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McCain Throws Phil Gramm Under Bus

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 19, 2008

What is he doing? Competing with Obama on who can throw the most people under the bus?

Phil Gramm made the mistake of correctly identifying Americans as whiners, and John McCain could not take the heat…so he tossed Gramm aside.

A local lefty, Errington Thompson, has the MSNBC video.

I will say that the McCain Campaign is appearing to be the most poorly run affair since the Fred Thompson Campaign. At least Fred let people self-organize, and I was proud to be part of that. I have tried to get in touch with the McCain people about organizing a ground game in western North Carolina, but they do not seem to be interested. “We’ll win that part of the state anyway, so why waste resources there?” That mentality will cost them the election, mark my words.

Peace out, people. I will be out of communication for most of the day today as I attend the Franklin Folk Festival in Franklin, NC. I am looking forward to a wholesome good time.

You might see a small part of the activities on this webcam.

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Report Says Bush Backs Israeli Plan To Strike Iran, Part LXIV

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2008

I think I have heard this report at least 100 times since the summer of 2003:

President George W Bush has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official.Despite the opposition of his own generals and widespread scepticism that America is ready to risk the military, political and economic consequences of an airborne strike on Iran, the president has given an “amber light” to an Israeli plan to attack Iran’s main nuclear sites with long-range bombing sorties, the official told The Sunday Times.“Amber means get on with your preparations, stand by for immediate attack and tell us when you’re ready,” the official said. But the Israelis have also been told that they can expect no help from American forces and will not be able to use US military bases in Iraq for logistical support.Nor is it certain that Bush’s amber light would ever turn to green without irrefutable evidence of lethal Iranian hostility. Tehran’s test launches of medium-range ballistic missiles last week were seen in Washington as provocative and poorly judged, but both the Pentagon and the CIA concluded that they did not represent an immediate threat of attack against Israeli or US targets.

Source: Times Online
I should hope he backs a plan to strike Iran!!!
I support a strike on Iran, and am confident that we and/or Israel will strike when the time is right, and in a way which will minimize our casualties and civilian casualties in Iran. Iran, however, will not. They will seek to kill as many innocent people as possible in a reverse human shield scenario ala the Scud Attacks on Israel in Desert Storm.

Having worked in the field in the past, I believe that part of what is taking us so long in striking Iran is the rolling up of Iranian supported terror cells in the USA like we did in 1990-91 prior to striking Iraq. Someday, these stories will be told. The Democrats, Progressives, and other anti-war types will be exposed for being completely clueless about the threat posed by these groups. My only regret is that it will be decades before they will be declassified.
What will be hard is locating the “leaderless resistance” type of cells formed by Muslim volunteers that operate completely offline from the internet and do not use telephones or mail, only person to person contact.
I expect that the first 24 hours after the strike, the anti-American war protesters will go nuts…and there will be a very short-lived hiccup in the supply chain in America.
I would advise everyone to keep your larder stocked and keep your fuel tanks topped off, and only if you can store fuel safely…a week’s worth of fuel for your automobiles and other needs if you have power generators. Although I only expect a 24 to 72 Hour disruption (if at all), I live by the credo of preparation overkill as taught to me by my mother and father.
If you are interested in being prepared, I can suggest the following Websites:
Survival Blog (also on my right-hand sidebar)

It never hurts to be prepared. And with Hurricane season upon us, being prepared may help you coast through the supply chain hiccup and brief uptick in fuel prices.

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Fighting Back Against Gay Marriage and The Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 23, 2008

Peter Wolfgang, Director Public Policy on how Gay Marriage fits into the Homosexual Agenda.

The video that audio was taken from is worth watching, and many of the points raised in the Connecticut and Massachusetts discussion apply to the California case and nationally. The goal of getting same-sex marriages approved is the destruction of the traditional family unit, “In order to push same-sex marriage, you have to deny that children do best in a home with both a mother and a father”.

