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Help Has Arrived, Again

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2008

Bob Parks lays it out in this hilarious video:

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Mudcat Saunders at the 2007 Vance Aycock Dinner

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 10, 2007

I had trouble to insert a slide show due to interruptions in the video, and I had to substitute the audio from a backup audio recorder I used, which had a better sound quality than the itty bitty mic on my digital camera.

These are the remarks of Dave “Mudcat” Saunders on Saturday night.

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VIDEO–The Spirit of the American Revolution

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 5, 2007

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VIDEO: Thinkers of the Left and Right of the 1900s

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 4, 2007

Here are two short videos about some thinkers of the last century, I have to admit to having read few of the lefties, and about a third of those on the right…


Guess I’m gonna have to add a few more names to my list as I sift through the used book stores of WNC.

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