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The Battle of Frog Town

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 21, 2008

Cross-posted on WNC Citizens Blog:

This is “The Battle of Frog Town” mock battle by members of the 25th NC Infantry Civil War re-enactors as part of the 5th Annual Franklin Folk Festival in Franklin, NC this past Saturday, the 19th of July.

It was tremendous fun.

For more information visit:

Folk Heritage Association of Macon County

Macon County Historical Society

The Battle of Iotla Ford

25th NC Infantry

Kirk’s Raiders

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Kirk’s Raiders Attack Our Boys Near Franklin!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 21, 2008

This is one of the photos I took of the dastardly Yankee criminals as they attacked the 25th North Carolina Infantry in FrogTown near Franklin, NC on Saturday. I will have a full video and photo report of the battle later this morning.

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New Letter From HK Edgerton

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 8, 2008

This is a few days late, but I have put up the latest guest commentary from HK Edgerton on WNC Citizens Blog.

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A Video About the American Insurgency

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 14, 2008

Find out more at Move America Forward

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Letters From HK Edgerton

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

I have recently began to publish letters from H.K. Edgerton on WNC Citizens Blog as part of my local and regional coverage.

March 4th Letter

Ringgold, Georgia Visit Announced

H.K. Edgerton is a Southern Heritage Hero who has traveled around the South, educating thousands of school children about their heritage, and quite a few adults along the way.

If you have never heard him speak, you have missed a real treat. Below is a 35 minute video of him last year marching, and at the end, speaking in the City Council Chambers in Toccoa, Georgia:

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Waging War On The Bureaucracy

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

This is something I believe very passionately in, we must start destroying the entrenched bureaucrats in every level of government service.

Newt has in mind a long march of our own through the institutions.

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The Cold Civil War

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 23, 2007

Ahh, Mr. Steyn and Mr. Gibson have stumbled upon our ongoing Civil War in America that I, and others [Part One] [Part Two], have recognized for quite while now:

That’s quite a concept: “A cold civil war.” Since 9/11, Mr. Gibson has abandoned futuristic sci-fi dystopias to frolic in the dystopia of the present. Spook Country boils down to a caper plot about a mysterious North America-bound container, and it’s tricked out very inventively. Yet, notwithstanding the author’s formidable powers of imagination, its politics are more or less conventional for a novelist in the twilight of the Bush era: someone says, “Are you really so scared of terrorists that you’d dismantle the structures that made America what it is?” Someone else says, “America has developed Stockholm Syndrome towards its own government.” Etc. But it’s that one phrase that makes you pause: “A cold civil war.”

Or so you’d think. In fact, it seems to have passed entirely without notice. Unlike “cyberspace” a quarter-century ago, the “cold civil war” is not some groovy paradigm for the day after tomorrow but a cheerless assessment of the here and now, too bleak for buzz. As far as I can tell, April Gavaza, at the Hyacinth Girl website, is pretty much the first American to ponder whether a “cold civil war” has any significance beyond the novel:

What would that entail, exactly? A cold war is a war without conflict, defined in one of several online dictionaries as “[a] state of rivalry and tension between two factions, groups, or individuals that stops short of open, violent confrontation.” In that respect, is the current political climate one of “cold civil war”? I think arguments could be made to that effect. My mother, not much of a political enthusiast, has made similar assessments since the 2000 election …

Indeed. A year before this next election in the U.S., the common space required for civil debate and civilized disagreement has shrivelled to a very thin sliver of ground. Politics requires a minimum of shared assumptions. To compete you have to be playing the same game: you can’t thwack the ball back and forth if one of you thinks he’s playing baseball and the other fellow thinks he’s playing badminton. Likewise, if you want to discuss the best way forward in the war on terror, you can’t do that if the guy you’re talking to doesn’t believe there is a war on terror, only a racket cooked up by the Bushitler and the rest of the Halliburton stooges as a pretext to tear up the constitution.

Americans do not agree on the basic meaning of the last seven years. If you drive around an Ivy League college town — home to the nation’s best and brightest, allegedly — you notice a wide range of bumper stickers, from the anticipatory (“01/20/09” — the day of liberation from the Bush tyranny) to the profane (“Buck Fush”) to the myopically self-indulgent (“Regime Change Begins At Home”) to the exhibitionist paranoid (“9/11 Was An Inside Job”). Let’s assume, as polls suggest, that next year’s presidential election is pretty open: might be a Democrat, might be a Republican. Suppose it’s another 50/50 election with a narrow GOP victory dependent on the electoral college votes of one closely divided state. It’s not hard to foresee those stickered Dems concluding that the system has now been entirely delegitimized.

Obviously the vast majority of Americans are not foaming partisans. It would be foolish to adduce any general theories from, say, Mr. “Ed Funkhouser,” who emailed me twice in the small hours of Tuesday: the first epistle read, in total, “who needs facts indeed. How do you live with yourself, scumbag?” An hour and a half later he realized he’d forgotten to make his devastating assessment of my sexual orientation, and sent a follow-up: “you are a f–kin’ moron. and probably queer too!” No doubt. Mr. Funkhouser and his friends on the wilder shores of the Internet are unusually stirred up, to a degree most Americans would find perverse. Life is good, food is plentiful, there are a million and one distractions. In advanced democracies, politics is not everything, and we get on with our lives. In a sense, we outsource politics to those who want it most and participate albeit fitfully in whatever parameters of discourse emerge. For half a decade, the “regime change” and “inside job” types have set the pace.

Source Article: Free Republic

I can’t imagine it turning into a shooting war because, so far, most of the weapons are in the hands of the conservative-types and anarchists. If the HildaBeast were elected, and came for the weapons, then that would be a different story altogether.

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Starting Year Three of Thunder Pig

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 14, 2007

First, the Bad News:

I am considered a domestic terrorist, and not just by the lefties:

Are you a terrorist?

Your score is 85%

You are a domestic terrorist — according to the US government. In fact, you scored so high that your name is likely in one of the super-secret government databases and your phone and email usage may be monitored. After all, the government needs to watch you to keep everyone else safe. Those “rights” you claim to have were exchanged for “Security,” so stop complaining about them.

Take this score !

Quizilla |

| Make A Scored Quiz | Grab Code

To get this in context, visit Ogre’s Politics & Views.

I can, with great confidence, assure you that I am on some watch lists.
Which is why I fly privately instead of commercial!!

Now, for the Good News:

I attended the Dedication of Franklin’s “NC Civil War Trail Markers” on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the loss of my 7.1 Megapixel Camera Friday. My 4 MP backup worked well, even though I mistakenly left it on the 3 MP setting (D’Oh!).

I also had a Camcorder that I used to record the event, and will have video up by Wednesday at the latest because of problems converting the video files.
I will have photos tomorrow of the Wreath laying by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and a reenactment of the surrender of the last organized land unit east of the Mississippi in Franklin on May 12, 1865.

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