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John Armor Article in Human Events

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 30, 2008

Local author, raconteur, and former primary candidate in the GOP NC-11 race, has an article on Human Events entitled, “Anybody Remember The Red Lion Case?” and here is a snippet to whet your appetite for more:

…What Justice White does not include in his opinion is the relative availability of media when he was writing his opinion. There were slightly more than 4,000 daily newspapers in the United States, then. Most major cities had competing dailies. Some cities like Chicago and New York, had more than six competing newspapers.

At the same time, in 1969, the number of TV licenses were in the hundreds, and there were fewer radio licenses than newspapers.

Today, all of those figures are reversed. The number of daily newspapers is down to about 2,000 and declining. The number of TV stations are above 10,000, and the number of radio stations about five times as many. Given cable and satellite technologies, the average American household now has access to at least 100 TV channels, plus dozens of specialized radio stations. That average household has access to less than two daily newspapers.

It was this change in the facts which led the FCC to end the Fairness Doctrine almost thirty years ago. The disparity, with print media declining and electronic media growing, has continued apace since then. This huge advantage in favor of individual access to broadcast channels that offer what they want, is increased by orders of magnitude when the Internet, plus pod casting, are added to the mix.

Those who are arguing for reestablishment of the Fairness Doctrine have not done their homework….

Source: Human Events


You can bet everything you own that the Democrats will get a new Fairness Doctrine in place if Barack Obama is elected President, and that will mean the end of AM Radio.

Fortunately for us, the Internet will be here for the conservative commentators to utilize to side step the ban on conservative talk. That will be good for people who have access to DSL or faster Internet connections, but not for the millions who are on dial up, or listen while on the road, or away from computers.

Will wireless carriers be able to stream Internet radio? Or will people employ a work around like I did while WZNN/WZGM was offering talk radio programming? (I used a transmitter to take the audio from an AM Radio and transmit it on FM so I could hear the faint 1350 kHz signal on my Walkman on an empty slot on the FM Dial, usually 87.9 MHz, up to a mile from my pickup).

I am firm in my belief that if the Fairness Doctrine is passed, we will find a way around it…for the Neo-Stalinist Democrats do not understand the power of freedom, and the utility of Free Markets…that is one reason lefty talk never took hold. They just don’t get it, and never will.

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Barack Obama Loves Communist Ideas

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 27, 2008

For those who claim to love liberty, consider these words of Barack “Fidel Castro” Obama:

Basically, what Obama is talking about is creating a Committee for the Defense of Liberal Ideology and Political correctness funded by a half trillion taxpayer dollars. National Security for this crowd is not about stopping terrorists from killing our children. National Security means to teach our children to understand the terrorists and their motivations so that our children can learn how to live their lives submissively so as not to offend the sensitivities of the very sensitive America haters.

Their version of National Security is to force you to act for the common good of society and not in your own best interest. Since this goes against human nature, the half trillion dollar “Civilian National Security Force” will have to force Americans to change their nature and create a new citizen that is self sacrificing and collective in nature-an ant-like new man, like Che’s and Fidel’s new man.

Source: Babalu Blog

More, from another source:

In his campaign document entitled “The Blueprint for Change: Barack Obama’s Plan For America,” Obama’s “Service” section runs a close second to “Education” in complexity. But, with his Colorado Springs’ statement, it grabbed first place in its projected costs to taxpayers. Obama did the cost projection himself.

He plans to double the Peace Corps’ budget by 2011, and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. Plus, he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps. Here a corps – there a corps – everywhere a corps corps.

So it made sense in Colorado Springs when he said his call to community service “will be a central cause of my presidency.” He couldn’t be clearer in signaling his intentions, including a Social Investment Fund Network to link local non-profits with the federal government.

The entire plan is breathtaking in its scope. But it does not, as at least one internet writer has suggested, portend a “giant police force.” It would be easier to rebut if it did. As it is, it’s silly stuff born of naively fanciful dreams.

