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The Main Reason to Vote for McCain in November

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 19, 2008

Before I get to that, let me hand out the Official McCain Barf Bag for the conservatives to use when they go to the polls this fall:

Here is the video:

Video Source: Gateway Pundit


I will now speak to the conservatives regarding the hijacking of our party by some truly despicable characters, and the manipulation of our party by the same people, and the media.
RINOs have long held the reigns of power in our party, and they have, on occasion, been outsmarted by a conservative candidate…or temporarily bowing to popular demand, have “dressed themselves” as conservatives. They have mouthed the proper words where necessary.
They have nearly always received our support in the grunt work of campaigning for the candidate of our party. We have hung the banners, planted the signs, distributed the literature, walked the districts, knocked on the doors, made the calls, and drove voters to the polls.

When Ford was chosen as our candidate, we grumbled under our breath and set to work. We worked for Reagan, twice. That was when we were able to sneak one past the leadership. We supported Bush 41 and Dole despite their ideological impurities.
We thought we had snuck another past the leadership when we got George W. Bush. On the most important issues, like National Security and tax cuts, he has been spectacular (that is my word for the day), and on other issues…like the border, spending, etc; he has been as spectacularly bad.
Now, we have found ourselves with McCain.
(Pardon me while I use the barf bag).
Senator McCain has tried to “dress himself” as a conservative. His horn still shows.
This year, GOP leaders, you are lucky. There is a war on, and we realize how important it is that we fight this war. Otherwise, we would repeat our lesson of 2006. We will not.

Instead, we have a different plan. We will come for you. We will take your jobs away from you. We will take our party back. You might want to start dusting your resume off.

Now…to the conservative base of our party, I ask that you consider not only voting for Senator McCain, I ask that you get out there and work to get him elected. And after we are through with that dirty job. I ask that you join with me in taking our party back. You can identify who your allies will be while you are working with others in our party this fall. Talk with them, feel them out on their philosophy, and identify if they are a conservative or not. Get together, and start going to party functions, and bring other conservatives with you. We can use 2010 as our test bed for ideas to apply in 2012 to get a conservatives elected in your city, in your county, in your state, in Congress, and in the White House.

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I Welcome My RINO Overlords

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 30, 2008

We will fight them on the beaches, We will fight them in the streets, We will fight them house to house, We will fight them in the hills and we will never surrender!

(Apologies to Winston Churchill)

Seriously, we can expect this guy to be a danger to the blogosphere and online activism.

John McCain has won the Florida Primary, and will be coronated King of the GOP by the media, and Democrats will dance with glee at the prospects of a win-win election for them in November. They will get a Democrat no matter who wins, and they will hope that Conservatism has been killed, or relegated to a minor constituency in the GOP.

I think not. We will resist this man every step of the way of the nomination process. We will teach our children quietly, then one day, we will rise up, and topple the evil RINO Coalition.

Here are a few links on the McCain Mutiny Victory:

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I have updated my National Page and my War Page at West Carolina Report. I will have the WNC and NC Pages updated by 10am.

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Mr Amnesty Booed in Michigan

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 14, 2008

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, winner of last Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, drew cheers and jeers from an audience of over 500 conservative activists in Michigan over the weekend.

Just days ahead of the Michigan primary, McCain was one of three Republican presidential hopefuls, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, to visit the Americans for Prosperity Summit held Saturday in the Detroit suburb of Livonia.

McCain was alternately cheered and jeered by the vocal, pro-growth, “limit-the-government” activist crowd. He was cheered for his military service and for his pledges to maintain a strong defense, to cut taxes and to veto earmarks, but he was booed for his stances on immigration and the environment…

Read more at Michelle Malkin


Don’t let the Legacy Media tell you for one second that this guy is liked by anyone even remotely conservative, for he is not a conservative. Stand by for more on this subject in the coming week.

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