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About the WGA Strike

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 6, 2007

I am glad that the WGA has gone on strike for the reason that so many Lefty Shows have been shutdown.

This is one case of Lefties hurting Lefties that I can really enjoy!

Think about it.

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Indian Casinos A Bigger Gamble Than You Think

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

Gary Hoffman was a millionaire, and then he wasn’t. Hoffman hit a jackpot worth over $1.5 million in a New Mexico casino on an Indian reservation, and received all sorts of congratulatory salutations on the casino floor. Once he made it to the executive conference room of the Sandia Casino, however, the tone changed from celebration to intimidation:

Hoffman, a retired Albuquerque city employee, was playing a “Mystical Mermaid” slot machine on the morning of Aug. 16, 2006, when he thought he hit it big.

The nickel slot said he’d won $1,597,244.10. Patrons and casino employees came to congratulate him. He even got a marriage proposal, Hoffman said. But, soon he was asked to come to an executive conference room, where he says he was told the casino refused to pay.

A casino employee “became quite intimidating with me, pointed his finger in my face and said, ‘You didn’t win. We’re not paying you any money. Do you understand what I’m telling you? You’re not getting any money,'” Hoffman said.

The tribe claims the slot machine malfunctioned. It insists that the machine had a maximum payout of $2500, while Hoffman insists that it had a bonus play option which allowed for much higher winnings. The picture that Hoffman took shows a very precise number that the machine displayed of the jackpot, which indicates that the machine had routines that allowed for seven-digit jackpots — and the machine’s manufacturer insists that the machine cannot malfunction in the way the casino asserts.

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File this one under Another Reason Not To Gamble, if the moral one isn’t good enough for you.

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Subs lost in Underground Ocean

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 18, 2007

While waiting for the news on XM Radio 165 this morning, I overheard someone saying that U.S. Submarines Thresher and Scorpion were really lost while exploring the ocean underneath the United States.

Of course, the program was discussing the Hollow Earth Theory. At least there are people that are stupider than the Flat Earthers, but not the 9/11 Conspiracy Retards.

Kind of puts the Theory of Evolution into perspective, don’t it?

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