any how, here is the Battlestar Galactica Episode “Escape Velocity” I’ll be watching it as soon as it’s embedded.

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NC-11 Candidates at the 11th District Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 28, 2008

cross-posted on WNC Citizens Blog.

Here is the entire debate in an 11 video play list. I edited the candidates last question and closing remarks as separate videos because I could not fit them on one video.

I would have had these up yesterday, but my internet connection died on me.

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NCGOP Chair Linda Daves Addresses NC–11 District GOP Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 27, 2008

**another update** I am not happy with you tube video quality, and have been testing check it out below.

**update** Monday Morning…Richard Bernier was able to secure an interview with NCGOP Chair Linda Daves. I have added that video at the end of this post.

**note**uploaded at 1.37pm. Give it a few minutes for youtube to process.
This lady is a fireball !!!

Help keep the ad on the air!!!

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Congressional Candidates Debate at the NC-11 District GOP Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 27, 2008

Here is the first video of the debate among John Armor, Spence Campbell and Carl Mumpower.

I will post others to this post as I edit them.

This is the second one. There will be no more tonight because I am going to bed. I’ll post the rest here tomorrow.

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Takedown of an Obama Apologist

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 26, 2008

WARNING! If you are an Obama fan, stop reading now. You’ve been warned:

Obama’s problem associations with Wright, Rezko, and Ayers have really got the creative juices flowing on the left as they twist themselves into rhetorical and intellectual pretzels trying to downplay or dismiss, their candidate’s monumentally poor judgement in hanging around with these folks for much of his adult life.

Some may read this apologia for Obama’s associations from Reed Hundt at TPM Cafe and shake their heads in wonderment at the cluelessness of the author. Others may marvel at the sheer brazenness of Hundt’s dismissive comments about Ayers and Wright, admiring the guts it took to reveal oneself as an idiot.

Still others may laugh at the appellation “Swiftboating” as a descriptive for people who tell the truth about what Wright and Ayers have sermonized and accomplished in the past that makes them such problematic friends. Even the candidate has accepted as true what these hateful FOO’s (Friends of Obama) have said and done thus making the charge “Swiftboating” Obama pretty silly – as if the candidate would “Swiftboat” himself.

But as an anthropological exhibit showing an utter lack of honesty and integrity by the left in commenting about people that ordinary Americans find despicable, Hundt nails it…

Source: Rightwing Nuthouse (Read. The. Whole. Thing.)


Obama will get beat in this election very, very badly. I just hope that the Democrats who still have an American Spirit will rise up, and take their party back from these nuts. Where are the Scoop Jacksons in the Democrat Party?

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