Senator Obama aims to tap into the already active volunteerism of millions of Americans and recruit them to become cogs in a gigantic government machine grinding out his social re-engineering agenda. It’s Orwellian-like, with a novice social activist’s mentality at the helm…

Source: American Thinker


I can think that an Obama Presidency would combine the very worst aspects of FDR’s experiment in socialism and Woodrow Wilson’s experiment in fascism:

Indeed, in a disturbing 1890 essay entitled Leaders of Men, Wilson said that a “true leader” uses the masses of people like “tools.” He writes, “The competent leader of men cares little for the internal niceties of other people’s characters: he cares much–everything–for the external uses to which they may be put…. He supplies the power; others supply only the materials upon which that power operates…. It is the power which dictates, dominates; the materials yield. Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.” So much for the dignity of each person!

These are going to be some of the points I will be hammering home to people in the days until the election…and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why someone would vote for Bob Barr when their vote would be better served casting it for the only person in a position to defeat Barack Obama…John McCain.

Listen to the opening monologue from Friday night’s Old Glory Radio Show:

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Ratio of MSM contributions to Democrats is 100-1

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 25, 2008

But then you already knew they were hostile to Republicans, and covered for miscreant Democrats, didn’t you?

Read more at Investor’s Business Daily.

Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah

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How Many People Read Blogs?

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 24, 2008

The short answer, according to PEW, is 11% of internet users regularly read blogs, and 58% don’t have a clue. The funniest observation is that 5% of internet users blog on a daily basis…so that means about half of people who read blogs have one themselves.

Okay, fine. 11% of what number?

According to World Internet World Stats, that would be about 247 million Americans who use the Internet, which would lead me to the number of 27 million daily blog readers in North America. I find that hard to believe.

The last time such a study was released, it was claimed that 8 million had blogs, and 32 million read them, and even then, it was hard to believe.
Another survey from Hostway.

I note that even now, some of the bigger blogs like Daily KKKos gets just under a million hits a day, and a certain percentage of those hits are multiple hits from people reading the various dairies in the site. Of course, that doesn’t take into account those who read via the RSS Feeds…but it can’t be that many.

I suspect that many who said they read blogs really don’t know what a blog is, or read blogs on Legacy Media websites, like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or the various newspapers.I don’t consider those blogs as part of the blogosphere.

I hope there is more forthcoming from this survey, and I’d like to look at their methods and how they asked the questions. I suspect we may never really get a real answer to  the question posed in the title of this post because of advertising concerns.

It would be bad for business.

Hat Tip: Digital Inspiration

For the Geek Impaired…Hat Tip is blogger short hand for…”and this is what I was reading when the urge to blog about it hit me”

I wonder how many bloggers suffer from OCD?

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Mumpower Campaign Suspension Ends Macon County GOP Unanimously Supports party Principles

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 18, 2008

See WNC Citizens Blog for the story.

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Six NC-11 Counties Support "Principles First Campaign"

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 17, 2008

I wrote about it on WNC Citizens Blog.

I am really surprised at how everyone has misinterpreted this move by Mumpower, and misunderestimated him. Just ask his former opponents in the GOP Primary. I know I did.

In my opinion, the core of his support comes from people seeing him portrayed on WLOS as the sole adult on City Council (not on purpose, to be sure) all these years. Take this video I posted of Mumpower making Mayor Bellamy (and The Fab Four) look like idiots on the matter of partisan elections in Asheville. He was vindicated by the voters of Asheville, when they rejected the measure.

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Hamid Karzai: Pakistan Is The Source Of Terrorism In My Country

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 16, 2008

A portion of the transcript:

Hamid Karzai: The problem of terrorism, as it is affecting Afghanistan, is not entirely an Afghan problem. As a matter of fact, a greater part of this problem is a regional problem, and a greater part of this problem is unfortunately coming to us from Pakistan. So the Americans, the international coalition – when they say they are continuing to work in Afghanistan, and yet the security is not there, they are right, because they have not gone to the right place to fight terrorism.

Interviewer: Which is?

Hamid Karzai: Which is the sanctuaries that the terrorists have in Pakistan.

