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The Carolina Stompers Are Back!!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

The heroes of every right-thinking conservative in western North Carolina are back, and they have a new commercial airing in the Durham area:

Carolina Stompers

I especially love their tribute to my favorite Senator, Jesse Helms.

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Conservative Talk for Friday Night, Jessica’s Law Rally on Saturday

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 2, 2008

Here are a few suggestions for you to listen to tonight:

A Newt One 7pm Eastern Time
Listen Here

Old Glory Radio 9pm Eastern Time
Watch Here

The Right Perspective 10pm-midnight
WWCR shortwave 3.215 MHz or
LIVE 365

Jessica’s Law Rally

Remember that the Carolina Stompers have a Rally for Jessica’s Law tomorrow morning, beginning at 10 am on the campus of AB Tech. Click here for more info.

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Rally For Jessica’s Law on Saturday

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 1, 2008

cross-posted on WNC Citizens Blog

The Carolina Stompers will be having a Rally For Jessica’s Law this Saturday at AB-Tech in the Laurel Building’s Ferguson Auditorium beginning at 10 AM. They will be having several speakers on the subject, and your presence would be appreciated if you are in the area.

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NCGOP Receives Infusion of Fighting Spirit

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2008

The NCGOP has apparently received an infusion of Fighting Spirit from my new heroes, the Carolina Stompers.

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Paxten Mitchell and the City of Asheville

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 17, 2008

ASHEVILLE– Offers of help for little Paxten Mitchell began coming in early Friday morning.

Paxten, 3, has a rare form of leukemia, and payment for the unusual treatment he is receiving at Mission Hospitals has been denied by the company that administers the city of Asheville’s insurance plan. His father, Robert Mitchell, is a firefighter with the city.

Jessica Miller, of Alexander, has set up jars for donations on the counters of several local stores, hoping to help the family with bills.

“I have a little boy 13 months old, and he’s healthy, thank God,” Miller said, “I just cannot imagine hearing my child has leukemia and then finding out the insurance company won’t cover his treatment.”

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times
Hat Tip: Carolina Stompers

What you can do to help this child, visit his online journal and make a donation to Caringbridge after you read about him and his struggle. There are also photos to look at as well.

I will be contacting the Credit Union tomorrow to see if there is a procedure for online donations…bookmark this post and return for an update.

Until then, you may send checks to:

Robert Mitchell
c/o Paxten Mitchell Fund
Premier Federal Credit Union
148 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801
or inquire further at 828-252-2346

You might want to contact the people who refused insurance coverage, Primary Physician Care.

The Carolina Stompers have another angle on this story:

Apparently there was a guy named John Miall who did a great job as the Risk Manager for the City of Asheville. He supposedly spent years on the insurance situation in Asheville and was nationally recognized for his solutions such as “The Asheville Project”. Under his leadership, the City of Asheville invested a small amount of money and built a corporation called “Asheville Claims Corporation” to handle critical insurance payments and pay city employees premiums. This “Asheville Claims Corporation” had a total worth of 5 million dollars. Sources tell us that when John Miall retired the Finance Director dissolved Asheville Claims Corp. and dumped all the money (5 million dollars) into the city’s General Fund which only lasted 1 fiscal year. Note, money in the General Fund can be used for any purpose. This money could save Paxton Mitchell’s life.

If you recall, in 2007 the City of Asheville had a 2.4 million dollar deficit. A few months later the City Budget Dept. announced they had a 2.5 million dollar surplus…

Carolina Stompers

Just when you thought it was safe for the corrupt politicians in Asheville, the Stompers have opened another can of worms.

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Nesbitt Search Warrant and Ruminations

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

Conservative Activist Chad Nesbitt of the Carolina Stompers was present at a raid conducted by North Carolina ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement) on property owned by his grandfather, Jim Rhew.

From the Feb 29th Mountain Xpress:

“We’d held a public meeting the day before at Erwin High School highlighting gang activity and a lot of cases that are getting voluntarily dismissed,” Nesbitt said, adding that they also criticized plea deals offered by the District Attorney’s Office. “About 65 people showed up to that. Then the next night the ALE and Sheriff’s deputies raid our place.”

Nesbitt said he’s given some of the evidence the group has uncovered to the U.S. Department of Justice.

He said that Sunday night poker games do go on at the location, but that they don’t involve cash. The warrant claims that over $3,500 in cash was confiscated on the site, along with poker chips.

