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Subs lost in Underground Ocean

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 18, 2007

While waiting for the news on XM Radio 165 this morning, I overheard someone saying that U.S. Submarines Thresher and Scorpion were really lost while exploring the ocean underneath the United States.

Of course, the program was discussing the Hollow Earth Theory. At least there are people that are stupider than the Flat Earthers, but not the 9/11 Conspiracy Retards.

Kind of puts the Theory of Evolution into perspective, don’t it?

2 Responses to “Subs lost in Underground Ocean”

  1. John W. said

    Come on, Bob! You’re caught.

    Admit that you listen to Coast to Coast AM every morning.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    It was purely an accident! =^)

    However, that being said, I like Ian Punnett much better than the other guy. Not that I listen.

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