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News Roundup for June 9th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

General News

|You decide 2008|: GOP Facing Significant Hurdles

|Race 4 2008|: The Era of Disappointment

|Right Angles|: Charter Schools Challenge Status Quo in New Orleans

|Sister Toldjah|: Bush “lied”?

|NC Voice|: N.C. bill considers new, tighter worker verification

|A Newt One|: UHOH!!! Beware Of The Moonbat Frenzy! Bush Didn’t Lie!!

|Political Punch|: The Huckabee Maneuver

|American Thinker|: Congress Fiddled With Warming While Earth Cooled

|Under The Dome|: GOP: N.C. not competitive

|Adam Holland|: Holocaust survivors facing war-crimes trials in Lithuania

|My Pet Jawa|: Global AIDS Is A Myth

Barack Obama

|Under The Dome|: Sebelius coming back to N.C.

|Lonstreet|: Is America Ready for its First Socialist President?

|American Thinker|: Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism

|Jihad Watch|: Jemaah Islamiyah on Obama’s community blogs

|Infidel Bloggers Alliance|: Israel Matzav and American Thinker find the TIP of the iceberg

|Red State|: More on Jim Johnson: Obama bundler, lobbyist, and shady mortgage executive

|Gateway Pundit|: Obama Threatens to Prosecute Iraq “War Criminals”

|Little Green Fakers|: At the Official Obama Site: 57 Flavors of Crazy

World War IV

|The Gathering Storm|: Storm Track Intimidation: Mother of Honor Killing Victim Executed for Leaving Husband

|Homeland Security National Terror Alert|: 13 Dead After Double Bombing In Algeria

|Jihad Watch|: Philippe Karsenty and the Al-Dura hoax

|Michelle Malkin|: The First Lady in Afghanistan…and the unabated hatred of the Left

|IsraPundit|: Islam’s War against Free Speech

|ADN Kronos|: Iraq: Car bomb kills at least four in Baghdad

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Morning News Roundup for June 4th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It’s been far too long since I did one of these, and I’ll do this one by category:

2008 Presidential Race

Barack Obama

[You Decide 2008]: Video: Obama’s full nomination victory speech

[Rezko Watch]: Klein: Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll. Former insider worried by senator’s connection to Louis Farrakhan, members of radical group

[RezkoWatch]: Rezko Watch Hotlist

[Obama Watch]: Obama Roundup

[Election 2008]: Flood of Supers to Obama

[Fox Embeds]: Obama in St. Paul: “Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.”

[McCain Blogs]: Anyone Seen My Policies?

[Political Punch]: Obama is From Mars, Hillary From Venus

[The Caucus]: Controversial Priest Ordered to Take a Leave

[Gateway Pundit]: BREAKING: Devastating Video Discovery– Obama Associate Talks About His Pro-Palestinian Background

[Race 4 2008]: Superdelegate Flood Begins

[The Electoral Map]: Obama to Visit Virginia Coal Country

Hillary Clinton

[Political Radar]: Something’s Different in Camp Clinton

[Real Clear Politics]: Clinton Thanks Supporters in New York

[You Decide 2008]: Hillary’s non-concession speech from New York

[Michelle malkin]: Vote for your favorite Hillary campaign moment

[Red State]: “Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is!”

John McCain

[Fox Embeds]: McCain: Obama offers “wrong change”

[MSNBC]: McCain breaks from Bush, takes on Obama

[Race 4 2008]: McCain Opens the General Election in New Orleans Speech

[Race 4 2008]: Bad Idea…

[The Electoral Map]: Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

From the Blogosphere:

[Maverick News Network]: Condi’s angry over new Jewish housing in Jerusalem

[American Thinker]: How to measure al Qaeda’s defeat

[Gateway Pundit]: Far Left Democrats: Wrong in 1972- Wrong in 1976- Wrong in 1988- Wrong in 2008

[Gateway Pundit]: Historic Primary Ends… Dems Pick Far Left Inexperienced Black Candidate with Islamic-Marxist Roots

[LGF]: Islamic Thinkers at Israel Day in New York

[DOUG Ross @ Journal]: Sowell unspins Obama’s fabrications

[IMAO]: lolterizt! Part 49

[Michelle Malkin]: Let the Nation of Islam patrol Miami? Sure, what could go wrong?

[IsraPundit]: Condi’s peace is a mirage.

[Conservative Beach Girl]: Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don’t count on that!

