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Rush Limbaugh to Headline Historic Pro-Troop Effort

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 30, 2008

Rush Limbaugh made headlines in 2005 when he traveled to Afghanistan to meet with U.S. troops serving in the war on terror. As he reported to his huge listening audience, he witnessed first-hand the “awe-inspiring” jobs our troops were doing there.

Now Rush has signed on to help the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward to send the largest single shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in history. The drive will culminate in a June 26th 8-hour web-a-thon called “From the Frontlines” that will feature video reports from our troops serving in Iraq & Afghanistan – and Rush has agreed to participate in the program that will be hosted by Move America Forward Chairman, Melanie Morgan, and blogger extraordinare, Michelle Malkin.

More Information: Move America Forward
Live Stream Channel: From the Frontline

Choose Your Care Package Here

I will be hosting a live-stream of this event on this blog, so stand-by for more information as the time nears.

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HuffPo Falls Victim To Operation C.H.A.O.S.

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 9, 2008

The mainstream media might try like hell to avoid mentioning the OBVIOUS effect of Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos on prolonging the Democrat primary but the HUffington Post HUffies sure know who to blame. Come to think of it, both John Kerry and the Obama campaign have credited Operation Chaos with giving Hillary her slim win in Indiana. Of course, some people like Pied Piper Pitt think an extended and bloody Democrat primary is a BLESSING but that observation can be chalked up to both grandstanding and an excess of Bukowski’s brew. The HUffies themselves are somewhat more rational than the Pittster in assessing the DEVASTING effect of Operation Chaos upon the Democrat party as you can see in the comments section of this HUffie STORY titled, “Rush Limbaugh Now ‘Backs’ Obama.” So let us now join the HUffies in full fury at Operation Chaos in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Hillary STILL continues rising from the dead like Michael Myers, is in the [brackets]:

This piece of human waste should be locked up for interfering with elections.

[Will he be locked up in the same cell as KOmmie KOs who suggested Democrats should cross over to vote for Romney in the Michigan primary?]

I cannot believe so many people listen to this narcissistic, egotistical gas-bag. It is my sincere hope that Rush will fade into obscurity once Obama wins the Presidency in November.

[If that happens the Democrats will bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” also known as the “Hush Rush” bill.]

Source: PJ Comix has the write-up.

I think it is time to fire up the genesis of Operation C.H.A.O.S. for old times sake (this is a two video playlist…give the second a little time to load:

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Rush Limbaugh Announces Congressman Shuler Has Joined Operation C.H.A.O.S.

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

Sources [1] [2] [3] have announced that Congressman Shuler will be endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton for President, and just moments ago, the premier radio host in America, Rush Limbaugh, announced that Congressman Shuler has joined Operation C.H.A.O.S.

Listen yourself!

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Rush Limbaugh–"Dealing With Adversity"

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 18, 2008

Join us at The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies as the Doctor of Democracy provides instruction on dealing with adversity:

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West Carolina Report for Jan 15th Updated with video

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

I’ve updated West Carolina Report for today.

And yesterday, Rush Limbaugh conducted the best opening monologue I have ever heard him give…and that is saying something!!!
The background music is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” and I associate it with one of my favorite movies of all time, “Dr Strangelove.” It was only when I was in High School that I found out the movie was supposed to be anti-war. Go figure, I thought it was pro-war, and I still thoroughly enjoy it!

Enjoy the video version, which I understand has the added value of Rush on the dittocam:

part one

part two

Source: Greatest Rush Monologue Ever? The Democrat Party Uncivil War

I also have a stereo version I may upload later today that I recorded yesterday while the show was in progress.

A thoughtful reader notified me that the videos weren’t working, so I tested them, and they are working for me, but I will use the opportunity to create a playlist so the two videos will play one after the other. Feel free to embed them on your own website, as I believe all should be able to observe greatness in action!

