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Posted by Thunder Pig on June 11, 2007

Guest Commentary

Reading the news about the latest detainees of the Iranian government
almost makes me laugh. We are somehow supposed to get concerned and
upset, but I have a hard time doing so. The Iranian-American peace
activist from California, Ali Shakeri, is none other than the
founding board member of the University of California at Irvine – get
this – Center for Citizen Peace Building. He joins fellow peace
activists in the custody of the Iranian not-so-secret police. So far,
his mission to have ordinary Citizens build peace bridges has worked
splendidly. What an idiot.

The others are the director, no less, of the Middle East program at
the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a planning
consultant for George Soros’ Open Society Institute, and a
journalist. Money well spent George. I bet you are dying to pick up
the phone and call the President to help rescue your buddy but you
can hardly do that after calling him Hitler, now can you? Soros, you
are a major butthead for sending people into hell for no good reason.
If you want to make peace so bad, go yourself. But I guess you
wouldn’t be around to spend your billions then would you?

And surprise, surprise Sergeant, all four are charged with
endangering Iran’s national security and could be found guilty of
espionage. Now, it really doesn’t matter whether they were spies,
which they probably are not. They are very high minded intellectual
geniuses who just know in their liberal hearts how to get the U.S.
and Iran to the bargaining table to settle all our differences.

Fat chance. This entire episode should be a good lesson to every
Berkeley loon and all the liberals, like Hillary, Barack and Breck
Girl, touring our nation touting how awful George Bush is and how
wonderful Iran is by comparison.

Let’s see. By last count the United States had no peace activists on
its soil imprisoned for espionage. Hell. The way our borders are and
with the attitude of the Federal Government we can’t even keep the
invading terrorists with the nuclear and biological weapons under our
thumbs. How could we possibly care about peace activists and what
they are doing? If I recall this week, they seem to be resigning from
the movement in droves anyway. Maybe they could do more good in Iran
for us? At least they would be out of our hair. Anyone want to buy
Jesse Jackson a one way plan ticket to Tehran?

Now conservatives have said this until we are blue in the face. The
Iranians do not want peace. The mullahs and Achmedinejad want us
dead. They will accept any method to accomplish their goal. If they
have to wait us out and simply arrest our citizens one at time as
they show up to help promote peace, I think they are fine with that.

I notice the mainstream media is completely missing the point. If
anyone would be safe in Iran, it should be a dual citizen of Iranian
descent who has shown a completely pacifist bent and worked hard to
demoralize and destroy the United States with their intellectual
prowess and infect our young adults with their same brand of
misguided enthusiasm for establishing peace.

Peace is great. When both sides want peace. When one side (Iran)
wants you dead, and says so daily to the world press, you would think
these brilliant scholars would get that. They would understand, steer
clear, and not get involved as they have. We tried to warn them. They
don’t listen. They are much smarter than you or I. But I have to ask.
Who is sleeping naked in a dark foreign jail cell tonight?

It is like the old joke about the world’s smartest man who jumps out
of the airplane with the hippie’s backpack instead of the parachute,
as he proclaims he is too valuable to die in a crash.

These men are too worthless for us to raise a military finger to
rescue them. They went there voluntarily, knowing full well they had
walked into a lion’s den. If you juggle fire, at some point you are
going to get burned.

So enjoy the circus folks. The Iranians will keep taking our liberal
elite hostage for as long as we let them go over there. I wonder what
Nancy Pelosi is doing this coming weekend? Hmmm. You think we could
convince her to go on one of those extended peace missions she has
been so successful with lately?

The only laughter that will be harder to control is when the Berkeley
City Council proposes the use of force to rescue their intellectual
friends, because they were unfairly targeted. The Iranians, they will
say, are being intolerant! You think?

People can come to the U.S. and blow us up for years and we hardly
lift a finger. But if we go over there and try to promote peace in
Iran, we would disappear from the face of the earth.

Now tell me liberal children, who has an evil nation and who has a
friendly one? Come on. You can say it. We all know the answer.

Stay out of foreign policy liberal people. You are cowards, afraid of
your own shadows, seeing conspiracies that aren’t there. You ascribe
the worst intentions to us, and the best to them. And so far, they
have proved you wrong consistently. Leave diplomacy and warfare to
the conservatives. You aren’t good at it.

-Mr X

Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the
notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 Mr X.

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