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535 Neros Fiddle While Rome Burns

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 25, 2008

WASHINGTON – House Republicans on Thursday scuttled a bill that Democrats hoped would help lower gasoline prices by forcing the Energy Department to release 70 million barrels of oil — about a three-day supply — from the national stockpile.

Democrats vowed that the action would have produced immediate relief at the pump, as was the case with similar releases in 1991, 2000 and 2005. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve now holds about 700 million barrels.

Despite winning a clear 268-157 majority, the measure still lost. Democratic leaders had brought the proposal up for debate under rules requiring a two-thirds vote to pass.

But passing the bill by just a majority would have meant allowing Republicans to force a vote on new offshore drilling leases.

“They’re hiding from a vote,” said GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio. “They’re scared to death to allow us to … force their members to vote on drilling.”

Source: Raleigh News & Observer
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How Local Congress Critters Voted on the measure:

NC-05 Virginia Foxx….Nay
NC-10 Patrick McHenry…Nay
NC-11 Heath Shuler…Yea


This election is very important, and the Senate and US House Races are now more important than ever. Due to their boneheadedness, the GOP will be playing defense this year as they attempt to prevent the Democrats from obtaining a supermajority of 60 seats in the Senate (which is likely to happen), and increasing their lead in the House.

One way out of this “prevent defense” is for McCain to choose an acceptable conservative running mate with credibility in economic matters, and I believe that to be Mitt Romney. This wish to pry Bobby Jindal away from his state before he can fix it is stupid. Jindal has decades ahead of him before he need to consider running for President.

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WCU Voter Registration by Ron Paul Supporters

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 30, 2008

WCU was invaded by Ron Paul Supporters, and I was there to record the event, in video and photos.

And finally, I made a music video, capturing the essence of the event:

Thank Me!

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Pauleroids Misunderstand Iowa Caucus Results

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008

I have been reading in various Ron Paul Forums across the nation, and there is an almost viral thought I have found in most of them…that Ron Paul received more votes than Hillary Clinton. Not so.

The Democrats count their votes by delegate instead of by person.[1]

Total Delegates selected last night in Iowa for the Dems:

  • Obama……..940
  • Edwards…..744
  • Clinton……..737
  • Richardson..53
  • Biden…………23

The votes on the GOP side:

  • Huckabee…….40,326
  • Romney……….29,674
  • Thompson……15,726
  • McCain…………15,383
  • Paul………………11,723
  • Giuliani…………..4,059
  • Hunter………………519

Data Source: Washington Post

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Heath Shuler Votes for Troop Withdrawal

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 23, 2007

Like it or not, Congressman Shuler will have to defend this vote in light of the success of the surge of troops into Iraq, and has posted on his Asheville Citizen-Times Blog an explanation.

Of course, the House, nor Senate have a two-thirds majority to over-rule a Presidential Veto.

The US House has just given GREAT AID & COMFORT to our enemies, and as another blogger put it:

Al Qaeda is celebrating in their caves and huts (and Saudi palaces) today; all they have to do is hang on for another year and a half. That’s nothing, compared to 14 centuries of jihad.

And then there is an Iraqi Blogger, who has posted the following: [The link is now fixed]

Al-Qaeda and its supporters are using most of the capabilities of their propaganda machine to cover their effort in Iraq, and so is the case with financial resources. All evidences indicate that most of the money is used to support the terror activity in Iraq.
Let’s not forget recruiting networks that are discovered constantly in many European and Arab countries; we rarely, if ever, hear that those networks were sending recruits to Afghanistan because recruits are being sent to Iraq all the time. Even more telling, some of the prominent lieutenants of al-Qaeda left Afghanistan to fight in Iraq. One example I remember was Omar al-Farouk who escaped from Bagram to be later captured in Basra!

Al-Qaeda itself boasts about the great “sacrifices” of more than 4,000 “martyrs” to emphasize the importance of the war here. And the hundreds of suicide bombers preferred to blow themselves up in Iraq than anywhere else should remind us that if al-Qaeda considers this the main war then why talk about redeployment?
Walking away from the main war is not redeployment, it’s quitting.

But why Iraq became the main front?

Iraq can simply not be equated with Afghanistan which the bulk of al-Qaeda largely abandoned after few weeks of battles—that doesn’t sound like al-Qaeda!

Iraq, weak after a war that toppled the regime but rich-relatively-with resources and scientific base is a greater temptation than Afghanistan, and at the same time the possibility of a democracy arising in Iraq posed a great threat to the ideology of caliph state. Therefore al-Qaeda and whoever is backing it directly or indirectly felt they had to move the front to Iraq instead of staying in Afghanistan.
Let’s imagine that the world left Iraq alone before the country is able to defend itself and let it fall in the hands of extremists, what would happen then?

Can we compare the opium fields with the massive oilfields of Mesopotamia? Can we afford to leave these resources in the service of the terrorists?

The other point is scientific infrastructure, especially when it comes to military technology such infrastructure almost doesn’t exist in Afghanistan while Saddam celebrated 17 years ago in launching a rocket to space. The same “accomplishment’ Iran claimed to have made just days ago.
This infrastructure, while still humble compared to advanced countries, could be very dangerous if captured by terrorists.

For the other side of the coin, check out Drama Queen’s post at Scrutiny Hooligans.

Bush Slams Democrats Over Iraq Timetable

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