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al-Qaeda Torture Chambers Discovered During Operation Iron Reaper

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 20, 2007

December 20, 2007

MND-N Soldiers find atrocity site, torture complex and weapons caches during Operation Iron Reaper

Multi-National Division – North PAO
TIKRIT, Iraq – During Operation Iron Reaper, Multi-National Division – North Soldiers killed 24 extremists, detained 37 suspects, and discovered an atrocity site, torture complex and nine weapons caches north of Muqdadiyah Dec. 8-11.

Intelligence provided by Iraqi tips led U.S. troops to a suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq safe haven and operating bases. Evidence of murder, torture, and intimidation against local villagers was found throughout the area.

During the operation, U.S. Forces and Iraqi Security Forces were involved in multiple engagements with groups of armed men. They discovered what appeared to be a detention facility. As they continued to clear the area, they found several bodies and eventually uncovered 26 human remains in multiple mass graves next to execution sites.

In the same area a torture complex was found, consisting of three detention facilities with one doubling as both a headquarters building and torture facility. The buildings contained chains on the walls and ceilings, a bed still hooked up to an electrical system, and several blood-stained items.

U.S. Forces also located and destroyed nine weapons caches anti-aircraft weapons, sniper rifles, more than 65 machine guns and pistols, 50 grenades, a surface-to-air missile launcher and platform, 98 personnel mines, 170 pipe bombs, 130 pounds of homemade explosives, 21 rocket propelled grenades, numerous mortar tubes and rounds.

Operation Iron Reaper has been ongoing over the last few weeks across northern Iraq.

“Operation Iron Reaper has been successful. We will continue to pursue al-Qaeda across our area, and they will find no safe haven in the north of Iraq,” said Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, commanding general, Multi-National Division – North.


I doubt the Legacy Media will even bother to make a fuss of this discovery.

Also remember that those opposed to the war would allow this type of activity to spread throughout the world until no one was left untouched by this darkness.

They hope to feed the crocodile the world.

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VIDEO: Osama bin Laden "Sounds Like a Lefty Blogger"

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 9, 2007

Thank You, David Brooks!

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Resource: The Militant Ideology Atlas

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 5, 2007

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point has an excellent resource for those wishing to find out more about just who we are fighting in the Global War on Terror.

It is available as an Executive Summary [Link to PDF 991kB and 23 pages] and as a hefty Research Compendium [Link to PDF 4,918 kB and 361 pages].


The Militant Ideology Atlas identifies the most influential thinkers in the Jihadi Movement (see appendices) and delineates the movement’s key ideological vulnerabilities. It situates the Jihadi Movement within the various Muslim constituencies that Jihadi leaders seek to influence and persuade.

These constituencies can be envisioned as a series of nesting circles (Diagram 1:Jihadi Constituencies). Each constituency is responsive to leaders in the broader constituencies of which it is a part, but each also has its own set of thinkers that are best positioned to influence their base.

The largest constituency is comprised of Muslims, people who follow the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad. This includes Sunnis (people who follow the example of the Prophet) and Shi`a is (people who follow the example of the Prophet and his descendents through his son-in-law Ali), and ranges from secularists to fundamentalists. This constituency is much too broad to identify one or two individuals who shape opinion across the broad spectrum of Muslims.

I hope many of you download and read this study and realize the utter shallowness of the anti-war crowd in facing up to reality and the goals of the Islamofascists who are dedicated to the removal of our civilization from the earth.

And to the lefties out there who would critique my position, try reading the thing instead of falling back on lefty talking points.

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QUIZ: Why is this man Grimacing?

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 4, 2007

Click here to find out.

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Terrorism Update: The Obama Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 3, 2007

I think most of you are aware that Obama made a serious gaffe earlier this week, in declaring that he would invade Pakistan to go after terrorists hiding in that country. What a lightweight he is!

He obviously does not realize that Musharraf is literally hanging by a thread, and a move like that would likely result in Pakistani nukes going into the wild, where the highest bidder would get a working nuke (talk about proliferation!), and quite possibly a nuclear strike on our troops invading that country. I guess unilateralism works for Democrats, but not for evil Republicans, huh?

Here are events in the region that he is responsible for starting…not bad for a second-year Senator from Illinois!!

