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NC Primary: Winners, Losers, and Protesters

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

Here are the preliminary results:

President (DEM)

Percent Votes
Hillary Clinton (DEM)
42.85% 540,775
Mike Gravel (DEM)
0.80% 10,036
Barack Obama (DEM)
54.89% 692,822
No Preference (DEM)
1.47% 18,512

President (GOP)

Mike Huckabee (REP)
12.27% 52,802
Alan Keyes (REP)
2.51% 10,793
John McCain (REP)
74.03% 318,513
Ron Paul (REP)
7.27% 31,298
No Preference (REP)
3.91% 16,818

I guess Mike Huckabee is gonna get 12% whether he runs or not!!! And the presumptive nominee suffers a considerable protest vote to boot.

Do you hear us, McQeeg?


Patrick McHenry (REP)
65.88% 29,408
Lance Sigmon (REP)
34.12% 15,232

Ha Ha! Fake candidate, and tool of progressives everywhere, Lance Sigmon is soundly whipped by McHenry.


Spence Campbell (REP)
41.48% 15,616
Carl Mumpower (REP)
49.00% 18,447
John C. Armor (REP)
9.52% 3,586

Wow! I thought for sure Campbell had bought this race. Now, let’s see if Shuler can be coaxed to have a dozen or so debates across the district…


Richard H. Moore (DEM)
40.55% 484,048
Dennis Nielsen (DEM)
4.03% 48,125
Bev Perdue (DEM)
55.42% 661,479


Bill Graham
9.24% 38,870
Pat McCrory
45.36% 190,816
Bob Orr
6.81% 28,660
E. Powers
0.85% 3,582
Fred Smith
37.73% 158,717

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in this race. Smith and Orr split the conservative vote, and let a RINO waltz through. Moonbat McCrory…crap, crap, crap!!!

And in local races for Buncombe County Commissioner:


21.45% Holly Jones
14.94% K. Ray Bailey
13.81% Carol Peterson
12.29% Bill Stanley


24.07% Joe Dunn
19.79% John Carroll
17.36% Don Yelton
16.29% Ron McKee

Good Night…I’ve had all I can take.

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Primary Photos: Savannah Precinct

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2008

I posted some photos I took this morning at the Savannah precinct in Jackson County on WNC Citizens Blog, and will be leaving shortly to visit more polling places (vote early, vote often) in Jackson County, and may swing by the Democrat and Republican HQ’s to see how things are going.

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Fred Smith Rally in Beaufort

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 2, 2008

Fred Smith held a rally in Beaufort, and a member of the New Media was there to capture the action:

COUNTY NC NEWS — Yesterday on a dreary Monday evening, more than eighty citizens gathered at the Washington High School in the City of Washington, located in Beaufort County, North Carolina, to attend Senator Fred Smith’s campaign rally in support of his candidacy for Governor 2008. Lee Greenwood, a close friend and supporter of Smith, preformed flawlessly ending the evening event by singing, “God Bless America” with the entire audience. Greenwood is also the official spokesperson for Operation Never Forgotten (ONF), and travels extensively in Iraq and Kuwait entertaining and supporting our Troops deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Source: County NC News, where there are photos, video, and audio.

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NC-11 GOP Debate in Macon County

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

The player will advance automatically from video to video so that you may watch the entire debate from beginning to end.

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Candidate for Governor Bill Graham Interview

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2008

Watch the interview at WNC Citizens Blog.

Note: Posting will be very light today. I will be at the Macon GOP Convention to film the event, interview people, and distribute DVD’s of Fitna for people to watch.

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"Sound Off Buncombe" Presents Fred Smith & Lee Greenwood in Hendersonville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2008

Our friend, and budding superstar of providing video coverage of local political events, Richard Bernier has provided another video event. Last night, he recorded Fred Smith and Lee Greenwood in Henderson County (17 min 30 sec):

Richard Bernier co-hosts “Sound Off Buncome” with Randy Thomas on URTV channel 20 in Asheville, NC.