In other News:

[Homeland Security National Terror Alert]: Security Alert Suspends Tube Service To Heathrow Airport
from Homeland Security National Terror Alert

[Dhimmi Watch]: Free speech under assault: Steyn, Maclean’s on trial in British Columbia

[Gateway Pundit]: Anti-Israel Khomeini Protest in Islamabad

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen from I Media Online on Vimeo.
[Gates of Vienna]: Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament

[The Gathering Storm]: Storm Track Infiltration: After School Jihad

[ADN Kronos]: Iran: Israel will vanish with or without Iran, says hardline president

[Counterterrorism Blog]: Iraqi Insurgents Quarrel Over Recognizing International Law

[Fausta’s Blog]: China, Venezuela and now Brazil soon to be drilling off the coast of Florida while America sits on its own natural resources

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Monday Morning Blogburst: National and International Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 12, 2008

This is a quick roundup of what is going on, in the order I found them in my RSS Reader:

Kentucky Asks, “Where’s Obama?” via Rezko Watch, which has more dirt on Obama and his pals than you can shake a stick at.

5GW Roundup at Dreaming 5GW.

The miliatry is testing insect-sized robots.

The Long War Journal notes the Operations in Sadr City and also that Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives were killed in Afghanistan.

Hezbullah is attacking Druze Villages in Lebanon in the new civil war.

For updates on the new Lenanese Civil War (sponsored by Iran), check out the following blogs:

Lebanese Political Journal

Across the Bay

Now Lebanon

Blacksmiths of Lebanon

Blogging Lebanon

Beirut Spring

There are more, many more, but this will give you a clearer picture of what is going on far better than what you see on TV or hear on the radio.

Theats Watch focuses on Mexico.

Nate has posted Five reasons Why 2012 Is No Go For Clinton, and I agree.

It is now coming to light that Chavez was trying to arm FARC with Help From Belarus, and also posted video of the ambush showing the captured computers. I think it was highly appropriate that Reyes was killed because Colombians were tracking calls made by Chavez. Who says eavesdropping doesn’t work?

James Lewis, at The American thinker, notices a pattern in Democrat nominees for President, and it ain’t pretty for America.

California lawmakers are preparing to tell Californians how they must give to charities.

Carl in Jerusalem notes that the IDF is now giving out instructions to Israelis living from 7 to 20 km from the Gaza Strip on what to do in case of a rocket attack. Previously, only those who lived within 7 km had to worry about being killed by Jimmy carter’s terrorists friends, Hamas. My advice to the IDF is that several neutron bombs would solve that problem quite nicely, if they were all detonated in a manner that minimized Israeli deaths.

Newsbusters have noticed that the Legacy Media is ignoring Obama’s 57-state gaffe, while they obsessed over Quayle’s potato(e) gaffe.

Sweetness & Light has a poem used by Obama’s Church to stomp on the memory of the Americans killed on the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which dismisses the event as trivial with a moment of silence…and requesting a full day of silence for Palestinians, nine months of silence for the dead of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so on…there is a pdf file copy of the Churh bulletin here if you want to see it in context. I have downloaded a copy, and plan on making sure plenty of voters in my neck of the woods see it, and allow them to make their own decisions.

Obama has surrounded himself with too many radicals over the years for it to be an accident…it is by design, reflecting what is in his very soul. This man, and his philosophy, cannot be allowed any where near the White House.

Now, this is funny. There was a Saudi Conference on Women in the Workplace, and the women were kept in a separate room from the men, not allowed to speak, only to listen to the men speak.

In case you haven’t heard, another one of Obama’s Associates has been discovered doing things they shouldn’t be doing. This Obama Advisor was in regular contact with Jimmy Carter’s terrorist friends, HAMAS. I guess that the Democrats will ignore Obama’s Assosciates the same way they ignored Clinton’s Associates, both those that died, were imprisoned, or were raped. Talk about being in the tank for the guy!

And, I’ll end on this note. Have you ever read Atlas Shrugged? You should. To give you a taste, this is an MP3 file of the famous John Galt Speech in that book.

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The Pope Says, "God Bless America" Obama’s Pastor of 20 Years Says, "G–D—- America"

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 16, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) – An enthralled South Lawn crowd of more than 9,000 sang “Happy Birthday” to Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday—twice—and President Bush said that the first papal White House visit in 29 years was a reminder for Americans to “distinguish between simple right and wrong.”

