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Crunching The Numbers On 527’s: Exposing Barack Obama’s Lie

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 30, 2008

To hear Barack Obama speak you’d think he is gonna be overwhelmed by a folld of Republican 527’s this fall. Methinks the guilty dog is barking first:

Before the conventions in 2004, 527’s had raised $189.1 million, with Conservative groups raising $43.8 million and Liberal groups raising $132.6 million. The Liberals out raised Conservatives 3 to 1.

Now, the 527’s have raised $207.8 million, with Conservative groups raising $68.4 million and Liberal groups raising $116.4 million. The Liberals out raised Conservatives 1.7 to 1.

I can see why Obama would be worried. If the Democrat 527’s can’t get a Democrat into the White House when they have a 3 to 1 advantage in money…they might have a problem doing it at 1.7 to 1…unless they really over work those ACORN people and increase their fraudulent voter registrations to unheard of levels.

Source for figures: Center for Responsive Politics.

So, when you hear Barack Obama, or any Democrat, speak of the Republican attack machine…you will be armed with figures that will show them that they have been told a lie, and are repeating it.

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Hillary Supporters for McCain, Take One Updated with a Thunder Pig Remix Video!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 1, 2008

The crackup of the Democrats is almost complete, and it was helped along yesterday by the Obama Victory at the DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee yesterday:

This is just a taste of what is to come. Pass me the popcorn.

And so it begins…

DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee commits election fraud

Obama Has Disqualified other candidates before

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Macon County Primary Results

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

This is also cross-posted at my local and state issue blog.

Here is how Macon County voted yesterday, with the winner of the race overall for the state or district in bold:

Local Race First…



53.28% 1,363 Jimmy Goodman
46.72% 1,195 Charlie Leatherman

Now, the other stuff, of which Macon County was only a part of the total:



66.57% 3,533 Hillary Clinton
30.47% 1,617 Barack Obama


71.88% 1,943 John McCain
14.76% 399 Mike Huckabee
08.66% 234 Ron Paul
03.22% 87 No Preference



44.17% 1,826 Kay Hagan
33.12% 1,369 Jim Neal


89.56% 2,384 Elizabeth Dole
10.44% 278 Pete Di Lauro



43.29% 1,038 Carl Mumpower
38.53% 924 Spence Campbell
18.18% 436 John Armor



49.99% 2,326 Bev Perdue
47.00% 2,278 Richard Moore


50.88% 1,272 Fred Smith
18.96% 474 Bill Graham
14.92% 373 Pat McCrory
11.92% 298 Bob Orr
03.32% 83 Elbie Powers



41.42% 1,788 Walter Dalton
33.73% 1,456 Pat Smathers


52.17% 1,176 Bob Pittenger
24.22% 546 Jim Snyder
16.19% 365 Tim Cook
07.41% 167 Greg Dority



81.68% 896 Phil Haire
18.32% 201 Bruce Friedman



In the local county commission race, I think the thing that killed Leatherman was his support for building moratoriums, height restrictions, and the HUGE Bond Referendum that threatened to put an onerous burden of debt on future generations of Macon county. That Bond Referendum, and certain Commissioner attitudes about that will be an issue in the General Election locally.


I cannot help but notice that there was a significant protest vote yesterday. 26% voted AGAINST the presumptive nominee. The Ron Paul Supporters might have been able to make something out of that if they had used honey instead of vinegar in their campaign efforts.


The Mumpower Campaign ran a very efficient operation. I thought that they had shot themselves in the foot on FISA, my major policy disagreement with the candidate.


The North Carolina State Board of Elections finally joined the Internet Age with their very prompt posting of results. This, of course, was due to the state being in the National Spotlight because of the Democrat Presidential Contest. I just hope they continue providing this level of statistics…which promises to keep me very busy over the next few weeks as I digest the information.

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Primary Photos: Savannah Precinct

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2008

I posted some photos I took this morning at the Savannah precinct in Jackson County on WNC Citizens Blog, and will be leaving shortly to visit more polling places (vote early, vote often) in Jackson County, and may swing by the Democrat and Republican HQ’s to see how things are going.

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Pro-Taliban Party Loses in Pakistani Elections

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 20, 2008

Election results are available for 240 of the 272 seats for the National Assembly, as well as for the four provincial assemblies. The PPP — the party of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto — is in the lead with 87 seats, followed by the 66 seats won by the PML-N, the party of Nawaz Sharif who is also a former prime minister. The PPP is on track to form the governing coalition.

The Pakistani Muslim League-Quaid, Musharraf’s party, has won only 38 seats. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement — a students’ movement based in Sindh province — won 19 seats and the Awami National Party (a secular Pashtun party) won 10. The MMA only won three seats. Thirty-five seats have been distributed to independents, while results are still being counted for 26 of the seats. Elections were postponed in four districts.

Source: The Long War Journal, where more reporting and analysis can be found.

Lahore, 20 Feb. (AKI/DAWN) – Leaders of the two parties that won Pakistan’s parliamentary elections, Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, are expected to meet in Islamabad on Thursday to discuss the formation of a new government.

