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VIDEO- Rediscovering Your Party Part 3

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 29, 2007

This installment features NC-10 Congressman Patrick McHenry:

Highlighting the importance of keeping spending in-check through accountability and transparency

The third episode of the Rediscover series features Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) discussing the importance of keeping spending in-check through accountability and transparency. Congresswoman Blackburn also points out the Democrats’ dangerous “tax and spend” addiction they have carried out since taking over Congress. And Congressman McHenry underscores the importance of trusting the American people with more of their own hard-earned money.

Part 1

Part 2

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NC Dems Dinner Named After White Supremacist

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 29, 2007

Bob Parks has the story, and here is a portion of his remarks:

Can any of us imagine the hell that would be unleashed if the Republican Party in 2007 held an annual fund-raising dinner named after a white supremacist?

Well, I guess it’s okay if Democrats do it….

Source: Black And Right


Sauce for the Goose…

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WCR Video Seminars

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 28, 2007

I have embedded some videos at West Carolina Report that might be interesting to watch.
The first column is former NC Senator RL Clark discussing buffer zones with Richard Bernier on URTV. The first 2 of 5 have been uploaded as of this morning.

The second column is a series of 5 videos where Dr. Carl Mumpower (R-Asheville) sits down with Richard Bernier and Randy Thomas of “Sound Off Buncombe” of URTV. He is currently seeking the NC-11 seat held by Congressman Heath Shuler (D-Waynesville).

The third column is a favorite of mine I’ve had embedded on that page for quite a while, a portion of Thomas P.M. Barnett discussing the nature of warfare in the 21st Century.

Visit WCR Video Seminars

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West Carolina Report For Sept 28

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 28, 2007

I have updated West Carolina Report for today, and will be updating it throughout the day since I will not be working. I will also be engaged in redesigning the sidebars to accommodate my West of Balsam readers who are on dial-up, so the pretty pictures are gonna hafta go!

I am also playing with a site re-design for WCR to accommodate contributions from Citizen Journalists as they become available.

Thank you for reading, and consider this an open thread. Any body have any ideas on how to implement Trackback on Blogger? Every time I’ve tried it, things get broke!

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Press Release: Mumpower on Inflight Movies and Open Air Drug Markets

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 27, 2007


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Congressman Heath Shuler’s Tuesday introduction of a bill requiring cabin separation for children under 13 who might be exposed to PG-13 and R rated in-flight movies has prompted a response from announced 11th District candidate, Carl Mumpower. Citing an appreciation for Shuler’s values, Mumpower did offer challenge to the Congressman’s priorities. “In flight movies are a pretty lofty target for congressional action” said Mumpower. “It might be better if we came down to earth and got more serious about open air drug markets that are kidnapping our children’s futures and leave airplanes to the friendly sky people and their customers.” Mumpower further noted that this is the kind of legislation for which Washington is famous. “Our nation’s leaders love to focus on secondary special interests while dodging the accountabilities of the real issues that affect real people in real ways.”

Carl Mumpower

Candidate for the 11th District Seat

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Massive Redesign of Thunder Pig Coming

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 25, 2007

Your voices have been heard load and clear, West of the Balsam Readers!!!

I fully admit to having abandoned load-time for “pretty pictures and shiny objects.”

My recent access to a Giga-bits per second connection from a secure location has blinded me to the needs of my Primary Audience…the people from West of the Balsams.

From home, I have access to the intertubes via a “56k line” that seems to average right about 40k or so, with swings from 22k to 45k depending on how many clouds are in the sky, birds on the wire, and Floridiots lost in my driveway.

I test loaded Thunder Pig from home last night, and was shocked. My blog took 13 minutes 42 seconds to fully load, although posts were readable nearly 8 minutes into the loading…a full minute behind the local paper.

I apologize, and will work on correcting that grave error.

I’ll work on stripping the time-consuming photos and graphics from my sidebar on Friday, and be ready for a leaner, meaner, relaunch on Saturday with Thunder Pig 3.0.

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Question: How Do You Define Terrorist?

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 25, 2007

I am a firm believer that questions can reveal more about the Questioner than the Answerer, so I was intrigued by the question from a Commenter that I have appropriated for the title of my post for today.

MY off-the-cuff definition is: One who uses terror to further an agenda.

My 10th Ed. of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says:

One who systematically uses terror as a means of coercion.

The context of my use of terrorist was in relation to the Freedom’s Watch advertisement in this post.

I sincerely hope my inquisitor was not hoping to roll out the dead phrase: “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” because that dead phrase is a lie. I’ve heard that from pseudo-intellectuals on college campuses (campi) for 20 years, and read of it being used since the 60’s.

