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And Then There Were Three…

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 7, 2007

The Gang of Four Voting Bloc on the Asheville City Council has been broken up by the arrival of Bill Russell, who replaces Bryan “I Hate Republicans” Freeborn.

The Referendum on changing the City Charter to allow Partisan Elections has gone done in flames with 9,568 (80.3%) voting NO, and only 2,346 (19.7%) voting Yes.

I would like to thank the Fab Four for putting the idea forth to change the Asheville City Charter from Non-Partisan to Partisan, which I thought would pass with no problems. The referendum allowed for the harnessing of the large Unafilliated (shudder) vote in Asheville to knock a reliable Progressive vote off the Council, and replace it with (I Hope) another conservative voice to join Dr. Mumpower, so Mayor Bellamy can work a majority for her agendas.

Brownie Newman is no longer the Shadow Mayor of Asheville…Mayor Terry Bellamy is now the Power Player on Council…especially with the Democrats Dumping on Jan Davis. I will have more on that later.

The emphasis on being low-key, not drawing attention to the Council Race and not calling in to WWNC and working the neighborhoods worked. I thought it would not. I was wrong. All those Saturdays spent quietly knocking on doors worked, I was pretty sure that would help. Only 5,000 for Elaine? This gives me hope for Asheville, that perhaps things can be turned around there.

Here’s hoping Hillary gets the Democrat Nomination for 2008, because that will energize the Republican Base more than anything I can think of at this moment, save a real conservative nominee.

Coverage Round Up:

Asheville City-Council

# Jan Davis (I): votes: 7,639, percent: 21.4%
# Brownie Newman (I): votes: 6,613, percent: 18.5%
# Bill Russell: votes: 5,568, percent: 15.6%
# Bryan Freeborn (I): votes: 5,484, percent: 15.4%
# Dwight Butner: votes: 5,367, percent: 15.0%
# Elaine Lite: votes: 5,009, percent: 14.0%

Referendum on Partisan Elections
# No: votes: 9,568, percent: 80.3%
# Yes: votes: 2,346, percent: 19.7%

Sylva Commissioner Race

# Maurice Moody (I): votes: 75, percent: 23.9%
# Danny Allen (I): votes: 67, percent: 21.3%
# Ray Lewis (I): votes: 65, percent: 20.7%
# Sarah Graham: votes: 61, percent: 19.4%
# Mike Beck: votes: 46, percent: 14.6%

Franklin Alderman Race

# Bob Scott (I): votes: 397, percent: 16.2%
# Joyce Handley: votes: 359, percent: 14.6%
# Verlin Curtis (I): votes: 321, percent: 13.1%
# Denton Higdon: votes: 317, percent: 12.9%
# Charles Roper (I): votes: 310, percent: 12.6%
# David Rowland: votes: 243, percent: 9.9%
# Jim Williamson: votes: 240, percent: 9.8%
# Larry Hollifield: votes: 143, percent: 5.8%
# William L. Trapani: votes: 75, percent: 3.1%
# W.H. Derrick: votes: 44, percent: 1.8%

More later…blogger is about to go down for maintenance…

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