From the video description:

On this episode, Corinn talks with Peter Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, on this mission of the FIC and their current battle against same-sex marriage. Mentioned in the discussion is how the same-sex marriage agenda is fueling attacks on religious liberties in Boston, Minnesota, England, Canada, and Sweden.

Also included is how it is effecting what are children are being taught in school. “Children are not mere creatures of the state,” was the decision passed down in a famous 1920s Supreme Court case (Pierce vs. Society of Sisters), and yet Peter explains how in the Boston school system today, the Constitutional and parental rights are being subverted in the name of teaching our children sexual immorality. Such is always the case when “the State”deifies itself and vilifies Christ and His followers.


What brought this about was the news that an internet friend and family were threatened and had a window broken and had his property defaced with graffiti because of his stand on homosexual marriage.

Here was his last radio show (June 18th) on the subject:

And tonight at 9pm, he will appear on the Andrea Shea King Show. I plan on embedding that show here as well.

This fight we face on homosexual marriage is with the forces of evil, and with principalities and powers who oppose anything that is Christ-centered. Many of them seek to replace Christianity with a demonic faith called the New Age movement, and follow this link to see some of the ones in my neck of the woods.

These people should realize that they no longer have a free ride. We will push back, and we will not be silenced. If Doug is silenced, I will take his place. I am no where near as eloquent as he and his lovely wife…but I will answer the call, and get others to add their voices in opposition to this perversion of human sexuality.

More on the Homosexual Agenda from Coral Ridge Ministries:

In order to successfully oppose their agenda, we must know what it is before we begin to formulate our response.

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The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 2, 2008

Yesterday, I released a video debunking chemtrails in response to an obviously disturbed individual’s video.

The person refused to allow it to be posted as a response to their video. This was, of course, expected. These people will not allow their religious faith to be assaulted, at least, that was my assumption. Upon further research, there may be a better explanation:

Goertzel identified three traits as being correlated with a belief in conspiracy theories:

* anomia, the respondent stated a belief that he/she felt alienated or disaffection relative to “the system;”
* a tendency to distrust other people; and
* a feeling of insecurity regarding continued employment.

Citing Volkan, who suggested that insecure and/or discontented people very often feel a need for a tangible enemy on which to externalize their anger, Goertzel notes that conspiracy theories may serve to provide an “enemy” to blame for problems which “otherwise seem too abstract and impersonal.” He further observes that conspiracy theories also provide ready answers for the believer’s unanswered questions and help to resolve contradictions between known ‘facts’ and an individual’s belief system. The latter observation seems to be verified by the widespread acceptance within the Muslim world of the contention that the September 11 attacks were the work of Israel, in conjunction with the Bush Administration, in order to increase anti-Muslim sentiments abroad.6

Surprisingly, Goertzel found that there was no correlation between race, age, and economic status and the latter two traits. Although he did not suggest that the two latter traits mentioned above may be self-perpetuating (people who have experienced employment difficulties in the past may be more distrusting of others which, in turn, may lead to future interpersonal issues that can have a negative impact on employment), intuitive reasoning suggests that this could be possible.

In summary, I accept the published findings and opinions of Goertzel et al as being at least subjectively valid. Successful conspiracy theories are those that to some degree empower the believer against what are perceived as external forces that he/she blames for some unpleasant or undesirable facet of their lives. In addition conspiracy theories serve to absolve the individual of some degree of self-accountability since, if the individual is being “oppressed” by some powerful conspiracy, the individual’s efforts at self-advancement will always be futile and thus become nothing more than “a waste of time.” Sadly, it seems that conspiracy theories and their advocates are now deeply engrained in the popular psyche and without prospects for their ultimate refutation.

Source: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Suggested Reading:

Psychology Today

San Fransisco Chronicle

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories (Power Point Format)


This is so sad that so many people are falling prey to these pernicious beliefs, and to those who use those beliefs to make a living…even becoming rich from them. I have tried to reason with some of these people, and found myself frustrated at their universal unwillingness to accept science, and even photographic evidence (even when identifying engine parts from a 757 inside the Pentagon for a 9/11 nut), and eventually, I was accused of being “on the payroll” of X (the Illuminati, Israel, ZOG, Karl Rove), or of being a complete idiot.