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Rush Limbaugh: Man of The Year

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

Rush Limbaugh’s detractors never learn. They’ve tried everything to come between Rush and his more than 20 million listeners, intending to destroy his appeal and impact. But it’s a hopeless, almost laughable endeavor. They led boycotts against his advertisers — yet his show continues to generate more revenue than any other on radio. They pressured his affiliates to drop his program, but he’s still heard on more than 600 stations — more than any other talk host. They tried to keep him off Armed Forces Radio, of course, but he has the most popular program on the military’s radio network.

Will Not Be Intimidated

Try as they might, the Rush-haters cannot silence him, or persuade his massive audience to tune him out. After two decades as the top talk host in the nation, his ratings are stronger than ever. He is more popular and influential than ever. And yet, the Rush-haters persist. Their favorite tactic is to twist Rush’s on-air remarks to make them fit their stereotypes and to advance their political objectives.

Read the rest at Human Events


The Lefties keep trying to take him down, and they keep failing!

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Transcript of Rush on Fox News

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008

Rush Interviewed on Fox News Channel Iowa Caucus Coverage


SMITH: Rush, what I’m curious about is, we were talking about this in the commercial break, you’ve been very strong in your opinions on this and I wonder what does Rush Limbaugh do now? Does Rush Limbaugh back off? Does Rush Limbaugh — what is your thinking of what happened in the Republican Party, tonight?

LIMBAUGH: Actually, to me the big story is on the Democrat side. I don’t think this is unexpected on the Republican side.

SMITH: I want to talk about this first, if we can.

LIMBAUGH: Sure, Shep, whatever you want. I don’t think the Republican race is anywhere near over, as the Democrat race might be because of what happened tonight. But this, the Republican race has got a long, long, long way to go. Huckabee was perfectly positioned because of the makeup of the base in Iowa.

But, he’s not going to have that kind of base in New Hampshire, he’s got a strong McCain fight there and he’s not going to take on McCain. He was on the Tonight Show, the other night, he’s honored McCain, he’s not going to be critical of McCain at all and so it’s at least — what he said last night and the way he’s been handling himself about McCain up to now is any indication. But, I think the Republican race is long, long to be decided.

VAN SUSTEREN: Rush, it’s Greta. Which candidate do you like and why?

LIMBAUGH: I’ve stayed out this up until now. I haven’t chosen a candidate, haven’t picked one. You know, I’m a rock-ribbed conservative, as everybody knows, and I don’t think — everybody’s talking about Reagan this and they’re Reagan that, I saw you guys earlier tonight asking Governor Huckabee about — I think Laura asked him about his Reagan credentials, he doesn’t have Reagan credentials. Very few of the Republicans do. And so it’s sort of a circumstance where you’re not going to get everything you want here because very few of the candidates come close. There’s some that do, more so than others.

But this election, you know, I made a prediction a long time ago, by the way, and back on November 7, I asked my audience to stop and consider what happens if Huckabee wins Iowa, because the conventional wisdom was that Romney was going to win, I also said what happens if Hillary loses Iowa, the conventional wisdom that she was going to win.

And this election will not be about Iraq, it’s not going to be about the war, it’s going to be about the future of the country and if Obama is the nominee, it is going to be about issues which it absolutely should be. It’s not going to be about inevitability, it’s not going to be personalities, it’s not going to be about the Clinton’s being entitled or being inevitable, I think it’s shaping up to be exciting because I think a presidential elections ought to be about issues, they ought to be about ideas and the ideas are going to be clearly contrastable if Obama’s the nominee and whoever the Republican nominee is.

INGRAHAM: Rush, isn’t it true, though, that we — we, and I’m not putting myself in your category, believe me, I’m smarter than that, but that some people out there, and I think I’m of them, are missing the boat here about what people are feeling about Huckabee. I mean, I don’t think he’s a Reagan conservative on a lot of issues, I think he’s really effective and he’s an interest guy and he’s very smart, but I don’t think he’s a Reagan conservative.

But people are anxious about this economy and they like how he’s talking about the economy and they like what they’re hearing from him. And I think that is a cause of concern for Republicans and obviously it’s not over yet. But, that’s clearly a sentiment out there that I think a lot of people didn’t predict.