Zardari, widower of former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in December, took over as head of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after her death, while Sharif heads the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group (PML-N).

According to preliminary results, the PPP won the most seats with 87 in the national assembly elections while the PML-N gained 65 seats.

The party that backs President Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan Muslim League -Q (PML-Q) was roundly defeated and many former ministers were also rejected by voters.

Source: AKI

Well, it appears that others will be finding out what it is like to dance on a razor blade in Pakistan…with millions of lives in the balance.

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Potomac Primaries Swept By Top Candidates

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

Both top candidates swept yesterday’s Potomac Primaries.


  1. 64% Barack Obama 614,490
  2. 35% Hillary Clinton 345,211


  1. 59% Barack Obama 439,979
  2. 37% Hillary Clinton 273,828


  1. 75% Barack Obama 85,534
  2. 24% Hillary Clinton 27,326


2,025 needed to win. 1624 Available.

  1. 1223 (160 super delegates) Barack Obama 802 needed
  2. 1198 (242 super delegates) Hillary Clinton 827 needed


  1. 50% John McCain 242,804
  2. 41% Mike Huckabee 197,905
  3. 9% Other


  1. 55% John McCain 157,906
  2. 29% Mike Huckabee 84,021
  3. 6% Mitt Romney 17,993
  4. 6% Ron Paul 17,242

Ha Ha Ha! Ron Paul couldn’t even place above a withdrawn candidate!


  1. 68% John McCain 3,929
  2. 17% Mike Huckabee 961
  3. 8% Ron Paul 471


1,191 needed to win. 1,008 Available.

  1. 821 (19 unpledged) McCain 370 needed
  2. 288 ( 6 unpledged) Romney 903 needed
  3. 241 ( 4 unpledged) Huckabee 950 needed
  4. 16 (unknown) Paul 1,175 needed

[note–10.57 am– At this point, all GOP Candidates except McCain are essentially mathematically eliminated. The GOP Primary is over.]

One last thing I have noticed…Huckabee and Clinton seem to win in the same geographic regions, and Obama and McCain seem to win the same general geographic regions…to whit, these maps below:

Washington Post

Washington Post

Hillary and Huckabee take the western-most counties, and Obama and MCain take the eastern-most counties, setting up a rural vs. urban and suburban thing. Something to keep in mind for this fall.

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Heath Shuler Report Buried In Sentinel

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2008

What the heck is up with this? If I didn’t subscribe to all the RSS Feeds from the AC-T, I would have never seen this:

At the beginning of every year both the Democratic and Republican parties schedule retreats for their members to discuss policy ideas and lay out plans for the year ahead. The retreats are scheduled for back-to-back weeks in January and mean the House is only in session for a short legislative week. The Republicans held their conference last week, but the House still considered several important pieces of legislation.

The most important legislation considered last week was the motion to override the President’s veto of the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007, H.R. 3963.

H.R. 3963 had been crafted as compromise legislation to address many of the concerns that House Republicans had expressed during the debate of the previous SCHIP legislation, which President Bush had also vetoed.

It is unacceptable and immoral that the greatest nation on the Earth has over 9 million children living without the health care they need. While the motion to override the President’s veto did not pass, ensuring that every American child is able to receive health care is an issue we will continue to fight for in this Congress.

As we continue that fight, we are also working to ensure that our Nation’s economic arteries, our highways, are properly maintained. After witnessing the tragedy of the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, we all understand how far some of our infrastructure maintenance has fallen. Therefore, last week the House considered and passed H.R. 409, a bill to establish a national tunnel inspection standard for the proper safety inspection and evaluation of all highway tunnels.

Source: News-Record & Sentinel, where you can read the rest of the report.

He used to have a blog on the AC-T website, then left as quietly as the Baltimore Colts heading for Indiana…
**update** Gordon Smith, of Scrutiny Hooligans, has corrected me. Says the blog is still there. I’ll take it on faith for now. I will post a link when he produces it.

**update**0207 9.30am
Here is the link to his blog at the AC-T, thanks to the web skills of Gordon Smith.

It’s not as if he doesn’t have a Congressional Website, or a Campaign Website.

Doesn’t he have a staff? I mean, it doesn’t take long to jot down a few thoughts, or post a few photos of DC or the Congress Critter in action.

Now that Super Tuesday is past, more people are gonna start focusing on the local races as well.

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Iowa Polling Update

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 1, 2008

Des Moines Register…..CNN/Opinion Research…….Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby

* Mike Huckabee 32% (29%)………..28……..29

* Mitt Romney 26% (24%)…………..31……..25

* John McCain 13% (7%)……………..10……12

* Ron Paul 9% (7%)…………………..8……….7

* Fred Thompson 9% (9%)………….13……….10

* Rudy Giuliani 5% (13%)…………..8………8

* Not sure/Uncommitted 4% (4%)

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama was the choice of 32 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers, up from 28 percent in the Register’s last poll in late November, while Hillary Clinton held steady at 25 percent and John Edwards was virtually unchanged at 24 percent.