Interviewer: But Pakistan, actually, recently… I have noticed that there is a very strong declaration from the Afghan government against Pakistan. You have accused the Pakistani government of being behind your attempted assassination, the last one, and the most dangerous thing is that you have threatened that you would go behind the borders just to find Al-Qaeda, and Taliban as well, which means you will go to Pakistan. Right now, Mr. President, if you don’t have the power to secure the situation in Afghanistan, do you think you have the power to go behind the border?

Hamid Karzai: When I said that Afghanistan would go in self defense beyond the Durand Line, [it] was in response to a statement that came from terrorist networks from Pakistan, from someone called Baitullah Mahsoud – you must have heard of him, and from someone called [Maulana] Fazlullah. They declared that they would cross the border and come into Afghanistan, to kill Afghans and the international troops. Now, for me, the president of a sovereign country – when there is a threat issued to me beyond my borders by someone, what is my responsibility?

Interviewer: That’s right, but the question is: Do you have the power? Can you do it?

Hamid Karzai: The power is the power of the government, of the institutions of the government, and of the people. Afghanistan is known in history – and Afghanistan has proven that in history – that when the Afghan people decide to defend themselves, they always win – as we have always won.

Source: MEMRI TV clip of excerpts from an interview with President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, which aired on Dubai TV on July 14, 2008.

Watch the interview.


The War on Terror (World War IV) is not limited to fighting against governments (such as Omar Mohammed’s Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, or Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan…etc), but also against organizations that are not governments. In this war, the umbrella organization called al-Qaeda is an enemy, as are Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Abu Sayyaf, Jamaat ul Fuqra, and dozens of other terror groups worldwide.

Fighting this war to a successful conclusion will involvemany things, but one of the most important ingredient is not allowing terrorists to have sanctuary anywhere in the world. They must always be pursued, and never allowed to rest or re-build their strength.

Previously, the Democrats have agitated for more troops to go to Afghanistan. Wanna bet they’ll change their minds once they realize there might be some possibility of going into Pakistan to fight the terrorists, even as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, once suggested?

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Mumpower Interviewed On The Morning Report By Jerri Jameson

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 14, 2008

The host of WWNC’s The Morning Report, Jerri Jameson, interviewed Dr. Carl Mumpower regarding his latest press release. I was able to record the interview and put together a slide show to accompany the audio.


Mumpower Challenges District Party Leaders To Stand On Principles,
Puts Campaign On Hold

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Mumpower Challenges District Party Leaders To Stand On Principles, Puts Campaign On Hold

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 14, 2008

**update** 10.06 AM Mumpower was interviewed on WWNC-AM this morning, and I recorded the interview.

Here are two Press Releases from the Mumpower e-Express:

July 12, 2008

From: Carl Mumpower, 11th District GOP Congressional Candidate
To: Mr. Steve Duncan, 11th District Chair
Subject: Principles First Campaign

Dear Mr. Duncan:

As you know, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has defined the 11th District to be a “frontline race”. I am looking forward to an accelerating campaign that finds us earning versus purchasing a seat in Congress. To that end, it is my belief that as Republicans, we must reestablish a foundation of trust and authenticity with the conservative and independent voters of Western North Carolina. There is a keen and widespread belief, that at a local, state, and especially national level, the GOP has betrayed promises made to the American people. I believe that reestablishing our credibility with the voters is and should be Job One and would offer the following observations-

* When you have no party operating from principles, then the party with the least principles will win.
* That is why the Democrats are successfully using an appeal to people’s selfish interests as a ticket to power.
* Unless we Republicans return to being Republicans, America’s drift toward big government socialism will continue.
* The Republican Party has a defined platform of principles that have been sacrificed to power and other priorities.
* There are many in the 11th District who wish to ‘unite and ignite’ our party around the core principles of being careful with other people’s money, keeping people big and government small, and protecting the sanctity of America.
* It is our responsibility to uphold and ground our own party – not a Democrat party kidnapped by extremists and special interests.
* Job Two, successfully challenging Heath Shuler, requires the foundation of Job One. Without that foundation, I will be just another puppet for a corrupt party – like our current congressman.