LIMBAUGH: Well, I don’t — I haven’t underestimated him at all, and again, I don’t want to be repetitive, but it was back in early November that I started detecting an uptick in his movement in the polls and I asked what if he gets the nomination? Now, you know, Governor Huckabee is — you know, talk about people underestimating him and the angst that exists in the country, there’s a PEW poll that came out on New Year’s Eve, 84 percent of the people, Laura, are immensely satisfied, a clear majority, greatly satisfied with their lives. What is this angst? I think — I think this angst is driven by media — made up.

ESTRICH: Can I ask you a question, Rush?


LIMBAUGH: I think there is some out there, but it’s not nearly as — if you’re trying to talk — my hearing — I don’t mean to be talking over you if you’re interrupting, but I just think that 70 percent of the same people say the country’s going in the wrong direction. Now, how you balance that? You have to balance it by what – there is a trend in the news media today, we can get a story that there has been a cure for cancer and it would have four experts saying it may be bad news. We can’t rely on the good news. Good news is simply not allowed in this country today, based on current media trends, FOX NEWS excluded, of course. And I don’t think that there is this much angst, individually.

I think a lot of people think a lot of other people are hurting, the subprime crisis and all this and these attitudes manifest themselves in the form of perception sometimes equaling reality, but if you get down to brass tacks and talk to people individually, they’re not hurting. Ninety-six percent of the American people are paying their mortgages, we’re not nearly as desolate, destitute.

Edwards made the country sound like 1920’s Louisiana, tonight.

ESTRICH: Rush, let me ask you…

LIMBAUGH: Now, Huckabee is — I think he’s tapping into a sentiment here that people just like a straight talker, or somebody who appears to be, who is from outside Washington, who is outside the beltway who’s not part of the political elites in Washington, or in New York, he’s making great hay with this New York-Washington axis comment, but this is all going to shake out. We’re going to have many fewer candidates in these next debates and that’s going to clear a lot of things out. This has a long way to go.

ESTRICH: Rush, I have a question it’s Susan. How are you?

LIMBAUGH: I’m fine. Is this Susan, did you say?

ESTRICH: Yes, it is.

LIMBAUGH: Susan, you look great. I have to tell you.

ESTRICH: Thank you, darling. What happens tomorrow when Mike Huckabee

calls and tries to make up with you? You’ve been critical of him in the past, you’ve been tough on him. If I were Mike Huckabee, tomorrow morning I would call Rush Limbaugh and try to make nice to you and your audience. What do you do when that happens?

LIMBAUGH: Well, um — it isn’t going to happen. This little thing that happened before Christmas with this blog that happened on the Atlantic Monthly with one of his advisors supposedly saying that, you know, I’m not an independent thinker, and I’m part of the D.C./New York actors, and so forth. He was asked about it and he said: Well, I would love for Rush to call me, I don’t have his number, I don’t know how to get hold of him.

And his campaign people in Arkansas know full well how to get hold of me. And he did, last Sunday, send me an e-mail, it said the last thing I want to do is pick a fight with you. But, he said something very interesting, I don’t know what was said and I don’t know who said it so I can’t respond to it.

Well, it was four days after what was said, he has to know what was said, and he could have responded to it anyway. I don’t think he will. I actually think that a portion of Huckabee campaign doesn’t mind the fact that some of us are opposing him. I think they think that it will help him with his base. I wouldn’t expect him try to make peace.

SMITH: Rush Limbaugh on the phone. Hey you know what? One thing I was going to ask the panel here, Rush, and maybe you can weigh in on this, as well. I guess, there are a couple of things when we talk about the Democrats, Obama’s message seems to be hope, Edwards’ message seems to be the middle class, what kind of message does Hillary Clinton the kind of enthusiasm that Obama seems to have around his campaign?