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Road Trip to a Debate and a Rally

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 26, 2008

**update** 6.15pm I made it back home after several wrong turns. I am downloading the streamed coverage so I can edit that material into my own coverage, and I’ll start cranking them out in the morning, with a long version for google, and shorter versions for youtube and other video sharing sites. I will also prepare a few snippets from a Bill Graham Interview for the URTV program “Sound Off Buncombe” hosted by Richard Bernier, and a few snippets from the Fred Smith Rally at the Asheville Ballroom.

I’ll be covering the NC GOP debate in Hendersonville at 8 am this morning at WNC Citizens Blog, then I’ll be covering the Fred Smith Rally at the Asheville Ballroom around noon.

I hope to broadcast the first event live, and I’ll be recording the second event. Then, I’ll return home and hopefully have everything processed by 6 am tomorrow, if not before.

WNC Citizens Blog.
Or here:
I apologize for the frequent dropouts and hope I am still broadcasting. My screen here shows that I still am.

Let’s hope I don’t get pulled over for speeding…

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Carl Mumpower: "I Am Not For Sale"

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

Responding to mounting pressures from within his own party to change his position on proposed additional immunity for telecommunications companies, 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower proclaimed, “I am not for sale,” in a Good Friday press release.

“Voters who want someone willing to abandon his principles to artificially support the Republican party need to look elsewhere,” said Mumpower. “I am an authentic conservative – I’m not a party hack willing to fall into the line when I’m told to – especially considering how often my party has betrayed its core values in recent years.”

“The additional retroactive immunity provisions found in FISA are a con job,” said Mumpower. “Yet, normally ‘right-thinking’ Republicans are sadly just falling ‘right-into-line’ and in the process, sacrificing their integrity, liberty, and the Constitution for fear-based arguments and the good graces of party leaders.”

“This is one of the reasons I will accept only personal campaign contributions and none from unions, PACs, business groups, or even the Republican National Congressional Committee,” said Mumpower. “I will serve independently, from a principled position that it is clear and up-front or I will not serve at all. I will not be beholden to special interests or the Republican party structure. I am not for sale.”

—End Press Release—

Campaign Website


You gotta give it to Dr. Mumpower, he has tenacity.

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A Substantial Difference Emerges in the GOP NC-11 Primary

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Well, the primary between the three hopefuls in NC-11 has finally stumbled upon some issue of divergence, FISA.

From Dr. Carl Mumpower:

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Separates
Republican Congressional Candidates

A Monday press release by Republican Congressional Carl Mumpower has stimulated strong reactions from 11th District challengers John Armor and Spence Campbell. “I am not in favor of the immunity found in recent FISA legislation for telecoms or anyone else and I continue to believe that the pervasive bureaucratic dysfunction of America’s intelligence agencies offers few incentives for more hidden powers,” said Mumpower. “Securing our borders, enforcing existing laws, and both financial and productivity audits of our intelligence agencies will do more than allowing the government to expand its veil of secrecy.”

Campbell and Armor share a common ground with a majority of Republican legislators, the President, and even 11th District Representative Heath Shuler. Shuler has come out in support of immunity to telecom companies and made a request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that future FISA legislation support that goal. Campbell has said that Congress should grant the telecoms immunity, while Armor stated, “I could not disagree with (Mumpower) more – this is garbage.”

“As an Independent Republican, I support conservative principles with full heart and action,” said Mumpower. “I am not, however, obligated to a Republican power structure that continues to betray those values and take short-cuts around the Constitution with actions like this. The rule of law, accountability, and liberty should not be for sale – especially to people who are quick to use the “terror card” to justify or conceal misbehavior.”

“I am fond of Ben Franklin,” said Mumpower. “He said that “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I’m sure it could be argued that there are practical justifications for immunity – one can always find a reason to take small steps away from the right thing. This is one of those times when a politician faces the temptation to fall into line with what’s popular or take a principled position and the heat that results. I’ll leave political conformity to others – and keep my eye on the Constitution.”

