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What Do Crack Dealers and Those Who Hire Illegal Aliens Have in Common? by Carl Mumpower

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 11, 2008

What’s the difference between a crack dealer, a pimp, and a greedy businessman who hires illegal aliens? Nothing, according to Carl Mumpower, 11th District Republican candidate for Congress.

Mumpower stated Tuesday that in significant ways, businessmen who hire illegals are, in fact, doing more harm to society than some of our worst criminals. “These people take advantage of a cheap labor pool which, in turn, kills the need to motivate, train, and uplift our own citizens,” commented Mumpower. “Add to that all the hidden costs to our schools, hospitals, and police departments, and the extra financial burdens leave us increasingly unable to help our own.”

You can read the rest at Carl Mumpower’s AC-T Blog.

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Widespread Panic in Georgia

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2007

ARCADE – Southern rock fans trekking to Athens to party with homegrown Widespread Panic prompted at least one police department to spread its net.

But police took just as many locals – if not more – to jail as out-of-town music fans.

Arcade police, with the help of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the state Department of Corrections, set up roadblocks in advance of a three-night Widespread Panic concert stand that started Monday in nearby Athens.

“We’re out here just assuring that we don’t have the same problems that some of the other venues have had,” Arcade police Chief Dennis Bell said.

Athens Banner-Herald

Hat Tip: Carl M.

Registration is required to view the full article, but it is worth it to see the video and Photos.

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