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Any Way You Like It (Unless You Are A Christian) in Asheville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 31, 2008

This is the second installment in a new series devoted to pointing out the principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness that has laid claim to Asheville, NC…and operate from it as a stronghold.

Asheville is famous for being a center of satanic New Age activity. The folks at the Buncombe County Tourism Authority want to present Asheville in a positive light, with the newly minted motto, Any Way You Like It, complete with advertising campaign.

Last weekend, Asheville celebrated it’s 30th Bele Chere, and people came from all over to the festival, including people wanting to preach the Word of God in a Lost City full of Lost People.

So far, nine videos of the street preaching have been uploaded to you tube, and I took the liberty of making a play list out of them and embedding them here for your edification, especially if you are thinking of moving to, or visiting Asheville, with small children:

Note the abuse the people heap upon the preachers. Even the local blogging superstar partook in the activity of mocking those preaching the word of God.

The preachers have a ministry called Pinpoint Evangelism, and if you are interested in supporting financially, here is a checklist to go through before giving to them.

Whether or not you are able to give them financial support, you can support them and their mission in prayer in your role as a Prayer Warrior.

And pray for Asheville, and the people who live there, that they might become convicted of their sin, and turn to God for salvation.

This post is dedicated to those who heed The Great Commission, and go forth to preach on the streets of America.

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Fighting Back Against Gay Marriage and The Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 23, 2008

Peter Wolfgang, Director Public Policy on how Gay Marriage fits into the Homosexual Agenda.

The video that audio was taken from is worth watching, and many of the points raised in the Connecticut and Massachusetts discussion apply to the California case and nationally. The goal of getting same-sex marriages approved is the destruction of the traditional family unit, “In order to push same-sex marriage, you have to deny that children do best in a home with both a mother and a father”.

From the video description:

On this episode, Corinn talks with Peter Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, on this mission of the FIC and their current battle against same-sex marriage. Mentioned in the discussion is how the same-sex marriage agenda is fueling attacks on religious liberties in Boston, Minnesota, England, Canada, and Sweden.

Also included is how it is effecting what are children are being taught in school. “Children are not mere creatures of the state,” was the decision passed down in a famous 1920s Supreme Court case (Pierce vs. Society of Sisters), and yet Peter explains how in the Boston school system today, the Constitutional and parental rights are being subverted in the name of teaching our children sexual immorality. Such is always the case when “the State”deifies itself and vilifies Christ and His followers.


What brought this about was the news that an internet friend and family were threatened and had a window broken and had his property defaced with graffiti because of his stand on homosexual marriage.

Here was his last radio show (June 18th) on the subject:

And tonight at 9pm, he will appear on the Andrea Shea King Show. I plan on embedding that show here as well.

This fight we face on homosexual marriage is with the forces of evil, and with principalities and powers who oppose anything that is Christ-centered. Many of them seek to replace Christianity with a demonic faith called the New Age movement, and follow this link to see some of the ones in my neck of the woods.

These people should realize that they no longer have a free ride. We will push back, and we will not be silenced. If Doug is silenced, I will take his place. I am no where near as eloquent as he and his lovely wife…but I will answer the call, and get others to add their voices in opposition to this perversion of human sexuality.

More on the Homosexual Agenda from Coral Ridge Ministries:

In order to successfully oppose their agenda, we must know what it is before we begin to formulate our response.

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He Is Risen!

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 23, 2008

The Resurrection of Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very heart of Christianity. In 1 Corinthians 15 St. Paul reasoned, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. . . .We are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead.” In that same chapter he says “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen sleep in Christ are lost. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.” But then Paul triumphantly declares, “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep” (1 Cor. 15:14-20).

Source: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Happy Easter!

And in honor of Passover, Am Yisrael Chai!

[Right Click to download an MP3 File]

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Behind The Latest Ann Coulter Controversey: Lefties Hate God

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 16, 2007

For those of you who have been under a rock recently…Ann Coulter has been found guilty of teaching correct Church Doctrine to the Heathens. More specifically, she has said Jews that accepted Christ would be perfected Jews. Now, I ask, “What is wrong with that?”

