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The Truth About Cuban Health Care

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 30, 2007

Or, How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Universal HealthHillary Care

One of the favorite things by Lefties is to try to present Cuban Health care as a “Model System” for the rest of the world. They usually get away with it because Cuba has become a Hell Hole under Communist Dictator Fidel Castro, that no one in their right mind goes there anymore.

The Cuban Government issues every tourist a “minder” while they are there, and interaction with the oppressed is severely limited. Nevertheless, word does get out, and so do photographs of the appalling conditions on the once tropical paradise.

Gateway Pundit has some of the photos, and exile Babalu has already debunked the Myth of the Cuban Health Care System.

And, who can forget about the Invisible Ones, who have been locked away by Lefty Fidel Castro for Reporting Truth. I guess Cuba has been under The Fairness Doctrine for many decades now, hmmm?

I hope our next President has the cojones to Liberate the Cuban People. It is within our power, and should be done.

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