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Southeast Emergency Information

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 30, 2006



South Carolina

North Carolina

More as needed, depending on the path of Ernesto.

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The Future of The John Batchelor Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 30, 2006

An announcement on John’s site reveals that the show will be on hiatus, implying a return. So say we all.

Late Fall ’06. That’s Oct-Nov, right?

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Final Week of John Batchelor Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 29, 2006

I have just heard on The John Batchelor Show that this is his final week on ABC Radio Networks.

Should you care enough, shoot an email to

The text of my missive:

I have listened to John Batchelor since before September the 11th on WABC, going to great lengths to hear him and Paul.

John Batchelor was the reason I purchased an XM Radio, so that I could hear him loud and clear. His Radio Show is entertaining and VERY informative.

I feel this is a bad decision, and will not be listening to his replacement.

Bobby Coggins

Why do the Good Shows, And Hosts, keep getting cancelled?

Update 12.52am (waaay past my bedtime!!)

‘ve been listening to John Batchelor, and crusing the net and leaving comments on other blogs who’ve commented on the sad news. Even the Wikipedia article has been updated. Talk about speed! Wait, here comes Kate.

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Nonpartisan? I think not

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 28, 2006

Tim Peck has posted the audio of Asheville City Councilman Brian Freeborn making some very partisan remarks, blaming Republicans in general and Bush in particular.

Hat Tip to Matt Mittan for playing the audio on “Take A Stand” today on WWNC, and thanks to Tim Peck for doing all the hard work.

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Posted by Thunder Pig on August 28, 2006

I can’t be here 24/7 reporting on the troplical weather, but I have done the next best thing… I’ve added links to my right-hand sidebar with a short list of my tropical protocols. You can also check up on the Florida Division of Emergency Management for public advisories.

And, if you should care, you can watch live video shot by storm chasers with a subscription at Hurricane Track.

And a throw away directed at The Emmys, seriously now, by now you should know that Hollywood is out of touch with the rest of us. These awards shows are the perfect stage for the preening peacocks and peahens. A sensible person would’ve went with plan B after the plane crash. Remember, the oft repeated phrase, “The Show must go on!” is more about them than the audience, anyway.

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My Concerns About Heath Shuler

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 26, 2006

View my album of the recent Democratic Rally in Hendersonville here choose slide show to see the photos in sequence and a larger size.

I have received a number of e-mails asking me where I stand on the 11th District Race for the US Congress. I guess people have picked up on my ambivalence about Taylor. My biggest problem with him is the CAFTA vote, where he voted…er didn’t vote, whether by accident, or on purpose I cannot determine. As a conservative, I oppose the creation of ever larger superstates. Down this road is the North American Union, just as surely as the lowering of tariff barriers in Europe have led to the European Union. But this missive is suppossed to be about my misgivings about Heath Shuler.

There are many red flags about the Shuler Campaign, and the largest one is the combination of money from outside the district and the money from Real Estate and Construction. Let me make myself clear, I absolutely hate the destruction of my homeland by carpetbaggers, refugees, and retirees from all points of the compass. As a native son of Western North Carolina, I have witnessed the rape of our mountains and peoples by these concerns as they seek to replace our wildlife, trees, and people with tourist attractions, retirement homes, country clubs, and gated communities. These people, often affluent, are changing our economy to a service economy where the majority of the jobs created are low wage jobs. Of course, the local and state governments a absolutely agog at this opportunity due to the expansion of the tax base that will bring more money into their coffers so they can conduct social engineering experiments on the rest of us.

For example, I have included a list of the top contributors to the Shuler Campaign below. Source.

Top Contributors 2006 RACE: NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT 11 Heath Shuler (D)

Rivercrest LLC


Phillips & Jordan


Collins & Shuler Management


Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America


National Education Assn


Our Common Values PAC


PAC to the Future


Nelson, Mullins et al


US Postal Service


Operating Engineers Union


Solidarity PAC


United Auto Workers


Hope Fund


University of Tennessee


Avisco Inc


Windswept Estates


Don Hill Enterprises




Air Line Pilots Assn


American Federation of Teachers


American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees


American Postal Workers Union


Assn of Trial Lawyers of America


Blue Dog PAC


Carpenters & Joiners Union


Cmte for a Livable Future


Communications Workers of America


Forward Together PAC


International Assn of Fire Fighters


Ironworkers Union


Laborers Union


National Assn of Letter Carriers


National Leadership PAC


New Democrat Coalition


Plumbers/Pipefitters Union


Prairie PAC


Sheet Metal Workers Union


Teamsters Union


United Steelworkers of America


United Transportation Union


Phillips and Jordan is a large construction company that has one of the largest land clearing operation in the United States. In their own words:

Since its beginnings as a small land clearing company in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Phillips and Jordan has grown to become one of the largest land clearing contractors in the United States. We have cleared and grubbed swamp, agricultural, forest, and mountain land for reservoirs, power transmission lines, roadways, pipelines, railroads, airports, and site development projects across the nation.

