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Christian Churches Begin To Stand Up To Federal Oppressors

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 15, 2008

Kenneth Copeland Ministries, one of six so-called mega-churches at the center of a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation, has informed the committee that it will not cooperate with the probe, citing its concerns about the government targeting certain Christian churches, as well as concerns about privacy and potential First Amendment violations.

“The church is deeply concerned that the information Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is seeking could be used to subject the church and its members to public stigma, scorn, and obloquy,” Lawrence Swicegood, communications director for Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), said in a letter responding to the committee’s request for a range of financial data and other information, including the names and addresses of board members and the names and addresses of people responsible for the church’s audio and video production.

“The church also has grave concerns with the conclusion that this inquiry ‘does not infringe upon First Amendment rights,’” said Swicegood.

“The six ministries under investigation all share a common theology based on the sincerely held religious belief that prosperity in all areas of one’s life is an outward sign of the fulfillment of God’s promises contained in the Bible,” he added.

Source: Cybercast News

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This is very dangerous territory for the Feds to be stepping into. LBJ forced the churches into a tax-exempt status and limited their Free Speech rights because they were giving him such a hard time back in Texas…and now, here comes Chuck Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee, intent on expanding Federal Power yet again.

As William Tech noted on his blog, this is indeed the stuff of sparking an Armed Rebellion. Can you imagine what the Administration of Barack “I think Guns & Religion Are For people In Trouble” Obama would do to churches? Especially those that did not subscribe to his hateful Black Liberation Theology, or at least pretends it doesn’t exist?

I hope more churches begin to stand up to the Feds. I hope more churches invite politicians to give speeches and sermons (beyond the black and liberal churches that already do so) from the pulpit. It is high time Christians stood up to block the expansion of federal powers, and reclaim their spot as the charitable organizations they were prior to LBJ. Put caring for the poor back in the hands of the churches, and stop stealing money from (those who are) taxpayers.


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Congressional Candidates Debate in Flat Rock

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 10, 2008

FLAT ROCK — The $600 million “Road to Nowhere” could be back if the Republicans running for the 11th congressional district have their way.

At a debate at Flat Rock today, Highlands attorney John Armor, retired Army Col. Spence Campbell of Hendersonville and Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower described the 34-mile road through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a broken promise. Campbell and Mumpower said it should be built.

Source: Hendersonville News-Times

At least the candidates understand the importance of the North Shore Road.

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Senator Lamar Alexander Says: Stopping The Road To Nowhere ‘A Good Christmas Present For Tennessee’

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

From the desk of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander about a North Carolina problem:

December 21, 2006

The Honorable Mary A. Bomar
National Park Service
1849 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20240

Dear Director Bomar,

I am writing to suggest that a good Christmas present for the people of Tennessee and North Carolina would be a National Park Service decision to abandon the proposed $600 million “Road to Nowhere” through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Environmental Impact Statement review for this proposed road is near a conclusion. Now is the time to bring this dispute – which has lasted since World War II – to an end. There is surely a federal obligation to the people of Swain County, North Carolina, but the U.S. Supreme Court has said there is no legal requirement to satisfy it by building this road. Common sense, as the elected Swain County Commissioners and the governors of Tennessee and North Carolina have said, suggests a cash settlement instead.

Source: The Rest of The Story, who has been on the forefront on the issue of forcing the Federal Government to live up to their promise to the people of Swain County made during World War II.

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