“We need your message to reject this dictatorship of relativism and embrace a culture of justice and truth,” Bush said in brief remarks welcoming Benedict to the White House. “In a world where some see freedom as simply the right to do as they wish, we need your message that true liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves, but in a spirit of mutual support.”

The pontiff turned 81 Wednesday, the first full day of his first trip to the United States as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics. His 90- minute stay at the White House—only the second ever by a pope—was accompanied by the kind of pomp and pageantry rarely seen even on grounds accustomed to routinely welcoming royalty and the world’s most important leaders.

Lampposts fluttered with flags in the red-white-and-blue of America and yellow-and-white of the Holy See. The vast South Lawn was filled to nearly bursting with the largest crowd of Bush’s presidency, requiring a large television screen so those further back could see. Groups of Boy and Girl Scouts in their uniforms and members of the Knights of Columbus wore their traditional brightly colored feather headgear. Thousands unable to get inside filled Washington’s streets as well, playing music and waving banners as they waited for a hoped- for glimpse of the pontiff passing by later in his popemobile.

An almost serenely quiet papal arrival at the White House preceded the program as Benedict’s limousine pulled up the driveway to a greeting from Bush and his wife, Laura. The two leaders strolled along a red carpet to a platform set up on the lawn, and sat side-by-side as the Marine Band played the national anthem of the Holy See while a 21-gun salute from the Ellipse sprayed gray smoke into the air. Famed American soprano Kathleen Battle sang “The Lord’s Prayer.” The U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, dressed in colonial garb, marched past the two leaders.

The love in the audience was evident. A few yelled “Viva el Papa.” Four toddlers sat on the grass with handmade signs, one reading “We love you pope of hope” and the other showing a birthday cake—chocolate—with an 81 on it. “Happy Birthday” was sung spontaneously at first early in the ceremony, and a formal, more full-throated version came at the end.

Four toddlers sat on the grass with handmade signs. One read “We love you pope of hope” and other showed a birthday cake—chocolate—with an 81 on it. The crowd spontaneously sang “Happy Birthday” early in the ceremony, and a formal, more full-throated version came at the end.

“God bless America,” said Benedict robustly, to cheers from the excited throng.

Source: Breit Bart (via Drudge)

Obama’s Pastor:

I’m not a Catholic, and don’t believe in what they believe, but I can see why JFK, a Catholic, could be elected, and why Obama, a Black Liberationist, will not. To be President of our country…I believe one should love it…without hesitation or shame.

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Another Liberal Newspaper Cuts Employees

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 8, 2008

The “team” responsible for tossing litter onto my lawn every so often grew smaller today. Seattle Times to Cut Approximately 200 Employees via The Stranger “Seattle’s Only Newspaper”

A memo just promulgated onto the web by the odious “Stranger” details the reasons for the mass sackings — 45 from the newsroom. [Full text after the jump] The money shot is right up on top with

Our circumstances are in line with the newspaper industry nationally, which continues to see steep declines particularly in areas of Classified ad revenue and also a slowing of online revenue growth.

Translation: 1) Craigslist bites deep in high-tech metro areas these days, so deep that large bleeding chunks of staff are now being torn from the news body. 2) Online revenue ain’t making it either since who wants to go to the website of a dead-tree product they don’t read in the first place? And even if they did, the money sites get from ads online just isn’t at all in the realm of what they get for print ads.

Online ad revenues, often touted by blathering publishers with “a vision”, never have and never will replace the revenue lost to the print edition.

Of course, the real elephant drooling in the room of newspapers like the Seattle Times these days is “the forgotten reader.” These are the potential readers who, because of the unremitting liberal tone and slant of the Times in both the news hole and on the editorial page, loathe the Times and the whole sector of Seattle society it represents.

Now you may say, in a town as overwhelmingly liberal as Seattle, “Screw those troglodyte, Republican morons!” Well, you can say that but then you will, sooner or later, fire 200 of your employees. And that will be only the start.

Why? Because in an “overwhelmingly liberal town” you are talking about, at most, around 55% of the potential readership that agrees with you. This means you are leaving about 45% of potential readership out of the equation altogether. King County has about 2 million people. That means that 45% of potential readership is not at all a trivial number, and yet the Seattle Times takes every opportunity to alienate them. Result: Mass sackings and many millions lost.

And yet the Seattle Times, as well as numerous other newspapers now dying in the US, never ever cops to its point of view as the reason why it is failing.

