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NC Senate Budget Reflects Republican Initiatives by RL Clark

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 1, 2007

Guest Commentary

As a Christian Conservative Republican and former member of the N C State Senate who many, many times stood alone and cast the lone NO vote on the Democrat budget, I am dismayed and in disbelief that all but 2 Senate republicans voted for a democrat slanted Marxist style budget bill.

It to me is truly sad for the State of N C and the Republican Party which is supposed to be the party of smaller government, less taxes and regulations, And less government in the lives of citizens they took a sworn oath to serve.

This vote is the reason I’m hearing from the hundreds of people I come In contact on a daily and weekly basis, THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE IN DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!!

Apparently the majority of the republican senators are content with receiving the few “crumbs” falling to the floor from the royal Democrat banquet table, Which they appear to lap up with glee!

After all most are in safe “seats” given to them by their Democrat “masters.


R L Clark

N C State Senator



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