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Obama Describes his Position on Illegal Immigration: "My Position Has Been Very Similar To John McCain’s"

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 3, 2008

If you are a conservative voter, that is all you have to know about John McCain to be against him.
If you are a voter who is concerned about Illegal Immigration, that is all you need to know about him to be against him.
If you are an Illegal Alien, that is all you need to know before voting in the GOP Primary using your Drivers License (Thank You, Bill Clinton) under the Moter Voter Law.

See the video of Obama:

Find out more at Gateway Pundit.

So, I ask you, is John McCain a Republican, or a Democrat?

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Battle of the Bulge Redux: The Romney Push

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 2, 2008

First, Tammy Bruce endorses Romney:

Steve Forbes endorses McCain, and Robert Kagan sallies forth for McCain.

Foes of illegal immigration in Arizona say McCain is not a true conservative and conservative radio hosts rail against McCain and the early primary states. A new commercial calls McCain ‘Surprisingly Liberal,’ and the Los Angeles Times, in a move that may help Romney, endorses McCain. McCain has been getting a lot of liberal newspaper endorsements lately, implying that the fix is in.

Conservative hero Rick Santorum is endorsing Romney, and Michael Reagan says, “John McCain hates me.” And Andrew McCarthy joins the Romney Campaign.

McCain continues making false accusations about Romney being wobbly on Iraq, and Redstate has a Super Tuesday Preview, and the New Media Journal notes that McCain has changed his story on the Bush tax cuts, saying he was for them before he was against them, and would now make them permanent.

David Limbaugh calls McCain the anti-conservative and Dan Riehl agrees with Ann Coulter about voting against McCain, and Tapscott reminds us that McCain almost became a Democrat, but Jeffords beat him to the punch. Let that sink in for a moment, the man was so mad about being rejected by the party for President, he almost became a Democrat. What an eogmaniac! No wonder Kerry considered him for his Veep. If that doesn’t convince my Republican readers to be wary of this man, there is nothing more I can say that will change their mind.

That’s okay. I’ll be spending this weekend (and Monday) making calls for Romney to the Super Tuesday states, helping the last conservative standing reach a few more voters.

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Surprisingly Liberal

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

Watch this ad:

Hat Tip: Paul

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Remember The Keating Five?

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

For too long, McCain has been given a free pass by the media, which promotes campaign-finance reform to silence other voices, and by his Republican colleagues, who are concerned about alienating McCain given the GOP’s tenuous majority in the Senate.

In John McCain’s America, any politician who accepts a large contribution or gift from a donor, and then takes steps consistent with the donor’s interests — even though there is no legal quid pro quo — is corrupt. Well, then, by his own standard, McCain is corrupt.

McCain was one of the so-called “Keating Five” senators. He was investigated by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics in 1991 regarding the acceptance of favors from Lincoln Savings & Loan Association (Lincoln) and its owner, Charles H. Keating, Jr. Simply put, the issue was whether McCain and the other senators used their official positions to attempt to pressure Federal Home Loan Bank Board officials to go easy on the troubled institution. Eventually Lincoln went bust, costing depositors and taxpayers millions.

In its final report (November 20, 1991), here is what the Senate Select Committee on Ethics concluded about McCain’s conduct:

“Mr. Keating, his associates, and his friends contributed $56,000 for Senator McCain’s two House races in 1982 and 1984, and $54,000 for his 1986 Senate race. Mr. Keating also provided his corporate plane and/or arranged for payment for the use of commercial or private aircraft on several occasions for travel by Senator McCain and his family, for which Senator McCain ultimately provided reimbursement when called upon to do so. Mr. Keating also allowed Senator McCain and his family to vacation with Mr. Keating and his family, at a home provided by Mr. Keating in the Bahamas, in each of the calendar years 1983 through 1986.

“…[F]rom 1984 to 1987, Senator McCain took actions on Mr. Keating’s behalf or at his request. The Committee finds that Senator McCain had a basis for each of these actions independent of the contributions and benefits he received from Mr. Keating, his associates and friends.

“Based on the evidence available to it, the Committee has given consideration to Senator McCain’s actions on behalf of Lincoln. The Committee concludes that, given the personal benefits and campaign contributions he had received from Mr. Keating, Senator McCain exercised poor judgment in intervening with the regulators without first inquiring as to the Bank Board’s position in the case in a more routine manner. The Committee concludes that Senator McCain’s actions were not improper nor attended with gross negligence and did not reach the level of requiring institutional action against him. The Committee finds that Senator McCain took no further action after the April 9, 1987 meeting when he learned of a criminal referral.

Source: National Review
Hat Tip: Mark Levin Fan

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To Stop John McCain, Ann Coulter Will Campaign For Hillary, And So Will I

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

To Stop John McCain From becoming the GOP Nominee…

I agree with Ann Coulter that the Hilda Beast is more conservative than John McCain on some issues.

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The Problem With John McCain I

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 20, 2008

First, let me clear the decks on his wartime service…he served our nation well. He behaved honorably during his imprisonment, and torture, at the hands of the Communist Vietnamese. [There are those who claim otherwise…I will not link to them because most of them are 9/11 Twoofers, and I do not consider anyone who is a twoofer to be menatlly competent.]