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate


From Col. Spence Campbell (Ret.):

March 18th, 2008


Hendersonville—US Republican Congressional Candidate Spence Campbell released the following statement on the FISA Reauthorization bill:“As a former career U.S. Army intelligence officer, I know firsthand how important it is that we have solid, reliable intelligence in order to protect this great country and its citizens from harm. We must do all we can to ensure the safety of Americans and the citizens of western North Carolina.“We must not forget that we are a nation at war. There are people who actively seek to harm America, and we must ensure that our government has the tools and resources needed to ensure the safety of us all. “It is the height of irresponsibility for anyone to seek to undermine or try to prevent our government from doing all it can to protect its citizens, especially in a time of war. By criticizing portions of this bill, which allows companies to work together with our government to provide them with critical information and intelligence, is more than irresponsible. It is in fact, foolhardy, and dangerous. Anyone that seeks to put Americans in harm’s way should not be allowed the privilege of representing the citizens of western North Carolina in Congress.”

From John Armor, Esq.:

Mumpower Misunderstands FISA Issues,
Misquotes Ben Franklin

Carl Mumpower, Republican candidate for Congress from the 11th District, has put out a press release saying that the efforts in the US House to extend the FISA Act “demonstrate sharp differences between him and the other candidates.” He is right, but has the wrong conclusion, based on a gross misunderstanding of the subject.

FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union) is using American civil courts in an effort to gut-shoot the government’s efforts to stay ahead of the terrorists seeking to kill Americans in America. It seems that Carl Mumpower has not done his homework before taking a position on this subject.

The quote that Carl Mumpower uses in the name of Benjamin Franklin in his latest News Release is a false quote, although with an ancient pedigree. Mumpower quotes Franklin as writing: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This comes from the title page of An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania (1759).

However, anyone with a little skill in using an Internet search engine, like Google, can quickly find that the accurate Franklin quote is: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” It is both better written, and has a different meaning, than the bad quote used by candidate Mumpower.

“More importantly, Carl Mumpower seems blissfully unaware of what brought about the immunity provisions in the original FISA Act,” said John Armor. He pointed out that lawyers for the ACLU had filed several damage claims against several telecom companies, seeking damages for their cooperation with international security searches as sought by the federal government.


I am afraid that Mumpower has chosen the wrong side of this issue. My impression of the whole FISA argument is that the attempt to deny immunity to the telecoms is part of a lawfare technique used by the enemies of America to weaken, and ultimately destroy her ability to defend against attacks from Islamofascism and Progessivism.

I lump Progressives together with the Islamofascists because both would rather that America not participate in World War IV. They have become allies of convenience at this point.

In a different category, I place “the honest civil-libertarians”: Mumpower, through good intentions (like the libertarians), has found himself trapped by applying a misunderstanding of the issue.

Both Spence Campbell and John Armor understand the necessity of immunity for the telecoms.

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Watch Obama Speech on Race Relations Live

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 18, 2008

Democrat Barack Obama is seeking to distance himself from statements by his longtime pastor that have aggravated racial divisions in the contentious Democratic primary battle. He is calling for both sides to tone down their rhetoric.

The Illinois senator is using a speech at a site near the nation’s birthplace to present what his campaign said would be a comprehensive take on “race, politics, and unifying our country.” Among other things, the Illinois Democrat was seeking to calm the uproar over racially tinged sermons by his former pastor at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, remarks that have threatened to undercut Obama’s campaign theme of easing the racial divide.

Click here to watch live.

**update** noon
It’s over, the speech, that is.

The entire text can be found at Real Clear Politics.

I’ll have the audio available soon. Check back.

Okay, the player isn’t working for me, so click here to download the entire speech, with introduction. It is a 42 MB MP3 audio file.

And, here is the youtube version of the speech below:

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