That has been taught to me from the Bible since before I could walk. As a Christian who believes that Jesus was the ONLY begotten Son of God, and before or beside Him there are no other, and I believe that the Born Again have been adopted by God during the Age of Grace so us Gentiles get a chance to join the Kingdom of God. Before then, it was only open to Jews or children who died before the age of accountability.

That is my faith, to which I hold onto. Progressives will call it hate. In fact they even blast their own Democrat Congressman Shuler when he practices his faith.

The issue surfaced when a young man, Paul Larochelle of Ohio, requested a flag be flown over the Capitol in honor of his grandfather’s “dedication and love of God, Country and family.”

Mr. Larochelle’s certificate was returned from the Architect’s office with the word “God” removed.

I believed that this restriction was an unnecessary restriction on our citizens’ right to openly and freely practice their religion.

In response, I sent a letter to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi yesterday morning asking her to examine the policies and procedures of the Architect of the Capitol that were preventing the word “God,” and other religious references from being on the certificates that the accompany flags flown over the Capitol.

My letter pointed out that the Congress has passed numerous resolutions recognizing the importance of religion in the lives of Americans and that the House of Representatives clearly supports the right of the people to openly practice their faith.

As a person of faith and an elected member of this Congress, I strongly disagreed with the Architect’s prohibition of the word “God” from flag certificates and asked the Speaker to examine the authority under which he was making this policy.

I am happy to report that today the Architect’s Office announced the rules had been revised and the prohibition of religious language has been removed.

Source Post: Heath Shuler Blog at the Asheville Citizen-Times

My Snap Shot of the post, in case it changes.

Here are some of the responses he received:

Won’t Vote For You Again said…

So can we assume that if he had wanted a Muslim reference, or Wiccan reference you would have waged the same “fight”? Are all people’s faiths sacred to you, or are you pandering only to Christians? Be honest: If he wanted to thank SATAN would you have found this amazing new spine? I think that instead you’d be revealed as the hypocrite you really are.

Posted on 10/12/2007 at 2:07:10 PM

Responses like this convinces me that most of these people do not even read the post to which they respond…I’ve seen it here on numerous occasions, the progressives just fire away in anger. This retard obviously has a reading comprehension problem, and/or hates God. He/She/It did not comprehend this sentence from Congressman Shuler’s Post: “I believed that this restriction was an unnecessary restriction on our citizens’ right to openly and freely practice their religion.”
When these people hear a professed Christian say these words, they hear only what they want to hear.

Another response:

Betty Chamberlain said…

I trust that mention of God will be at the request of the recipient only. I also trust that, should a recipient wish to invoke the name of Allah, Krishna, Amun-Re, Marduk, Astarte or any other deity, the request would be honored.

Posted on 10/12/2007 at 5:07:10 PM

Again, another Hate-Filled Left suffering from a Lack of Reading Comprehension…brought to you, I am sure, by the public school system!

I think it is odd that the only complimentary comment (to date) has been mine:

Thunder Pig said…

Thank You, Congressman Shuler! You’re a Great American.

Posted on 10/12/2007 at 04:07:10 AM

I recognize that an America where all are free to practice their religions (including Christianity), is a boon to all.

They very same people thought it was very good that another Congressman expressed his faith by swearing an oath on the Qur’an in January of this year. I can’t help but wonder what they would be saying if the Capitol Architect had refused a constituent request to have a reference to allah placed in the certificate? I can almost guarantee you they would be outraged.

This is one reason the progressives have had a hard row to hoe in the redstates, and in the South: they hate the God of Christianity, and they view people not as individuals, but as a member of a group…and seek to divide the resulting groups against the other, and try to keep themselves as the Alpha Group to which all other groups must depend upon for protection against (you fill in the blank).