LIMBAUGH: I’m glad you asked that because I’m — this is what I originally wanted to say. I was watching all the networks tonight, channel surfing around, and I honestly, this is an historic night in this country, folks. For the first time a black American has been — has won a presidential primary going away by nine points. Now, I’m not going to mention the networks, but without exception, other than yours, it was Huckabee, Huckabee, Huckabee, Huckabee, they were doing their best to bury what was a devastating and humiliating loss for Hillary Clinton. This was the worst night of her life other than maybe some nights during the second term during the…

ESTRICH: Oh, I think, Rush, there were worse nights, don’t you?

LIMBAUGH: Well, look, you’re — she was the candidate of inevitability, Susan. She’s the candidate of entitlement. She was the candidate of coronation. Inevitable candidates do not lose, not especially when they take their whole national campaign team into the state…

VAN SUSTEREN: Rush, it’s Greta.


VAN SUSTEREN: Here’s the thing that I’m — and I keep harping back to the 1988, the inevitable candidate, here in Iowa, you would think would have been George Bush, he’d been vice president of the United States, under President Reagan, who was loved by in many this country. He lost, I’m looking at the numbers right now, by almost 20 points, 20 percentage points to Bob Dole and he lost by six percentage points to Pat Robertson and ended up being the president of the United States. So, it’s while everyone is sort of harping on this one race, and it’s a huge win tonight for the two winners, it’s like, I just don’t see this as like such a, oh, no for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It’s more — it certainly is a wakeup call, like it was for George — President George Bush, then. So, I don’t feel the way that everyone else does on this.

LIMBAUGH: Well, I would draw a distinct in that I don’t think George H.W. Bush and his wife and their whole campaign team and their whole administration, prior to the Reagan administration, running around with this attitude of arrogant inevitability like the Clintons have been running around.

This is, I think this is a wakeup call for them. I also think that President Clinton hurt her. If you take a look in any number of campaigns prior to tonight when the president, the former president went out, endorsed candidate, the vast majority of them lost.

Her tailspin began when he got off the airplane in Iowa and started running around making three-hour speeches about himself rather than her. I think — I don’t think this is a good night for them. And you know, you like to go back to history and draw some parallels, if you want to do that, you should do he same thing about Huckabee and go talk about all the people that won Iowa who then faded later, but nobody is doing that about Huckabee, they’re anointing Huckabee tonight. And Susan knows exactly why. The Democrats are hoping and praying he’s the nominee for one reason.

ESTRICH: That’s right.

LIMBAUGH: I’ll tell you what it is, Susan, I know exactly what it is. The left-wing in this country is terribly fearful of Evangelicals, the Christian right. They would love to find a way to neutralize them. You nominate a guy who represents them and take him out, you take out the whole Christian right, once and for all and you don’t have to worry about them. And I know that’s why you want Huckabee.

SMITH: Got to go, Rush. Thanks for the call in, appreciate it.

LIMBAUGH: Thank you, Shep.



I hate to disagree with Maja Rushdie, but I disagree with him over Clinton being taken out last night. I think she was weakened, but she can survive. She can survive a loss in New Hampshire as well. If she loses in South Carolina, then I will start throwing in the shovels of dirt on her. Not until then.

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(VIDEO) Rush Limbaugh on Fred Thompson

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 14, 2007

How can I add to what Rush said?

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Senate Letter Lambasting Limbaugh Raises $4 Million For Charity Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation Benefits

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 19, 2007

The #1 Supporter of the US Military, Rush Limbaugh has used a disgraceful act of 41 US Senators to raise over $4 Million for the children of US Marines and Federal Law Enforcement killed on duty to attend college.

Take that, Butt-Wipes!!!

Thank You Betty Casey!

Thank You Rush for matching the bid!

Update: To memorialize the event…I swiped this photo from a FReeper thread:

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Rush Combats NeoStalinists in US Senate

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 15, 2007

The story by video:

Morning Update 03 October 2007

Anatomy of a Smear

Rush Launches eBay Counter Attack

View the letter, the signatures, track the bidding, and print some copies of the letter to send to the signers, and put on your home/office wall to remind you of the lengths Democrats will go to attack Free Speech.


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