“It’s just some guys playing cards, most of them are retired — big whoop. There was no money on the tables,” he told Xpress. Nesbitt maintains that the cash was just what the poker players had in their pockets — and wasn’t being used for gambling.

Now, the Search Warrant has been made available, and you can download it from this page, where it is noted that ALE says Buncombe Sheriff’s Deputies participated in the raid, but the Sheriff’s Department said there was no record of any of their deputies taking part. It may be nothing more than poor record-keeping on the Sheriff Dept’s part. I am interested in finding out the names of the law enforcement officers who took part in the raid.

This story is personal to me, because I have worked with Chad via the internet on conservative activist activities, and have met him on three occasions.

He is also hated by all the right people, far more than I am, and for that, I am jealous. I need to let my light shine a little more, I think!

Remember these cases:

Andrew Reed

Leonard Smith Protest [part one] [part two]

And remember that Chad had a hand in helping to expose them, and was very close to breaking open another case.

Certain people holding elective office, including some who wear a badge need to remember that the investigations will not stop if Chad is no longer able to conduct them. Others will take his place. Perhaps even more capable people.

I remember how long it took for other corrupt officials in North Carolina to have their day in court.

Here is a link to some statistics of arrests made by the ALE since 2000.

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Highlights of the Carolina Stompers Membership Meeting

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 2, 2008

Here are the highlights from the Carolina Stompers Meeting held last Saturday, where they informed about 50 people about the progress of their investigation of the corruption of public officials in Buncombe and Madison Counties, as well as state officials.
The day after the meeting, agents from one of the targeted agencies, Alcohol Law Enforcement, raided a card game on the property of Chad Nesbitt’s grandfather.

Chad should be releasing more videos soon, including those he showed us last Saturday. I will hold off releasing my full coverage until that time.

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ALE Raids Conservative Activist Engaged in Investigating Government Corruption

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 1, 2008

On Feb. 24, state Alcohol Law Enforcement agents carried out a raid on property maintained by business owner and conservative activist Chad Nesbitt, which ALE officials claim targeted illegal poker games that have been going at the site. No arrests were made — and the investigation continues.

“We’re still going through the documents and evidence we got,” ALE District Supervisor Allen Page told Xpress. “Once we do that, we’ll put a package together, sit down with [District Attorney] Ron Moore and decide where to go from there.”

Page also said that the ALE had conducted the raid in conjunction with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, which keeps a record of such an occurrence if it involves deputies. However, Deputy J.E. Allen, who handles incident reports for the Sherriff’s office, had no record of the raid.

Nesbitt called the allegations “totally false” and said that the raid was “blatant intimidation,” in response to efforts to uncover alleged corruption in the Buncombe County District Attorney’s office. His grandfather, Jim Rhew, owns the property, but Nesbitt maintains a convenience store on it, along with the two-story building that was the site of his now defunct Legends sports bar.

Source: Mountain Xpress

I was at the Breakfast Meeting the day before the raid, and I can tell you if what I saw in the videos was even halfway true…there is very serious corruption ongoing in law enforcement, as well as in the courthouse in Buncombe County, and in State Law Enforcement.

I will have more on this in the morning.

For those who are counting…this is the second attempt to shut Chad up.

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Asheville Progresives React To The Carolina Stompers

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 22, 2008

The above video was inspired by the continuing dismay of Progressives, Progressitarians (a new word?) and the Pagans to The Carolina Stompers in Asheville, NC.

In particular, this comment thread over at Mountain Xpress.

You can visit The Carolina Stompers to find out what has them so very upset.

**update 1.59pm**

This is getting even better than I had expected!!! Lady Passion has threatened to sue me for the video satirizing their behavior!

Her comments:

Rash, unwise act, Thunderpig.

You and the Stompers may be legally liable for posting that video:

You either plagerized the opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey — thereby possibly violating Intellectual Property Rights law — or possibly violated copyright law if you posted actual snippets from the movie without permission from the production or distribution company.

If you’re a Stompers member and they supported you uploading this, the entire group could conceivably be sued.

[Preserved Page]

Here is where I obtained the video.