Survey of 800 likely Republican caucus participants was conducted December 27-30. The margin of error is +/- 3.5 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted November 25-28 are in parentheses.

|DES MOINES REGISTER| Poll Watch: Des Moines Register GOP Iowa Caucus

By the end of the week, we will perhaps have a better understanding of how the field will be stacked, and hopefully, the Pauleroids will be punked by the Iowa Caucus goers.
On the Dem side, if the HildaBeast pulls out a win, it is over for the rest of the field.

**updated 11.59 am**
The CNN/Opinion Research Numbers are in, and I’ve added them in above in a second column.
The CNN numbers opposite trends for Huckles and Romney, and switch their postions at the top.
They show Fred with a nearly 50% increase recently, with the DMR showing him steady, and the polls reversed on McCain.
Ron Paul is at 9% in the DMR and 8% on CNN/ORP.

I’m thinking it is time for the networks to exclude anyone polling below 3rd place to keep the circus aspect down, or at the very least, anyone who is polling in single digits should be excluded.
I’m talking scientific polls, not internet polls where Pauleroids can skew the results.

I’ll have more on the Dem side later today. (Or maybe not)

This last poll by Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby has pretty much the same finishing order as the DMR Poll, and all the polls pretty much agree on the rest of the field.

My early prediction is that Duncan Hunter will withdraw within the next week or two if he doesn’t get a surprise bump. That is too bad, for I consider him one of only two real conservatives left in the race. I may have to crawl back on the Fred-wagon, even after his stupid comment about the flag.

My other prediction is that the Pauleroids will claim victory no matter where Paul finishes, and will whine that the cable news networks don’t have a split screen so they can watch Ron Paul from the time he gets up in the morning and jumps into his trousers with both legs at once until he reverses the process at night. The he falls into slumber while his little constitution nightlight provides a soft glow in the background.

I hope that Julie Annie finishes behind Ron Paul, but am afraid that the Pauleroids would be too jazzed that their man didn’t finish dead last.
Wait, I forgot about Alan Keyes. He’ll finish last regardless.
I like some of what he says, and read his website often. I could support him as Veep just to see the anti-Christians gnaw their tongues off with hatred.

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Post Election Violence in Kenya Claims 270 Dead; 50 Burned Alive in Church

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 1, 2008

Post election riots result in the deaths of at least 270 people in Kenya, and 50 burned to death in a church.

The congregation, mostly of women and children, had sought refuge at the Kenya Assemblies of God church, before their aggressors set it on fire. The women and children were fleeing from their homes which had been burnt in earlier attacks.

Red Cross officials say they are overwhelmed by the number of casualties from the violence in Eldoret.

Meanwhile, over tens of thousands of armed people are heading towards Burnt Forest, a few Kilometres from Eldoret. Burnt Forest has a history of violent tribal clashes.

Source: Gateway Pundit

NTV Kenya Coverage

“After torching the church, children died – around 25 in number – four elderly people. And our men and our people who tried to confront them were injured,” he said.

Most of the victims were members of the same Kikuyu ethnic group as the newly re-elected President Mwai Kibaki.

Another eyewitness, who gave his name as Joseph, told the BBC that the fire was still smouldering, and that most people had fled the scene.

“I am seeing strewn clothes and belongings around and charred remains,” he said.

Eldoret, in the Rift Valley, has witnessed some of the worst violence since Sunday’s controversial poll and has a history of inter-ethnic tension.

Correspondents say that over the past few days hundreds of Kikuyus in the Eldoret area have been taking shelter in churches and around the town’s police station.

The Kenyan Red Cross said that at least 70,000 people have been displaced in the Rift Valley area as a result of the unrest, describing it as “a national disaster”.

Source: BBC

Will this type of reaction occur in America when a certain political party manages to convince it’s members that another election has been stolen?

I don’t think we are that stupid as to take to rioting en masse, or to try to settle old grudges under the cover of a riot.

For one thing, we have the right to keep and bear arms here, and rioting would be limited to the safe “gun-free zones” in bigger cities and near schools.

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A Strategy For Hillary in 2008

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 15, 2007

The only way that Hillary Clinton can become the next President of the United States is if the Republican Party is divided like it was when her husband, William “BJ” Clinton was elected in 1992.

Here is a little known (or acknowledged) fact about those elections…if it were not for H. Ross Perot running as a Third Party Candidate, William J. Clinton would have lost the election nearly as badly as did George McGovern in 1972.

Here are the numbers from the top ten states (plus the District of Columbia) percentage wise for Clinton:

Source for numbers: USA Election Atlas


These numbers show that without H. Ross Perot, President George H.W. Bush would have been returned to office in 1992, and even though Congressman Ron Paul will not be able to attract nearly the level of support as Perot, he would still act as a spoiler for Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the USA.

I can also guarantee you that Ron Paul will not be the nominee for the Republican Party in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2008, and if gambling were legal…I would take all comers on that bet.

The current numbers are:

Giuliani 42.60
Romney 31.10
Paul 7.70
Huckabee 7.10
McCain 7.00
Fred 6.20

Source: Slate

This is one electronic poll the Ronbots can’t fix!

Remember, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a Democrat, and the Socialism that will utterly destroy the U.S. Constitution, and destroy your credibility with the GOP in the future.

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