The majority of our clearing supervisors have worked their way up through the ranks. They have years of experience and knowledge that can only be gained by actually doing the work. Our equipment operators are skilled in the art of clearing land. They know the ins and outs of the work, and can quickly and efficiently perform their tasks.

In addition to our highly experienced supervisors and operators, we have a fleet of specialized equipment set up specifically for land clearing. We have earned a reputation for taking on and successfully completing difficult clearing jobs that others would not consider. The combination of our knowledge and experience with our specialized equipment allows us to say, with confidence, “we can clear anything, anywhere”.

Source is located on the right hand side, click on land clearing, I can’t get a link.

I can’t find much on the web regarding Collins and Shuler Management, so I will have to let that rest in the interest of time for this post.

In regard to the AmeriPAC listing, I was in grave error before, because there is a conservative PAC with almost the same name…That one did not donate to Shuler; the one belongs to the Minority Whip of the Democratic Party, who raises money for the democratic party where Nancy Pelosi cannot. Sort of like a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, if you will.

Enough people are focusing on Taylor in this race, I will trust them to do their work, while I focus on Shuler. If anyone knows of other bloggers digging into Shuler’s Campaign, drop me a note in the comments, or email me at wnccb AT yahoo DOT com.

Make your own here.

Hat Tip: Screwy Hoolie

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Sharing A Meal

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 26, 2006

I have seen very few few Honeybees this summer, and managed to get this shot after a few tries.

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Pluto now a "Dwarf Planet" my beehind !!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 25, 2006 article on the scheme.

Have these people got nothing better to do than to argue about this?

Maybe I should be glad I never became an Astronomer according to my boyhood dreams. The answer is ovious as the nose on their faces: Let Pluto be the dividing line between planet and large asteroid (or planetesimal for the politically correct).

And elevating Charon to the same status as Pluto is absurd, Charon is a moon, not a planet. All planets and their moons orbit about a common center due to the laws of physics. Since Pluto and Charon are close in mass, their common orbital center is nearly halfway between them. The Earth and Moon orbit around a common center that always stays below the surface of the Earth because the Earth is many times more massive than the Moon.

My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets becomes
Many Very Educated Men Just Screwed Up Nine Planets

Hat Tip: SomeGuyFromCA

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Democrat Rally

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 23, 2006

Correction: Democratic Rally
Hat Tip: Screwy Hoolie in the comments section.

I attended the Shuler/Edwards Rally in Hendersonville yesterday, and took some pix and shot a video of the speeches. Here is the money shot:

I will post more as I have time available, and am looking for a way to get the audio put somewhere on the net so you can listen to them.

Update: Screwy Hoolie has an excellent post and pictures of the event, plus links to more coverage and video. I feel like a 3rd world blogger, Just not enough technology to keep up!

Yet Another Update: My Navigator’s photos of the event.

And Yet Another Update:
The Audio of the speeches.

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The Baron has a Diagnosis…

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 20, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Down with the Flu

by Baron Bodissey

The advent of digital computers and the emergence of the internet have allowed the development of a generalized theory of viruses as invasive self-replicating structures within information systems. Biological organisms, human cultures, and computer networks all constitute information systems which can be exploited by virus-like entities.

In many ways radical Islam acts as a virus on societal structures. It is passed from host to host rapidly, without the necessity of any intervention by formal political structures. The bug is simply in the air, and is picked up by the susceptible recipient through the vectors of mosque communities and media propaganda.

One of the simplest forms of a biological virus is a bacteriophage. It consists of a strand of DNA enclosed in a protein coat, a set of leg-like structures which attach to a host’s cell wall, and a neck or proboscis which enables the virus to breach the cell wall and inject its DNA into the bacterium.

Read the rest

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