I feel like someone trying to tell cavemen that lightning is not made by the gods, that it is just a natural event. Persistent Contrails are the same thing…water vapor frozen into ice crystal in the atmosphere.

I weep for the future of mankind…and the legacy of In Search Of, and the satanic Coast to Coast AM.

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An Ode To Daylight Savings Time

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Stinks!

If someone ran for public office with staying on Standard Time in their platform, they’d get my vote, even if they were a stinking communist.

Related: Standard Time

How you can help stop this madness of changing the time twice a year.

Write your congress person about this. A simple letter or email from enough people will get their attention. Just tell them you want to STOP moving the time twice a year and refer them to for more information.

Here is how you can contact your congress critter:

Contacting the Congress
Congressional Email Directory

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Good News From MyDD, Or Is It?

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2008

No, I haven’t been blasted with a mind-ray, nor has my brain been eaten by rats (get it?).

A diarist over there has noted that since 1972, no party that has gone to their convention without a clear winner has ever won the General Election. Ordinarily, I might tend to agree with them except for one thing…this year has broken a lot of trends. For the first time since 1960, we will see a sitting Senator become President.

On the Democrat side, we have seen the inevitable candidate struggle to stay in the race; and on the GOP side, we have seen a dead candidate rise from the ashes to win the nomination.

On both sides, there are a lot of unhappy campers who may sit out the election or vote very unpredictably.

Ralph Nader
(May God Bless Him with many Democrat votes) has decided to run again.

The actions of the 110th Congress have won them no love (their popularity is half the Presidents dismal polling), and may just prove to cancel out the anti-American war protest vote.

And, there is always hope that the Recreate ’68 crowd can remind the American political undecideds just how unhinged the left are, and send them our way in November. I have friends in Loveland, Colorado, and am seriously contemplating going out there to get some good footage and interviews to bring back with me.

There is also a protest for the RNC Convention as well, but the majority of the protesters will be nuts from the left. There will some nuts from the ashes of the Ron Paul campaign there as well, which should help seal their fate in our party.

All in all, I feel good about the GOP chances to retain the White House this fall. The race is John McCain’s to lose, and the road between here and November is gonna be hard.

**update** 8.14pm
Obama wins Wyoming, putting another nail (I hope) in the coffin of Hillary 2008. Now, if enough Republicans can cross over and vote for her in PA, we might just get that deadly convention showdown. Jim Quinn has been saying since December that there would be an emotional reconciliation scripted for the DNC Convention in Denver. We’ll see.

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Nesbitt Search Warrant and Ruminations

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

Conservative Activist Chad Nesbitt of the Carolina Stompers was present at a raid conducted by North Carolina ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement) on property owned by his grandfather, Jim Rhew.

From the Feb 29th Mountain Xpress:

“We’d held a public meeting the day before at Erwin High School highlighting gang activity and a lot of cases that are getting voluntarily dismissed,” Nesbitt said, adding that they also criticized plea deals offered by the District Attorney’s Office. “About 65 people showed up to that. Then the next night the ALE and Sheriff’s deputies raid our place.”

Nesbitt said he’s given some of the evidence the group has uncovered to the U.S. Department of Justice.

He said that Sunday night poker games do go on at the location, but that they don’t involve cash. The warrant claims that over $3,500 in cash was confiscated on the site, along with poker chips.

“It’s just some guys playing cards, most of them are retired — big whoop. There was no money on the tables,” he told Xpress. Nesbitt maintains that the cash was just what the poker players had in their pockets — and wasn’t being used for gambling.

Now, the Search Warrant has been made available, and you can download it from this page, where it is noted that ALE says Buncombe Sheriff’s Deputies participated in the raid, but the Sheriff’s Department said there was no record of any of their deputies taking part. It may be nothing more than poor record-keeping on the Sheriff Dept’s part. I am interested in finding out the names of the law enforcement officers who took part in the raid.