Pakistan needs no foreign aid to tackle terrorists: Musharraf

Obama terror vow angers Pakistan

Pakistani protesters burn a U.S. flag to condemn U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s remarks in Karachi, Pakistan

(I guess the Kuhns share an angry Muslim tendency to do harm to our flag)

Bush reassures Musharraf over attack warnings

Bush criticizes talk of U.S. strike on Pakistan – govt

State Department Asks White House Candidates to Steer Clear of Sensitive Diplomatic Issues

Many Thanks to Jeffrey Imm of United States Action for the links.

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Plot to explode fuel tanks at JFK Airport disrupted – Four Islamic terrorists arrrested

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 2, 2007

2 June 2007: At least 3 of 4 Muslim terrorists, one who is a former airport worker at JFK, have been arrested for plotting to blow-up fueling areas at JFK Airport in New York, potentially setting off a massive explosion at the airport and potentially crippling air travel for some time and causing a conflagration of unprecedented proportions. Although considered a “domestic terror cell” it has international dimensions as two cell members were arrested in Trinidad, one was arrested in the New York area, and one suspect is believed to be a former member of parliament or government official from Guyana.

Source: Northeast Intelligence Network

For a “Religion of Peace,” they sure do try to commit a lot of violent acts, unlike the Knights of Columbus or the local Choir Group.

For more updates:

West Carolina Report

Drudge Report

Jihad Watch

Little Green Footballs

Gateway Pundit [He was at JFK while this broke.]

There others, but these are the ones I check first before adding data to West Carolina Report.

My big fear is that these groups will figure out that an attack against hardened targets in bigger cities offer little chance of success, and that targets in smaller cities and rural communities offer limitless possibilities, especially in schools, Rec Fields, Churches, Offices, Restaurants, and Rush Hour Traffic. Of course, many citizens in the more rural areas carry firearms, and can limit their success in areas that are not Gun-Free Zones.

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Heath Shuler Votes for Troop Withdrawal

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 23, 2007

Like it or not, Congressman Shuler will have to defend this vote in light of the success of the surge of troops into Iraq, and has posted on his Asheville Citizen-Times Blog an explanation.

Of course, the House, nor Senate have a two-thirds majority to over-rule a Presidential Veto.

The US House has just given GREAT AID & COMFORT to our enemies, and as another blogger put it:

Al Qaeda is celebrating in their caves and huts (and Saudi palaces) today; all they have to do is hang on for another year and a half. That’s nothing, compared to 14 centuries of jihad.

And then there is an Iraqi Blogger, who has posted the following: [The link is now fixed]

Al-Qaeda and its supporters are using most of the capabilities of their propaganda machine to cover their effort in Iraq, and so is the case with financial resources. All evidences indicate that most of the money is used to support the terror activity in Iraq.
Let’s not forget recruiting networks that are discovered constantly in many European and Arab countries; we rarely, if ever, hear that those networks were sending recruits to Afghanistan because recruits are being sent to Iraq all the time. Even more telling, some of the prominent lieutenants of al-Qaeda left Afghanistan to fight in Iraq. One example I remember was Omar al-Farouk who escaped from Bagram to be later captured in Basra!

Al-Qaeda itself boasts about the great “sacrifices” of more than 4,000 “martyrs” to emphasize the importance of the war here. And the hundreds of suicide bombers preferred to blow themselves up in Iraq than anywhere else should remind us that if al-Qaeda considers this the main war then why talk about redeployment?
Walking away from the main war is not redeployment, it’s quitting.

But why Iraq became the main front?

Iraq can simply not be equated with Afghanistan which the bulk of al-Qaeda largely abandoned after few weeks of battles—that doesn’t sound like al-Qaeda!

Iraq, weak after a war that toppled the regime but rich-relatively-with resources and scientific base is a greater temptation than Afghanistan, and at the same time the possibility of a democracy arising in Iraq posed a great threat to the ideology of caliph state. Therefore al-Qaeda and whoever is backing it directly or indirectly felt they had to move the front to Iraq instead of staying in Afghanistan.
Let’s imagine that the world left Iraq alone before the country is able to defend itself and let it fall in the hands of extremists, what would happen then?

Can we compare the opium fields with the massive oilfields of Mesopotamia? Can we afford to leave these resources in the service of the terrorists?

The other point is scientific infrastructure, especially when it comes to military technology such infrastructure almost doesn’t exist in Afghanistan while Saddam celebrated 17 years ago in launching a rocket to space. The same “accomplishment’ Iran claimed to have made just days ago.
This infrastructure, while still humble compared to advanced countries, could be very dangerous if captured by terrorists.

For the other side of the coin, check out Drama Queen’s post at Scrutiny Hooligans.

Bush Slams Democrats Over Iraq Timetable

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