Source: American Digest


I think I last purchased an Asheville Citizen-Times about 6 months ago because I was increasingly fed up with the left-slanting news in it’s pages. Not just in the news it reported, but the news it failed to report. If 15 lefties had a meeting and were upset about something, you could could bet on the AC-T and WLOS to be there with breathless coverage. (I don’t watch WLOS either—too many syrupy puppy stories and lefty newscasting).

A conservative crowd of over a hundred couldn’t buy coverage the lefties were getting.

If the AC-T could be counted on to have a few news articles written from a conservative perspective, I’d pick it up more often. Also, if they had a real regional and state news section, it would be another incentive. And longer stories would be nice, too. It seems like they’ve decided to become a copy of the abominable USA Today. (Yes, I know Gannett now owns the paper).

My local papers, the Franklin Press and Macon News are basically the same way, and I rarely purchase the Press, but since the News is free, I pick it up nearly every week, whether I intend to read it or not. It’s main value is a very strong Community Calender. If people are meeting or a candidate for office is speaking, it will be there.

What the author of the article didn’t mention is that there is another reason papers or local TV don’t give coverage from a conservative viewpoint…the cries of protest from the intolerant lefties who cannot tolerate a whisper of conservatism from news outlets.

Remember the outcry when the New York Slimes hired William Kristol as a Op-Ed columnist? Look at this article in Think Progress and be sure to read the comments by your typical “multi-cultural” lefty. Not very tolerant of another’s opinion, eh? It appears that lefties want blacklists filled with conservatives.

That is a case of a hard left news outlet hiring a conservative to pen opinion pieces for them.

Ever hear of Fox News? Find your neighborhood lefty and ask them what they think about Fox News. Just be sure to be ready for a healthy helping of hate to be heaped out, pressed down, and heaped on again. Just imagine how they would react if a real conservative news network were to start broadcasting! (I call Fox RINO News)

So where does that leave us? If the papers continue to report lefty news…conservatives by and large won’t buy their paper, and lefties will continue to use Craig’s List, and the papers will continue their downward spiral.

If they throw conservatives a bone, the lefties start frothing at the mouth.

Where does that leave us? I don’t really know. I suspect that it will give citizen journalists a foot in the door and leverage to squeeze out the regional and perhaps even the local papers. Anyway, I do get a kick out of lefties attacking their own institutions, though. Keep the popcorn coming!

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More Improvements for West Carolina Report

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 29, 2008

I have almost finished the next round of improvements for my headline news site, West Carolina Report, and have updated it with fresh headlines, and a series of widgets that will deliver fresh content from RSS Feeds.

I have been typically delivering content based on a mix of geographic location (for the WNC and NC pages) and theme (for the National and World War IV pages). Now, I will be adding a fifth page, Science & Technology, to cover scientific and technological news over the weekend.

Eventually, I hope to be able to have all 13 sections active and constantly being updated by me and other team members to deliver a comprehensive coverage of news and politics in the coming months. The learning curve has been steep.

So, be sure to check out what I’ve been up to over there.

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The John Batchelor Show Feb 17th

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

The John Batchelor Show will be on WABC (New York City) tonight from 7pm to 10pm, then it moves to KFI (Los Angeles) from 10pm to 1am Eastern Time.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to listen to his show live for 6 hours every Sunday Night.


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Texas Communists For Obama and other Essential Morning Reads (updated with video)

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 12, 2008

This is gonna be fun:

Photo in an Obama Campaign office, with Communist Che Guevera adorning the wall on a Cuban flag, just showing how closely aligned American lefties are with Communism. At least McCain (or his supporters) won’t be likely to be lending support to Communists…like Fidel Castro. I just hope the rumor is true that he has said he would work to free Cuba of Communism. Read more on this at Redstate.

**update** 7.49am I have obtained an embeddable version of the video:

Why all the fuss about Che Guevera? Che Guevera was Fidel Castro’s chief executioner and a terrorist. I always find it deliciously ironic that the left…ostensibly against the death penalty, would hold a man who murdered in cold blood as a hero, adorning their clothing, walls, and vehicles. This should tell you all you need to know about progressives…they are harbingers of socialism, and would bring a new generation of murderers and executioners with them. It is also one of the things that set me against the Ron Paul Revolution, so many Idiot Ron Paul Supporters idolize Che Guevera, as indicated in this T-Shirt design.

For more information on the murderer Che Guevera, read The Real Cuba, a website devoted to exposing the Lies of the Left regarding Cuba, and check out the Che Guevera profile on Discover The Networks.