This story is personal to me, because I have worked with Chad via the internet on conservative activist activities, and have met him on three occasions.

He is also hated by all the right people, far more than I am, and for that, I am jealous. I need to let my light shine a little more, I think!

Remember these cases:

Andrew Reed

Leonard Smith Protest [part one] [part two]

And remember that Chad had a hand in helping to expose them, and was very close to breaking open another case.

Certain people holding elective office, including some who wear a badge need to remember that the investigations will not stop if Chad is no longer able to conduct them. Others will take his place. Perhaps even more capable people.

I remember how long it took for other corrupt officials in North Carolina to have their day in court.

Here is a link to some statistics of arrests made by the ALE since 2000.

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The Main Reason to Vote for McCain in November

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 19, 2008

Before I get to that, let me hand out the Official McCain Barf Bag for the conservatives to use when they go to the polls this fall:

Here is the video:

Video Source: Gateway Pundit


I will now speak to the conservatives regarding the hijacking of our party by some truly despicable characters, and the manipulation of our party by the same people, and the media.
RINOs have long held the reigns of power in our party, and they have, on occasion, been outsmarted by a conservative candidate…or temporarily bowing to popular demand, have “dressed themselves” as conservatives. They have mouthed the proper words where necessary.
They have nearly always received our support in the grunt work of campaigning for the candidate of our party. We have hung the banners, planted the signs, distributed the literature, walked the districts, knocked on the doors, made the calls, and drove voters to the polls.

When Ford was chosen as our candidate, we grumbled under our breath and set to work. We worked for Reagan, twice. That was when we were able to sneak one past the leadership. We supported Bush 41 and Dole despite their ideological impurities.
We thought we had snuck another past the leadership when we got George W. Bush. On the most important issues, like National Security and tax cuts, he has been spectacular (that is my word for the day), and on other issues…like the border, spending, etc; he has been as spectacularly bad.
Now, we have found ourselves with McCain.
(Pardon me while I use the barf bag).
Senator McCain has tried to “dress himself” as a conservative. His horn still shows.
This year, GOP leaders, you are lucky. There is a war on, and we realize how important it is that we fight this war. Otherwise, we would repeat our lesson of 2006. We will not.

Instead, we have a different plan. We will come for you. We will take your jobs away from you. We will take our party back. You might want to start dusting your resume off.

Now…to the conservative base of our party, I ask that you consider not only voting for Senator McCain, I ask that you get out there and work to get him elected. And after we are through with that dirty job. I ask that you join with me in taking our party back. You can identify who your allies will be while you are working with others in our party this fall. Talk with them, feel them out on their philosophy, and identify if they are a conservative or not. Get together, and start going to party functions, and bring other conservatives with you. We can use 2010 as our test bed for ideas to apply in 2012 to get a conservatives elected in your city, in your county, in your state, in Congress, and in the White House.

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American Alienation

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 18, 2008

Graphic Language and Truth Advisory from You Tube User Kafir Alalazoo.

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Potomac Primary Polls and the McCain-Obama Juggernaughts

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 12, 2008

Things are looking well for McCain and Obama in today’s primaries:

For the Democrats, there are 238 delegates in play for today, and Obama is expected to take them lion’s share of them. Hillary is now on defense, and her current strategy is now set on betting the farm on Ohio and Texas in the March 4th Primaries. I just can’t believe our best chance to keep the White House is going down in flames…but remember that the Clinton’s should never be left for dead. The stake must needs be driven in but good.

On the Republican side, it is all but over, with Huckles still auditioning for his Ego, and a misguided effort for the Veep slot. Methinks the “straight-Talk Express” will run right over him. There around 119 delegates up for grabs today, and with a winner take all result…it looks like McCain will add at least 100 delegates to his count, which would bring him to within 350 of securing the nomination, which he could accomplish sometime in March or very early April.

Data for this post was gleaned from the latest Rasmussen Poll, the opinions are my own, and my plans are proceeding apace….

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