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Sound Off Buncombe "On The Record With RL Clark"- Metering Wells

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2008

BUNCOMBE COUNTY NC NEWS — The following video from Sound Off Buncombe, “On the Record With RL Clark” is an exclusive interview with Former NC Senator RL Clark discussing the issue of Metering Private Wells in North Carolina. The former Senator served five counties in the North Carolina Senate, Buncombe, Madison, Yancey, McDowell, and Burke counties. The second part of this two-part show will air this Thursday night March 27, 2008, at 8:00 p.m. on URTV Channel 20. In addition, RL Clark is also again campaigning for the Senate to represent those aforementioned counties.

Go watch the video.

I don’t know how this got past me!

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The Israel Project

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2008

Israel is a nation of free people living in a sea of nations living under tyranny.

Israel embodies democracy, rule of law, anti-racism, religious freedom, rights for women, gays and Arab and Muslim minorities – Israel is one of the most gender integrated regimes in the world, and has had a female prime minister, a female chief justice, a female foreign minister and leading female military officers.

Israel seeks peaceful coexistence while Arabs and Iranians seeks to eliminate Israel, as evidenced by their violent actions including terrorism, voting patterns, replies to polls, political rhetoric, media messages, school textbooks, mosque sermons, wall graffiti, and much else.
The debate regarding the solution to the conflict with the Arab Palestinians is an exercise in futility as long they do not end their civil war, choose democracy over tyranny and terror and stop seeking Israel’s destruction and Islamic global supremacy. Israel is not the root cause of many problems in the Middle East but is a front line in the Islamo-fascist war against all non-Muslims.

Now comes a project for friends of Israel to help that nation combat biased reporting in the Legacy Media. That project is called Israel@60. From the website:

The Israel Project (TIP) is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.

Our team of trusted Middle East experts and former reporters provides journalists with fact sheets, backgrounders and sources. TIP regularly hosts press briefings featuring leading Israeli spokespeople and analysts that give journalists an opportunity to get information and answers to their questions face-to-face. By providing journalists with the facts, context and visuals they need, TIP causes hundreds of millions of people around the world to see a more positive public face of Israel. This helps protect Israel, reduce anti-Semitism and increase pride in Israel.

The Israel Project has launched a contest to celebrate Israel’s 60th Birthday, and you are invited to participate:

As popular Internet social networks and other Web sites provide dangerous new outlets to glorify murder, ‘martyrdom’ and Iran-backed terrorist agendas, The Israel Project (TIP) is fighting back with an online contest that showcases Israel’s constant commitments to freedom, democratic values and peace.

As part of its new “Israel@60” contest TIP invites all filmmakers, writers and other artists worldwide with a passion for showing the real Israel, to submit entries commemorating Israel’s founding in May 1948.

TIP will award a total of $20,000 to the winning submissions in each of the following formats:

* Television Advertisement (30 Seconds)
* Video (30 seconds – 7 minutes
* Printable Flyer (8 ½ x 11 inches)

Winning entries in the TV and video categories will be posted on, allowing viewers worldwide to see and hear Israel’s 60-year struggle to serve as a model for democratic values and a safe haven for minorities persecuted by its neighbors in the Middle East.

TIP’s newly refurbished Web site provides information in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian. Contest entries will be accepted in all of those languages and must be submitted March 31 – June 30. They must be factually accurate and focus on any topic in The Israel Project’s Israel@60 press kit.

To find out more, please contact the Israel Project.
Full Contest Rules.

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Blogs 4 Borders! 033108

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2008

In this weeks show:

Us? Socialists?

100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders. When will the madness end?

And kidnapping: a defeated crime in America revived by our cheerful invaders.

Download the show for your Ipod here

Make sure to check out this weeks sponsor

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

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Susan Pons for NC Senate District # 50

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

Susan Pons is running against NC Senator John Snow, and this is the speech she gave detailing why she chose to run and what she wants to accomplish.
I will let you know when she gets her website up and running.

Also, Richard Bernier of Sound Off Buncombe (a URTV show) was there, and he took a video as well:

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NC-11 GOP Debate in Macon County

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

The player will advance automatically from video to video so that you may watch the entire debate from beginning to end.

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Dodie Allen for NC House District #119

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

Dodie Allen is a thoroughly enjoyable person to speak with and I had an opportunity at yesterday’s Macon County GOP Convention to video her speech at the convention.

Please visit her website for more details on getting in touch with her during her campaign to replace Phil Haire in the NC House.

She wouldn’t stay in one spot for the camera, so I got out my spare camera and took a few photos of her to use as a slideshow during her speech.

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Old Glory Radio Starts a Live Video Show on Friday Nights

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

Tom Fredriksen of Old Glory Radio has started a live call-in video show on his blog every Friday night at 9pm Eastern Time. If you thought his radio stuff was good, wait until you see his video humor.

Check it out at Old Glory Radio, progressives need not apply, and those who might be harmed by the sight (and sound) of a polar bear using motorized hair clippers will need to stay away as well.

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Macon County GOP Convention Part I

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2008

I attended the Macon County GOP Convention today, and took lots of video and lots of photos. I was amazed at the spirited debate among the three Congressional candidates, and wowed by the state level candidates, who all spoke eloquently.

I also found out my video editing software doesn’t like large files. So, after three hours of processing, the hour long video of the debate was unusable. So, I am chopping the debate into You Tube sized chunks. THis is the first, then I am going to bed, and will process the rest tomorrow.

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John Armor, Fred Smith Win Macon County Straw Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2008

Here are the results of the Macon County GOP Straw Poll, taken after the spirited discussion forum:

  1. 32 John Armor
  2. 19 Carl Mumpower
  3. 11 Spence Campbell

In the NC Gubernatorial Straw Poll , the results were:

  1. 34 Fred Smith
  2. 5 Bob Orr
  3. 3 Bill Graham
  4. 1 Pat McCrory

I will have video up later, so keep checking back.

The Congressional Debate was the most spirited yet.

John Armor Wins Macon Straw Poll

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Candidate for Governor Bill Graham Interview

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2008

Watch the interview at WNC Citizens Blog.

Note: Posting will be very light today. I will be at the Macon GOP Convention to film the event, interview people, and distribute DVD’s of Fitna for people to watch.

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