More people telling the truth about Cuba:

Babalu Blog, who has a team of bloggers focused on Cuba, and Latin America.

Kill Castro: A War Blog. Need I say more?

I’ll leave this discussion of this EVIL man with one of his quotes:

“To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary…These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)” –Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

We confine our enemies in a luxurious prison in Club Gitmo to await a tribunal, while the Lefty Hero Che just lined up men, women, and children and shot them. Never forget that about lefties…they would do what they accuse everyone else of doing.

Now, on to a real hero, Norman Podhoretz:

Powerline gave an award to Norman Podhoretz for his new book, World War IV, which is drum I’ve been beating for a while now…that we are engaged in a Fourth World War. Gateway Pundit has the scoop, and links to more scoopy stuff related to the evening.

In Minnesota, of all places, citizens are standing up to their tyrannical government by…lighting up. Smoking has been barred in restaurants and bars. Unless it is as part of a theatrical production. In at least one location, people take part in the evenings entertainment, and Captain Ed has the program for the performance.

And, speaking of tyrannical government, if either Democrat gets elected to the office of President in November, we are likely to be forced to buy health care…even if we don’t want it. The bottom line of this whole exercise is to steal money from the healthy to pay for the insurance, and the votes, of the unhealthy. Those of us who have taken care of our God-given bodies will be forced to pay for other people’s laziness, and lack of foresight. Read more at The American Thinker.

And speaking of tyrannical behavior…the lefties at CNN are now joining the lefty boycott of Fox News by dissing one of the guys on their die at Fox – Geraldo Rivera – who has a new book coming out, “His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S.” – was booked to appear on Nancy Grace’s CNN show on Feb. 28. But then he was disinvited and told CNN had “a blanket boycott” against anyone from Fox. ” ‘The Most Trusted Name in News’ just chickened out,” Rivera told Page Six. “This reveals a corporate insecurity.” Fox has had on as guests both Wolf Blitzer and Glenn Beck. A CNN rep denied any boycott and blamed a scheduling conflict. Newsbusters has the story.

At least Governor Mike Huckabee’s “Al Gore” moment has slipped away with the loss of the Washington vote count, what a silly boy he is, he doeasn’t even realize the race for the GOP nomination is over, and McCain can win in November!

The Democrat nomination is scrutinized by Patrick Ruffini, by way of spreadsheet.

So, that is a brief, brief snapshot of the American landscape as observed from the Pig Pen.

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(VIDEO) Yellowtop Mountain Estates Fire

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2008

Video from WLOS and WHNS of the Yellowtop Mountain Estates Fire this past weekend.

ASHEVILLE – About 50 firefighters are working today to contain a brush fire in the Broad River community near Old Fort Road in southeast Buncombe County.

The blaze, which began yesterday afternoon, has already consumed more than 100 acres in the area, said Terry Gentry, Buncombe County assistant fire marshall.

Emergency crews are also still working to put out a fire in Rutherford County that has already burned more than 300 acres, emergency officials said.

Crews have worked to contain about 30 percent of the fire and hope that the rest will be under control by the end of the day.

No buildings or residential homes are in danger, Gentry said.

“They’ve got control over it, but it’s not fully contained yet,” said Sgt. Forrest Hollifield with the Rutherford County Emergency Communications.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

This kind of fire scares the willies out of me, with the winds whipping, the steep terrain…houses where you don’t have a clue if anyone is in them or not…uggh.

Don’t be doing any burning, even if you have a burn barrel. Here is the current Fire Danger Statement from the National Weather Service. If you do any burning, this should be the first place you check out.

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West Carolona Report for Jan 28th; Venus and Jupiter Near Each Other In Morning Sky

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 28, 2008

I’ve updated the news headlines at West Carolina Report for today, and apologize for not being able to update them over the weekend…a retard took out a power pole down the road, and the phone line got corrupted enough with cross talk to ruin the internet connection.

Maybe the lines will get upgraded enough to allow for DSL instead of the pokey 42K I currently suffer under.

Anyhow, enjoy this photo I took this morning of Jupiter and Venus as they approach each other in the morning sky, reaching just half a degree of each other on February 1st, about the size of the full moon in the sky. If I remember, I’ll post photos of that as well, as well as the moon when it joins them a few mornings later.

Photo Details
Exposure Time: 8 seconds
F-Number: F/3.2
Focal Length: 6mm
Camera: Kodak Easyshare Z710

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