With these concerns in mind, I am formally requesting the following-

* That a majority of counties in the 11th district commit to a renewed dedication to our core principles.
* That each develop a sincere process for challenging local, state, and national Republican elected officials on votes that sidestep or otherwise betray our core guiding principles.
* That these communications be shared with the District Chair, me, and others at each county’s discretion.

Effectively immediately, my direct fight against Heath Shuler will be on the back burner until the Republican Party has achieved a rededicated focus in the 11th District. At that point it will no longer be necessary for me to publically challenge my elected colleagues, as there will be a persisting and credible system in place that will help assure accountability by our Republican elected officials. I can then focus my full attention on holding Congressman Shuler accountable for the mismatch between his words and actions and unprincipled efforts to purchase a seat in Congress. I welcome your help and assistance with each of these goals.

With regards,

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate


Principles of the Republican Party

I’m a Republican Because…

I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.
I BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.
I BELIEVE free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.
I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.
I BELIEVE the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.
I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.
I BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.
I BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.
FINALLY, I believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.


“I will always place principle before party, power, or popularity – and take the heat that comes with that position.”

Carl Mumpower – 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Then the second one:

Mumpower Puts Congressional Campaign On Hold

In a Saturday open letter to 11th District GOP officials, Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower has taken the unusual step of putting his campaign on hold, calling a “Principles First” campaign to be Job One. Stepping away from his fight against Shuler in the interest of the betterment of the Republican Party is courageous, considering that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has called this contest “a frontline race”.

Mumpower says that Job One has always been to unite and ignite his party around their stated principles – most of which center on being careful with other people’s money, keeping people big and government small, and protecting the sanctity of America. “In that there has been no timely action on an earlier call toward principles, it falls on me to press for action,” says Mumpower. “Without that foundation, I will be just another puppet for a corrupt party – like our current Congressman.”

“When no party is operating from principles, then the party with the least principles will win,” notes Mumpower. “The Democrats are successfully appealing to people’s selfish interests as a ticket to power. Unless we Republicans return to being Republicans, America’s drift toward big government socialism will continue. Republican leaders and elected officials have been sidestepping their principles and courage buttons for years. Hopefully, this will be a refresher course on the good things that can happen when one voice refuses to give into the herd running toward a cliff.”

“To this end, I am asking for a majority of counties in the 11th district to commit to our guiding principles and develop their own process for challenging local, state, and national Republican elected officials on votes that ignore those principles,” said Mumpower. “Until we get that commitment in place, campaign efforts with Republican organizations are on hold. WNC will know shortly whether the Republican Party of this District is going to stand for something voters can count on or not.”

“The fight for ‘Principles First’ can begin here and now in the 11th District,” says Mumpower. “We will unite and get back to our roots, or I will fail knowing that I tried. Not until this fight is out of the way will I focus my full attention on holding Congressman Shuler accountable for the mismatch between his promises and actions.”

Carl Mumpower – 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity – always.


Candidate Website


Mumpower is correct. The Republican Party nationwide has shirked from standing on principles, and as a result (deservedly so), lost it’s majority in Congress. Aside from The Hit Men who are removing RINOs from office by convincing them to “take early retirement”, I see little evidence the party leadership has changed.

Locally, some of the party leadership took umbrage at Mumpower’s stand that Bush had not fulfilled his oath of office when it came to Illegal Immigration. I am glad these people have exposed themselves so the party members can work on elected new leaders when the time comes in Polk and Jackson Counties.

While I do not agree with Mumpower on every issue, I am assured that he will follow his principles, and not the dictates of corrupt party interests.

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Where Have The Conservative Democrats Gone?

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 3, 2008

When I was in the Democrat Party, I was a Democrat like Zell Miller. My father was a leader in the local party and in a union.

Now, I am a Republican, and my father has admitted to me he hasn’t voted for a Democrat on the state level since 1992 (he still votes Democrat on the county level).

Here is a three video playlist of Zell Miller addressing the Republican National Convention in 2004. It is dedicated to everyone who used to be a Democrat, and had their eyes opened:

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