During his years in the Senate, he has championed pork-busting, denying pork projects for his own state, and stopping some pork projects for other Senators. [According to the St Pete Times, that is a lie.]

That is about all the good things I can say about him.

If he is the nominee of our party, I will find it very difficult to vote for him, and I will not lend him any material, or psychological, support. I will not give his campaign one dime, I will not make one phone call in his behalf.

In fact, I believe I had promised during the Shamnesty debate that I would man the phones for if they had a phone bank I could get to at some point during the campaign.

Here are some demographic numbers based on exit polling in South Carolina:

Veterans: McCain 36, Huckabee 25, Romney 20, Thompson 13
Evangelicals: Huckabee 41, McCain 27, Thompson 14, Romney 11
Independents: McCain 37, Huckabee 23, Paul 15, Romney 14
Conservatives: Huckabee 32, McCain 26, Romney 19, Thompson 17

Source: Race 4 2008

Defeating McCain

The first thing I garner from the above numbers is that either Romney or Thompson must withdraw from the race if we are to deny McCain the nomination. The Thompson Surge began too late. Even though I like him over Romney, the numbers do not support him remaining in the race.

He should withdraw, and throw his support behind Romney.

I see a Romney-Thompson 2008 Ticket as the best I can hope for at this point.

Reason Number One

There are many reasons McCain must be denied the nomination. Here is the first:

  1. McCain-Feingold [1] [2] [3]

Senator John McCain co-wrote, and championed a piece of legislation that did severe damage to the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Should I ever be ruled to fall under it’s provisions, this is one law I will not obey, even under force of arms.

…there will be more forthcoming…

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Liberals Love John McCain

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

Never get between John McCain and a camera. He will run you over to get in front of it.

Here are some libs loving on a McCain GOP Nomination:

Republican voters are clearly fascinated by the novelty and inspiration of Governor Huckabee’s plain-spoken, faith-based messages. But in the final analysis, Senator McCain is a better fit of the traditional Eisenhower-Reagan conservative values of most Republican voters over the last half-century.

One prediction: If the nominees end up to be Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, it should be one of the highest level presidential campaigns waged in U.S. history. They are both personal friends. They both respect each other. Both have been on the vicious receiving ends of the politics of personal destruction. And both believe it is possible, indeed imperative, to debate the issues and to disagree agreeably.

Source: Lanny Davis, writing in Huffington Post (see his record)

And in the Politico:

In short, McCain is getting a free pass, and it’s beginning to show. In campaign events across western Michigan, voters are once again being reminded of the qualities of character that have made him an admired figure on the national political scene, without the distraction of ads designed to muddy that image.

Asked why she likes McCain, Tina Wolfis of Kalamazoo pointed to “his honesty, his straight-forwardness.”

Other voters, Republicans all, cited similar qualities. Pressed about issues, some mentioned federal spending or the war.

“He puts country ahead of politics,” added David Hassenger, a Republican official in St. Joseph County, just south of Kalamazoo. “[Republicans] deserved to have their asses kicked in the last election. … We’ve forgotten what we were supposed to be doing there.”

Source: Jonathan Martin, writing in the Politico (see his record)


Both are puff pieces, one from an liberal at the HuffPo, who can’t be blamed for pimping a RINO the GOP base will reject if nominated, giving the election to the candidate of his party.

Jonathan Martin is more of a puzzle, having come from the National Review. Perhaps he is a RINO as well.

What neither writer addresses is the very high negativity of John McCain. I believe his negatives may be as high as Hillary Clinton’s are, certainly within the ranks of conservatives who hate him for his support of amnesty, the quelling of free speech, the strangulation of businesses, and his political assassination of the beloved Rummy.
The anti-American war protestors (and Ron Paul Supporters) hate him because of his support for the surge, which he claims to have inspired, and the progressives hate him for his friendship with Joe Lieberman.

I view a McCain Presidency as potentially as disastrous to America as a Ron Paul Presidency. The former would destroy us with his domestic policies, and the later would destroy us with his foreign policy. And neither possess the skills to get the other side of their policy through Congress.

No, John McCain would be a disaster for the Conservative Movement, and America. He served our nation well in a time of war, and has since chosen the path of evil.

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Mr Amnesty Booed in Michigan

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 14, 2008

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, winner of last Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, drew cheers and jeers from an audience of over 500 conservative activists in Michigan over the weekend.

Just days ahead of the Michigan primary, McCain was one of three Republican presidential hopefuls, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, to visit the Americans for Prosperity Summit held Saturday in the Detroit suburb of Livonia.

McCain was alternately cheered and jeered by the vocal, pro-growth, “limit-the-government” activist crowd. He was cheered for his military service and for his pledges to maintain a strong defense, to cut taxes and to veto earmarks, but he was booed for his stances on immigration and the environment…

Read more at Michelle Malkin


Don’t let the Legacy Media tell you for one second that this guy is liked by anyone even remotely conservative, for he is not a conservative. Stand by for more on this subject in the coming week.

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