Now back to the latest attack on Ann practicing Free Speech, I will leave you with the words of the local Blogging Superstar, Hillbilly White Trash:

What Ann said simply reflects clear biblical New Testament theology as regards salvation in that all people, Jew and Gentile alike, who wish to be saved from their sins and have eternal life in the presence of God must place their faith in Jesus Christ and acknowledge his deity, his atoning death on the cross, his resurrection from the dead and his eventual return. Rather than being somehow “anti-Jewish” this teaching is imminently Jewish.

Christians believe that in order to be saved that one must worship a Jew, Jesus Christ, as God. They believe that the Hebrew God sent the Jew Jesus to the Jewish nation in fulfillment of Jewish prophecies given in the Jewish bible to offer the Jews the promised Jewish millennial kingdom. Obviously a doctrine which could only be held by people who are filled up to the nose holes with hatred for the Jews. [snort]

Mr. Baehr then goes on to imply that anyone who holds a biblically correct view of salvation cannot be a supporter of Israel. Mr. Baehr needs to review the history of the second half of the 20th century. The more literally one takes the Bible the more likely he is to be a supporter of Israel. Biblical literalists believe not only what the Bible teaches about salvation but also what it says about supporting Israel and the Jews. God promises the Jews that he will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them (Genesis 12:3).

For an example of how this blessing and cursing can work itself out consider Berlin before and after Germany’s attempted “final solution to the Jewish problem”. Before a beautiful and prosperous city and after a pile of smoking rubble full of Red Army soldiers. This is your nation. This is your nation on antisemitism. Any questions?

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Hillary Clinton is God’s Man!

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2007

By Rev. Phillip “Flip” Benham

May 5, 2007

It appears that the political arm of the Christian Right is attempting to save the Republican Party from its own inevitable self-destruction. It cannot be done! The Republican Party has no intention of honoring God or His Word, and God has every intention of bringing this Party to an ignominious end.

The election of Hillary Rodham Clinton as president of the United States of America in 2008, will be the seal and the end of a failed Party that sold its birthright for a mess of pottage. It had ample opportunity to stand for God and His Word. It controlled the presidency, the Senate, and the House, yet it chose to compromise those issues (abortion, homosexuality, Islam) for which the world and the devil are steadfastly contending. It chose peace with the devil, rather than war with him.

Winston Churchill said it best when he confronted then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain with his cowardice and betrayal in dealing with Adolph Hitler. Chamberlain returned to England proclaiming, “Peace in our time!” Churchill responded, “You sir, had a choice between shame and war. You chose shame and you will have war.”

The Republican Party has chosen the way of shame when it should have been at war. It has correctly assumed that the Christian Right had no where else to go but Republican and therefore could be bought for a very low price. Unfortunately, this assumption has proved true time and again, as the Republican Party continues to lower the bar for those seeking the Party’s nomination. Now the frontrunners for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination are pro-abortion.

Pastor Jerry Falwell, a strong political arm of the Christian Right, is having Newt Gingrich speak to the graduating seniors at Liberty University in 2007. I wonder why? He had John McCain speak to last year’s graduating class. He already had pro-abort Rudolph Giuliani speak at the school of higher learning. These three will never stand for life – they are politicians. Pastor Falwell is selling his birthright for a mess of pottage. But he is preparing the way for the Christian Right to vote for a pro-abortion Republican.

Source: News With Views

Hat Tip: Ken B. via Anna C.


Read the whole article. I can only argue the following: God has chosen people of less than salubrious character to do His Will before, Moses the Murderer and Saul the Persecutor comes to mind most quickly.

I have been waiting for Newt to run because I am very familiar with his views, and although I do not agree with him on every point, I have the most confidence in him to do that which is right, and his vision of The Long War is correct.
Duncan Hunter is the man that meets the requirements of the article as a good man, and I think that Barack Obama and Al Gore are worse choices than the HildaBeast because at least she would continue the War Against the IslamoFascists.

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