I have known many who practiced Wicca, and none of them have acted in this manner. Most have been good-natured, with a live and let live attitude. Methinks it is something personal…

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Mountain Xpress Profiles Carolina Stompers

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 5, 2007

One of the local free papers, The Mountain Xpress, has profiled the new conservative group the Carolina Stompers in this weeks issue. An excerpt follows:

Since the Stompers’ formation in August, this aggressively right-wing group has grabbed headlines, churned out short films and television ads—and made no small number of enemies across the political spectrum. And if the Stompers are militant in their rhetoric, their detractors are equally harsh in their criticism, calling group members “ignorant” or “theocratic bigots.”

Meanwhile, the State Board of Elections is investigating charges that the group has broken campaign rules.

Undaunted, Nesbitt now hopes to take the Stompers to the next level—and he’s spoiling for a fight.

“The way things have been going—especially in the city of Asheville and the state, with the liberals running things … it’s been going down the tubes. That’s why we’ve taken such an aggressive stance,” he explains. “When you come to [the Carolina Stompers Web site], you can see that elephant chomping on his cigar, flexing his muscle. You can see he’s pro-U.S.A., and you can hear his trumpet roar. That’s to let people know that we’re out there, we’re supporting these kids—and we’re ready to do battle, if necessary.”

It is indeed news that a conservative group has formed in Buncombe County that is willing to fight against the shrill progressives, and increasingly shrill pauleroid libertarians.

More on the curious choice to express the opposing view point, Tim Peck, a sometimes blogger whom I have invited to participate on WNC Citizens Blog, and have cooperated with on the Buncombe County Republican Action Club activities, and coverage of the Edwards/Shuler Rally in Hendersonville in August 2006:

Blogger and activist Tim Peck says he finds the Stompers’ approach “juvenile and dishonest,” citing the anti-Lite ad as an example. Peck, one of Nesbitt’s rivals within the local Republican Party, asserts that Nesbitt formed the Stompers to soothe his wounded ego after his unsuccessful bid to become chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party.

In March, Nesbitt was bested by retired Army Col. Mike Harrison. The election, says Peck, represented a schism in the party between the more libertarian camp and “the hard-line religious right.” Nesbitt “and his cronies would harangue [Harrison] at every meeting of the executive committee.”

But Harrison stepped down under pressure about two months later, and in June, the executive committee named Mark Delk to serve out his term.

But according to Peck, who describes his own philosophy as libertarian, the struggle left Nesbitt with “a chip on his shoulder” that prompted him to found the Stompers. “He anticipated being the voice of the Republican Party and … the heir to that chairmanship,” Peck asserts. “When he couldn’t get it legitimately, he decided to create his own organization, which he would deem the ‘true Republicans.’”

I am skeptical of the Mountain Xpress choice of Tim to present the opposing view, because the most logical choice would be Gordon Smith of the local Progressive Group Blog, the Scrutiny Hooligans, who has posted about the Carolina Stompers, and devoted a lot of time hurling insults at the group. I can’t quite put my finger on it; I smell a rat, or a horse.

Methinks that Tim Peck is being used as a Stalking Horse. To whit:

Tim’s blog posts on the Carolina Stompers:


Although in nearly everyplace where the Stompers are discussed, he usually leaves a disparaging remark…especially in the AC-T Topix Forums. My favorite is “The Carolina Stompers are their own worst ad.”

Gordon Smith on the Carolina Stompers:

Nov 13th… Chad Nesbitt Advocates Discrimination

Oct 22nd… People Who Are Different From You, where I am the springboard from which he launches into the Carolina Stompers.

Oct 3rd… Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Sept 28th… As I Was Surfing

Sept 14th… Radical Right Wingers Attack Elaine Lite

Sept 2nd… NC-11 Republican Train Wreck Continues

Aug 16th… Buncombe County’s Republican Feud Intensifies

Aug 13th… Area Republicans Make Their Own Netroots Push

Gordon Smith, the blogger formerly known as Screwy Hoolie, has also posted numerous references to the Stompers in the AC-T Topix forums…the bulk of his arguments against the Stompers seem to revolve around an obsession about spelling and grammar, when that complaint should be leveled against the public school system, because a lot of people can’t spell. (And Gordon, I’m pretty sure Chad graduated before No Child Left Behind)

Again, I ask you, “Isn’t it curious that the Mountain Xpress chose Tim Peck for the Voice of the Opposition?” Perhaps they did call on Gordon, and he wisely declined. (Seeing it would hurt his march toward respectability).

I happen to think that (especially after re-reading all those posts) using Gordon as the Voice of the Opposition, people will see that Gordon is a bit over-the-top and that there is some truth to be found in the claims of the Carolina Stompers.

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