The parrot often tries to aver that our first President, George Washington was a terrorist, and a freedom fighter. George Washington did not, by action (or mission of action) directly target civilians to be killed as a tactic in our first War of Independence.

The sixth President of The Islamic Republic of Iran is a terrorist. He is a primary funder of Terrorist Groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas. He has sent funds, weapons and men to support terrorist groups in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Eqypt, Jordan, and other countries. This man was a participant in the 1979 Revolution in Iran that President Jimmy Carter set in motion that brought The Ayatollah Khomeini into power.

I thank God that we have a President named George W. Bush to oppose this man, and others like him. I only hope he can foster another Iranian Revolution to oust these evil mullahs behind Ahmadinejad, or if that fails…take military action to hurt their nuclear program, and take out other targets of opportunity.

I am also confident that President Hillary Clinton will follow in George W. Busah’s footsteps in addressing these evils.

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ALERT: Boy Scout Troop Missing in Haywood County

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 24, 2007

(CNN) — Eleven members of a Boy Scout troop did not emerge
from a camping area in the mountains of western North Carolina as scheduled
Sunday evening, prompting an overnight search effort, local authorities said.

The Scouts were camping in southern Haywood County, North Carolina.

The eight scouts and three adult leaders from Troop 217 in Raleigh,
North Carolina, were on a weekend camping trip in the Black Balsam Gap area near
the Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Haywood County, according to Haywood County
sheriff’s dispatcher Michael Huffman.

Their vehicles were still in the
parking lot at the entrance to the campground Sunday evening, leading
authorities to suspect the scouts simply camped out for another night, Huffman

Lisa Logan, whose husband is one of the scout leaders and son is a
scout, said she has “a complete peace that they’re fine.”

Source: CNN

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No Closer

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 24, 2007

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Ahmadinejad Is A Terrorist

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 24, 2007


WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Friday Freedom’s Watch
President Bradley A. Blakeman released a statement and a copy of the print
advertisement it has requested to be run in the Monday edition of the New
York Times.
“Freedom’s Watch could not sit back and allow a terrorist to come to
America masquerading as a world leader. We have an obligation to warn the
world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran and to uncover the true intent, that
being, the destruction of the United States and the State of Israel. Let’s
be clear, Iran today kills American soldiers in Iraq and they will not stop
there,” said Bradley A. Blakeman, President of Freedom’s Watch.
The text of the advertisement follows.
For more information about Freedom’s Watch, please visit
Ahmadinejad Is A Terrorist

Columbia University is wrong to give him a platform.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens our nation and the
freedoms we value. He has supported attacks on our soldiers and our allies.
He should be treated as the terrorist that he is.
Yet, while Columbia gives a terrorist like Ahmadinejad a platform to
speak, they refuse to allow the ROTC on campus.
What has happened to this prestigious university?
People who support killing Americans are welcome. But the military that
defends them is not.
Columbia should be ashamed of its actions.
Freedom’s Watch knows that America and the forces of freedom are right.
We know the threat of terrorism is real. And we know Democracy must
The terrorists and their appeasers are wrong.
“And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon
experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”
— Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
(CNN, 10/27/05)

Support Freedom’s Watch.
Stand up for freedom and those who defend it.
Surrender is not an option.
Victory is America’s only choice.

Visit or call 877-222-8001

Paid for by Freedom’s Watch.


The Kos Kidz are terrified of a reporter’s questions!

* Richard Cranium’s diary :: ::

I am sitting here absolutely stunned after watching the 60 Minutes interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Reporter Scott Pelley was unbelievably scary in asking the questions he asked.

At the moment, I’m at a loss for words, but if you watched it, and were as stunned as I was, please let me know. I need a sanity check.

I’m going to have to wait for a transcript, but here’s what immediately scared me:

* Pelley’s “questions” (allegedly from George Bush)
* Pelley’s declarations that the U.S. had “proof of Iran firing missiles at Americans in Iraq”
* Pelley’s assertations that “Iran is providing material support to Iraq insurgents. We have proof. What do you say?” … or something like that. Very close.

It was a masterful Goebbel-esque performance by 60 Minutes, on behalf of Dick Cheney and the drums of war.

I’m telling you, it was scary beyond belief.

Perhaps I’ll update this diary as my thoughts come to me. Hopefully, the vid is posted soon at C&L or elsewhere.

Update: Interview, video and transcripts here.

Source: Daily Kos Diary

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs


When presented with a murderous dictator being interviewed by a reporter, Lefties all over share a common fear…that the reporter will ask the wrong questions. That says more about them than I could in a dozen posts.

For those of you who are able (and not afraid), there are several protests on to show this thug we are so on to him (and that we are not afraid).

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