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Jack-Booted ThugsBATFE To Hold Press Conference Reference To WalMart Explosion Suspect(s) Sought

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 3, 2007

The scene in Sylva this morning

From AshVegas:

New information on Wal-Mart explosion coming

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will hold a 10 p.m. press
conference Wednesday in Sylva to release new information about last week’s explosion of a propane tank in the store’s camping section. The explosion injured five people.

Carolyn Ryan, dramatically waving a printout of the press release, said the cops will release photos of witnesses or people of interest that they want to talk to. Ryan also talked to one guy who said a store employee told him that it looked like somebody hit the tank with a hammer.

Source: AshVegas Journal


Normally, I hold the thugs at BATFE in the lowest of regards, slightly above the jihadis on the ladder of evolution. If ya see the people, they’re looking for, call the police. I hold idiots hitting propane tanks with hammers in stores in even lower regard than the BATFE.

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Video: The Pro-Legal View of the Illegal Alien Protests

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 5, 2007

Source: Americans Defending Freedom At Sovereign Borders
Hat Tip: Richard B.


The Confrontation is coming, will you be ready?

I have recently received a flood of information that I will be trying to post here as articles and on my sidebar and on my other websites under development relating to the Illegal Alien Invasion of our Republic, and the trampling of our rights by the Federal Government.

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Video: Pro-Illegal Protest

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 4, 2007

I found this video while exploring Live Leak, shot by a pro-Illegal Alien team. Language Not Suitable For Work. Also note the Communist Party line spouted by some of the participants, the Mexican Flags, and the Red Flags.

I find it funny that some of these people wish for guns, and I can guarantee you that most of them are for gun control.

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Video: LA Riot Police in Action

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 2, 2007

I found this video linked off Drudge a few minutes ago, along with these stories:

MacArthur Park Meltdown

Police Chief Responds

Video One

Video Two

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